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24.03.2009 Make a note in your diary – or several

Forget the political crisis and join us at the Sixth International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Kyiv. The Festival runs from Friday, 27 March to 2 April | detail

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«You’re right!”: Documentary film on patients’ rights

The documentary film is part of the Sixth International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival – – beginning this Friday, 27 March in Kyiv | detail

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Freedom in the World 2009: Freedom Retreats for Third Year

Probably the only positive thing we can mention about the Freedom House report published on 12 January is that Ukraine basically gets no attention! It is the only former Soviet republic, aside from the Baltic States deemed "Free" | detail

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Thistle of the Year anti-awards for worst human rights offenders announced

The “laureates” of the UHHRU Thistle of the Year Anti-Award for most flagrant violators of human rights in Ukraine have gone, among others, to the Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko, the President together with the parliamentary faction BYuT | detail

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Yushchenko, Tymoshenko and Prosecutor General in the running for human rights anti-award

All three have been put forward for the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union’s "Thistle of the Year" anti-award for “unlawful actions against the judiciary and contempt for the justice system”, while Yushchenko is also “running” under the category “For indifference to human rights violations”. | detail

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Ukrainian human rights defenders report a worsening in the human rights situation in Ukraine

It was both a bitter irony and a telling statement that the press conference to present the annual report “Human Rights in Ukraine in 2007” was forced to emphatically call for the dismissal of Ukraine’s Prosecutor General over his violation of Ukraine’s commitments with regard to refugees | detail

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On duty while humanity endures

An interview with two prominent Russian human rights defenders – Ludmilla Alexeeva and Yury Orlov – regarding the situation in Russia and how Russia and Ukraine are making their way to democracy | detail

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The most honest films

The documentaries are always dialogues about human beings and if the films are on human rights, then the dialogue is doubly honest | detail

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Volodymyr Yavorsky: People are ready to defend their rights when they believe they can and when they know how

In this interview, Volodymyr Yavorsky from the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union discusses changes in the human rights situation, whether xenophobia is yet a problem for Ukraine and the human rights movement in general | detail

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Volyn Human Rights Group formed

It’s programme is aimed at preventing human rights abuse, fighting corruption, and carrying out effective public control over the work of the law enforcement agencies, as well as raising legal awareness amongst residents of the area | detail

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Human rights school for Belarusian activists in Chernihiv

The course on running civic campaigns and defending human rights was part of a programme run by the Chernihiv Civic Committee for the Protection of Human Rights and the Belarusian Helsinki Committee | detail

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Human rights violators get their just thistles

The Thistle of the Year Anti-Awards for 2007 were announced on 10 December, Human Rights Day. There was, admittedly, a depressingly large choice of candidates for this very much less than prestigious award | detail

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Thistles where thistles are due

The choice of candidates for the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union annual anti-award for the most flagrant human rights violation has been made and in just a few days, on 10 December, we will learn who has earned the “Thistle of the Year» Anti-Award for 2007. | detail

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On human rights issues and dilemmas

In an interview given to UNIAN the Head of the Board of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union Yevhen Zakharov speaks of the dividing line between politicians and human rights defenders, the work of the Ombudsperson and the relation between material wellbeing and freedom of speech. | detail

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Defending the defenders

Recommended reading for those who think nothing has changed in Ukraine, and for those who need reminding that civic society in Russian and Belarus needs support | detail

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UNIAN Human Rights initiative

The UNIAN press agency’s new project should provide exciting possibilities for broadening awareness of the work of human rights organizations and generally of human rights issues | detail

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First training course for human rights lawyers launched

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group have held the first session of a year-long training course on using national and international mechanisms for defending human rights in strategic litigations | detail

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Media Jury finally nominates award-winners for the Human Rights Documentary Film Festival “Ukrainian Context”

The media jury assessing documentary films from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in early April this year had an entirely understandable reason for being somewhat preoccupied: hard to judge films when there is a whole political “show” unfolding before you | detail

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President’s Representative to defend rights and liberties

On 5 April President Yushchenko issued Decree No. 276/2007 creating the office of Authorized Representative of the President of Ukraine on Observance of Human Rights and Civil Liberties | detail

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Human rights jury of the Human Rights Documentary Film Festival “Ukrainian Context” has a lot to consider

This intense festival, with over a hundred films on human rights issues, is drawing to a close as the country is gripped by intense emotions of a different or perhaps not so very different nature. | detail

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