Poroshenko signs anti-Maidan law against NGOs & journalists fighting corruption

President Poroshenko has signed into law a dangerous bill which could be used to put pressure on NGOs, investigative journalists or activists, especially those most actively seeking to expose and eradicate corruption. He has in short allowed a law which his predecessor, now in hiding in Russia, would be proud of. | detail

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Czech humanitarian NGO banned from Kremlin-backed militant-controlled Donetsk oblast

People in Need’s office in Donetsk has been visited by representatives of the so-called ’Donetsk people’s republic’ and told to leave immediately | detail

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Court in Hague sent report on international crimes in Russian occupied Crimea

International and Ukrainian human rights groups have compiled an important report entitled International Crimes in Crimea: An Assessment of two and a half years of Russian occupation. | detail

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Center.UA under attack, other NGOs next in line?

With Ukraine’s leaders having systematically removed most controls and transparency with respect to vast amounts of taxpayers’ money, the mere suggestion that the NGO Center.UA should be accused of money laundering might seem comical. The background, unfortunately, is much more sinister | detail

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On unlawful harassment of civic activists

Many well-known public figures, journalists and NGOs, including KHPG, the Centre for Civl Liberties and othersare concerned that a criminal investigation is being used solely to obstruct the civic activities of Maxim and Kostyantin Latsyba and to use them as an example to intimidate all activists | detail

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Efforts likely to discredit civic activists and journalists

Oleh Rybachuk, leader of the civic movement CHESNO, believes that in the near future there may be a wide-scale campaign aimed at discrediting civic activists and journalists | detail

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Law on Civic Organizations passed

The law, passed with a large majority, removes two major restrictions: civic organizations may now protect anybody’s interests, not only their members, while the restrictions on geography have gone | detail

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Worrying trends

Oleksy Svyetikov from the Luhansk Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine reports a worrying increase in interference as well as downright unlawful behaviour by Luhansk police officers with respect to civic activists | detail

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The Highest Standards

Volodymyr Yavorsky has contributed enormously to the development and work of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and we hope that he will continue to do so in his capacity as member of the Board. He will be much missed | detail

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New UHHRU Head of Board and Executive Director

At a general meeting of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union on 25 January, Yevhen Zakharov was elected Head of the Board, while Arkady Bushchenko leaves this post to become Executive Director | detail

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Report on Persecution of Human Rights Defenders: Another gloomy First for Ukraine

This year’s report by the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights on persecution of human rights defenders and civic activists throughout the world has an entry on Ukraine | detail

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EU raises the pressure

The EU is continuing to seek levers of influence on Ukraine’s leaders, while in Brussels support is being increased for NGOs in the EU’s East European neighbours who can put pressure on the authorities, demanding democratic reforms | detail

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Ukrainians seek replacement for parties in NGOs

Each year more and more Ukrainians say that the country needs active NGOs. If in 2005 such a view was expressed by 41 percent of respondents in all regions of the country, now the figure has almost doubled (76 percent). | detail

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19% of NGOs receive foreign grants

According to the Director of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation, Iryna Bekeshkina, charities helping the disabled, the elderly, etc are supported by local business. The latter, however, would be frightened to support organizations monitoring the activities of the authorities | detail

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Amnesty International – 50 Years of Vital Work

Amnesty International at 50: Global call to action aims to tip scales against repression and injustice. Events to mark the 50th anniversary are taking place in almost 60 countries | detail

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Why is the government afraid of Ukraine’s civic organizations?

This was the key question at a press conference called in connection with recent proposals from the Party of the Regions to ban financing of NGOs from abroad, as well as with the possible consideration by parliament on 12 May of the draft Law on Civic Organizations (No. 7262-1). | detail

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Party of the Regions plans afoot to ban foreign sponsorship of NGOs

The Party of the Regions wants to draw up a draft bill aimed at imposing control over the funding of civic organizations in Ukraine. Analysts warn that such a law would put an end to any chance of Ukraine joining the EU | detail

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International Renaissance Foundation refutes “irresponsible” remarks about non-existent threat

Statement in response to the extraordinary suggestion made by the Head of the Party of the Regions faction in parliament, O. Yefremov that a scenario similar to that in Northern Africa is being set in motion in Ukraine on money from IRF’s founder, George Soros | detail

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Human Rights Watch 2009 Report

"Despite some improvements, Ukraine’s overall human rights record remains poor, with torture and ill-treatment in detention still commonplace. Hostility to asylum seekers, hate attacks on ethnic minorities, and Ukraine’s staggering HIV/AIDS epidemic are problems that the government still fails to address effectively" | detail

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Thistle of the Year – 2009 dishonours announced

The laureates for this anything but prestigious award to the worst human rights violators in 2009 include the Supreme Court, the Minister and Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Expert Commission for the Protection of Public Morality | detail

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