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False and True Victories

Russia, like the rest of the world, has been struck by the severe coronavirus pandemic. More than 200 thousand people have been infected, and several thousands have already died. Many have been left without work or income. However, it seems that many Russian people and their political leaders are no less worried about a different problem. Due to the epidemic, parades and celebrations dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the “Russian victory in the Great Patriotic War” were postponed. Why is this so important to them? Why, throughout many years, has Russia so persistently celebrated this victory, which is considered by many to be a pyrrhic victory? | detail

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The Easing of Morals

On the question of why the bill is being ignored, the involved persons reply that they haven’t had the chance to accept because … the President is against it; since it is an unpopular measure, which could negatively affect his political ratings. So time should not be spent on it!   | detail

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With open eyes

To the 75th anniversary of the ending of World War II in Europe. Reflections on historical memory | detail

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ECHR puts off examination of Sentsov & Kolchenko vs. Russia essentially for political reasons

Earlier reports that the European Court of Human Rights had restored the ‘priority status’ assigned to the case of Russia’s Ukrainian political prisoners Oleg Sentsov and Oleksandr Kolchenko were, as suspected, premature.  One mistake was rectified, yet the Court is still refusing to consider the men’s applications until it has examined Ukraine’s intergovernmental case against Russia over Crimea.  | detail

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Putin’s Plot Against Europe

A populist and antiestablishment wave spreads across a continent -- and across the Atlantic -- putting the very idea of a united Europe on life support. | detail

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In October, the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group monitoring team worked on gathering information and documenting of human rights violations in the village of Troitske and its surroundings in Popasnaja district, Luhansk region.
Close arrangement to the front line, along which the Ukrainian military is strengthening its position, changed the way of life of the inhabitants of this small village considerably. | detail

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A British Foreign Secretary who excuses Russia’s invasion of Crimea?

The new UK Prime Minister doubtless had her reasons for giving leading Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson a cabinet post. Making him Foreign Secretary, however, defies any comprehension. It is especially difficult not to view this as an affront to all those currently facing persecution in Russian-occupied Crimea given his extraordinary attempt to blame Russia’s aggression against Ukraine on the EU | detail

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Divisive & Ill-Timed Renaming of Kyiv Street after Controversial Nationalist Leader

Kyiv’s City Council voted on July 7 to rename Moskovsky Prospekt Bandera Avenue, after the Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera. The move would have always aroused controversy, but the timing could also not have been more insensitive, coming as it does on the eve of the 73rd anniversary of the Volyn Massacre. | detail

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Why Has a Former Soviet Dissident Gone on Hunger-Strike in Britain?

My British friends are puzzled: why should one weaken oneself? Why jeopardize one’s already very poor health? Can’t things be resolved in court? No, says Vladimir Bukovsky, a man of outstanding courage and integrity, who has devoted his life to the struggle with the Soviet regime | detail

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Why such contempt for human rights, Mr Corbyn?

Public utterances by Jeremy Corbyn, frontrunner for the UK Labour Party leadership and therefore potentiallyassessment of Russia’s annexation of Crimea coincides nicely with that presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin and on Russian television and he has simply ignored grave human rights concerns under Russian occupation. | detail

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Politicizing History: Parliament adopts Dangerously Divisive Laws

At a time when Russia is waging undeclared war against Ukraine and heavily arming militants in Donbas, the need for unity is paramount. Instead, a majority in the Verkhovna Rada passed laws which will be used in propaganda against Ukraine with some of that propaganda, unfortunately, being difficult to refute. | detail

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Provoking predictable UPA anniversary disturbances

On who was behind the disturbances outside parliament on Oct 14, and why out of 364 days, President Poroshenko had to choose October 14 as Day of Defender of Ukraine, a day closely associated with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army [UPA] | detail

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Obama’s words about the death camps – much more than a “slip of the tongue”

It is difficult to understand how anybody in their position could have called the death camps Polish. It is even more baffling why, a day on, there has been no formal apology. | detail

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Myroslav Marynovych: We are steadily losing freedom

Ukrainian political technology of the present day does not envisage a one-off imposition of dictatorship, but steadily accustoms the population to loss of their freedom | detail

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Myroslav Marynovych: There is an element of political repression

Former dissident and political prisoner, one of the founding members of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, comments on the string of arrests of officials from Tymoshenko’s government | detail

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I’m a Pessimist

A reaction to V. Rechytsky’s article "Human Rights – Change of Paradigm?" | detail

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Rule of Law: No Change

One can agree with the author of the article „Human Rights – Change of Paradigm?” that “only those laws are inviolable which embody human reason”. However those laws which do not must be changed not violated | detail

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Human Rights – Change of Paradigm?

The author presents his view of the recent creation of a new coalition and government and the changes this may bring. | detail

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Moral Hollywood Remake: the Demjanjuk case and a new witness

Over the last few days, dramatic headlines such as “Ivan the Terrible” recognized by former death camp inmate”, an 87-year-old resident of Ryazan have appeared in the Russian media. The reports in no way remove my profound doubts regarding this case which has been heralded as the “last trial of a Nazi” | detail

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Ukraine: A Democracy at Risk

Over the past five years, the people’s desire to see political leaders held accountable for their wrongdoings remains unfulfilled. The promise of justice, which became the mantra of the Orange Revolution, was betrayed in its aftermath | detail

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