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Human Rights Documentary Film Festival “Ukrainian Context” begins in Kyiv

The formal opening of this Fourth International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival will take place at 19.00, 30 March (this evening!) at the Kyiv House of Cinema (Saksahansky St, 6). The festival will continue to 6 April, and should not be missed. | detail

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Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, “Ukrainian Context”: We can’t wish you happy watching!

The Festival will run in Kyiv from 30 March to 6 April. According to its producer Gennady Kofman, the films provide thought-provoking and gripping viewing, not the sort you watch munching a packet of crisps. After all the producers don’t make anything up, they show things as they are. | detail

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Corruption is Ukraine’s scourge

According to the US State Department Country Report on Human Rights Practices, corruption remains widespread in all branches of power in Ukraine. Other problems highlighted were an increase in racial intolerance; violations of the rights of women and of children; and law enforcement officers frequently resort to torture and extortion | detail

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Human rights situation giving cause for concern

The author points to a worrying deterioration in the human rights situation in the last few months, mentioning among others the potentially disastrous increase in housing and communal charges without any mechanisms to protect the vulnerable, as well as renewed pressure by tax and other controlling authorities not seen since the end of 2004 | detail

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Lawyers from the Fund for Legal Aid to Victims of Torture halt the extradition of a Belarusian national

The person involved has also lodged a claim with the European Court alleging that Ukraine will violate Articles 3 and 6 of the European Convention by sending him back to Belarus where he asserts that the accusations against him are politically motivated | detail

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Survey on who most violates rights in Ukraine and who helps uphold them

The results make depressing reading with most of those surveyed much more confident of receiving real help from relatives or contacts than from the law enforcement agenices or other authorities | detail

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Ukrainian human rights defenders point to a worsening in the human rights situation

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union reports the worrying reappearance of pressure on businesses from the tax authorities, as well as language and religious conflict and the emergence of skinheads in eastern regions with support coming from certain political forces | detail

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UHHRU announces 2006 “Thistle of the Year” human rights “laureates”

The first less than proud (we hope) recipients have been announced of the annual anti-award launched by the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union for the most flagrant human rights violation “Thistle of the Year – 2006”. | detail

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Documentary Film Festival “Ukrainian Context” is to continue

The film festival which began in Kyiv and was supposed to finish this week in Kharkiv will be extended into next year in order to meet demand (for example, from Lviv and Donetsk). | detail

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Dubious desserts for dubious deeds

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union is launching an annual anti-award for the most flagrant human rights violation “Thistle of the Year – 2006”. Recipients will also be entitled to free consultations from human rights activists on ways of improving their work | detail

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“Ukrainian Context” – documentary film festival on human rights soon to open in Chernihiv

On the tour around Ukraine of this important human rights film collection, and why human rights groups in Chernihiv are trying to draw attention to human rights infringements in their region | detail

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The Rights Bus is heading your way!

Lawyers from the “Dobrochyn” Centre and consultants from partner organizations will travel around 16 districts of the Chernihiv region providing human rights information and advice on how to defend ones rights | detail

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KHPG consultants ever more in demand

On the work of the public reception centre of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group in the first 6 months of 2006 | detail

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In honour of Yevhen Hrytsyak

Yevhen Hrytsyak, one of the leaders of the 1953 Norilsk Uprising , turns 80 tomorrow. We extend our warmest greetings and best wishes to Yevhen Stepanovych and offer the reader a chance to read a remarkable letter | detail

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“Internationalism or Russification?” in the history of Ukraine and its people

On Ivan Dziuba’s 75th birthday, this discussion on Radio Svoboda points to the enormous role Ivan Mykhailovych’s pivotal work played in Ukraine, and the relevance to this day of the fundamental issues it addressed | detail

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The remains of NKVD victims are to be buried at the Lychakivsky Cemetery in Lviv

The remains will be laid to rest of 225 people, 80 of whom were children, discovered four years in the crypt of a monastery in Zhovkva in the Lviv region | detail

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A special invitation from Perm “Memorial”

The Perm political labour camps were a terrible part of a repressive machine whose victims "Memorial" is helping to ensure will not be forgotten. | detail

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«I want to be a Ukrainian»

A moving new film about Oleksa Tykhy, one of the founding members of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group who died in a Soviet labour camp | detail

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The Path through Bykivnya

An Institute of National Remembrance will seek answers to the question how, in peacetime, 10 million human lives in Ukraine could have been lost | detail

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Human rights in art

On the Third Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, “Ukrainian Context” and why it is specifically the documentary film genre that has proved such a powerful creative means for trying to understand problems linked with human rights | detail

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