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The Public reception office in Kirovograd is overcrowded

More than 180 citizens visited the Public reception office of the Center for human rights protection of the association "Public initiatives" (Kirovograd) since April 2003. | detail

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The project “Training in self-rule” started to work in the Poltava oblast

The aim of the project "Training in self-rule" is to spread the experience of Mirgorod territorial community in the sphere of protecting and lobbying the interests of the community. | detail

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The round table “You must know your rights” in Lutsk

On 29 July 2003 the round table was held in the framework of the project "You must know your rights" with the purpose of making public the results of the monitoring of the publications about the violations of human rights. | detail

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Public organizations and lobbying the interests of local self-rule

On 31 July the round table was conducted in Uzhgorod. The participants of the round table summed up the results of the project "Election and political processes". They elaborated some comments on the existing situation and propositions on the improvement of this situation. | detail

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With people and for the sake of people

Next year the Ternopil oblast charity historical and educational society "Memorial" named after V. Stus will celebrate the 15th anniversary of its activities. The review of its work during these 15 years is given. | detail

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Legal aid to the condemned women

The members of the charity organization "Chernigiv center for protecting women rights" delivered on 7 May 2003 the first lecture in the school of legal knowledge in Chernigiv women reforming colony No. 44. The organization also renders aid to other women penitentiaries | detail

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Who will help the released?

The Donetsk charity fund "Dobrota" ("Kindness") and the Department of the Donetsk oblast administration for the cooperation with law-enforcing organs organized the round table "Social rehabilitation and complex aid to the persons released from penitentiaries". | detail

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Results of human rights and media grant competition (Press release of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine).

The results are announces by the U.S. Embassy, Kiev. | detail

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The seminar „Monitoring and protection of the freedom of the press and other human rights and freedoms in Ukraine“ was hold in Kharkov

The seminar was conducted on 29 March - 2 April by the Kharkov group for human rights protection with the support of the USA Embassy in Ukraine. | detail

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The public hearings "Chernobyl – modern problems"

On 29 November 2002 the public hearings “Chernobyl – modern problems” were conducted in Zhytomir. The participants discussed the Conception of the draft of the Ukrainian Law “On introducing changes into the Laws of Ukraine “On legal regime on the territory that underwent radioactive pollution as a result of the Chernobyl catastrophe” and “On the status and social protection of the citizens, who suffered from the Chernobyl catastrophe””. They decided that the adoption of the Conception by the Supreme Rada will substantially worsen the level of social and radiation protection of population | detail

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The third school of human rights in Kharkiv

On 7-10 December the Kharkov Group for human rights protection conducted the third school of human rights for the leaders and activists of NGOs. The representatives of 47 organizations from 17 oblasts of Ukraine gathered in Kharkov. | detail

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If the election in Ukraine were honest, we would live in another country

Several days ago the seminar “The role of informational and technical maintenance of the election process in guaranteeing transparent, honest and free elections” was conducted in the Supreme Rada of Ukraine. The seminar was devoted to the perspectives of developing the legal regulations of informational and technical maintenance of the election process. | detail

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The declaration on the cooperation of non-governmental human rights protecting organizations.

On 27 November the meeting of the representatives of non-governmental human rights protecting organizations was held in Kyiv. The participants discussed the directions and ways of the cooperation of the NGOs and parliamentary structures. “PL” presents the draft of the declaration approved by the working group of the meeting. | detail

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Mass media and the civil society

These days the round table "Influence of mass media on developing the civil society" was held in the framework of the Forum of public organizations. The organizers of the event were the Association "Common space" and the Committee "Equality of opportunities". | detail

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An International collegium of advocates created

On 13-15 June 2002 the Conference was held in Montreal (Canada) for creating the International collegium of advocates at the International criminal court. | detail

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Summer school "Applying the European Convention on protecting human rights and basic freedoms"

On 18-23 June 2002 the 10th final session of the theoretical and practical training for Ukrainian advocates "Applying the European Convention on protecting human rights and basic freedoms" was held in Pushcha-Boditsa near Kyiv. | detail

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Round table of town problems

On 29 May the "round table of town problems" for town political and public organizations was held in Severodonetsk in the office of the Lugansk oblast branch of the Ukrainian Voter’s committee. | detail

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Victory in the European Court.

On 7 May 2002 the European Court on human rights took the decision on the case of Russian citizen A. Burdenko. This was the first verdict of the Strasbourg Court concerning Russia. | detail

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’The case of TV-6’ and the crisis of the Russian court system.

(Appeal of the society ’Memorial’). The Russian TV company TV-6 was accused of non-profitability, and the court ruled to deprive it of the frequency. Without neglecting their guilt the company started a campaign that this is a political decision and it must be cancelled. Human rights protectors certainly joined the scandal on the side of TV-6. | detail

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