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Unqualified evil and politics

Ask people in any former Soviet republic whether the Holocaust was unqualified evil, few will say no. So why don’t they ask? Why with depressing regularity do we hear the same shouting about “a revival of Nazism”, along with appalling distortions of the truth? | detail

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Chekist determination to spread misinformation

The renowned Ukrainian poet Moisei Fishbein speaks of current Russian attempts to foist lies about Ukraine and its past on both its own population and the world community | detail

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Plus ca change, plus ce le meme chose?

On new efforts to foist tried, yet still not true, stereotypes about Ukraine and its people (a response to Michael Prazan’s article in Le Monde) | detail

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The Edge of National Memory (Volyn 1943)

The murder of a child is a horrific crime regardless of political considerations, regardless of injustices endured. However much Poles may have oppressed Ukrainians, there can be no justification, historical, political or moral, for the murder of civilians | detail

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Moral responsibility

Yes, the system is flawed and needs changing. However, Maidan convinced the world of Ukraine’s unequivocal choice - democracy. What nobody is convinced about is that Ukraine’s politicians have learned their lessons. Perhaps it’s time we teach them? (Refelctions on the arrticle "Moral Holodomor") | detail

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Desperate glory

On the dangers of imposing heroes, on history textbooks and shining examples in Ukraine’s recent history we should not forget | detail

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Phantoms are phantoms

After almost sixty years of a fierce information war, where the truth was constantly sacrificed to ideology, is it not time that we finally remove all protective glasses which allow us to see only a part of the picture? | detail

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A Political Sandpit

Since January the opposition has been blocking parliament, once with balloons, but often with punch ups between those National Deputies elected by the Ukrainian people and empowered to represent their (the people’s, not their own) interests | detail

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In Defence of National Dignity

In a country where there is no monument and not even graves for millions of our people – victims of a State-induced Holodomor, millions of victims of State Terror, slaves erect monuments to the founder of serfdom! (On the proposed monument to Catherine the Great in Odessa) | detail

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No “Managed Truth”

On one personal hiccup in critical thinking, the temptation to adjust the truth and growing concern over a squalid historical remake emerging from the recesses of the Kremlin. | detail

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Greetings on Victory Day

"As each year passes, I understand with ever greater clarity and bitterness that the Victory – both of those who fell in battle, and those who returned, has been stolen. For 364 days of the year it belongs to pillagers. And on only one day – 9 May – does it belong to us. This year even our day has been sullied by pseudo-patriotic young rabble enacting a spectacle of “Insulted victorious liberator” | detail

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Legal commentary on the Second Presidential Decree dissolving parliament from 26 April 2007

The author analyzes, among other things, the constitutional grounds (or lack of such) for a permanent, “open door” coalition, and generally examines the argumentation underpinning the new Decree | detail

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Another memory

Russian hisstorian Alexander Daniel shares his perception of the conflict over the Bronze Soldier in Tallinn | detail

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Response from Vsevolod Rechytsky to Myroslav Marynovych

"When the law begins to speak, little is able to stop it... If morality can for some time be disregarded, such neglect of the law cannot last for long" | detail

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On the political situation in Ukraine

The amendments made to the Constitution must be reviewed if any real solution is to be found for Ukraine’s political crisis | detail

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Thoughts on Vsevolod Rechytsky’s Legal Commentary

I am inclined to think that in the conclusion given by Vsevolod Rechytsky, an honest lawyer who experiences almost physical pain from the constant disregard for the law, what has emerged triumphant is nonetheless pure legalism, while something crucial and of vital significance remains outside the equation | detail

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Constitutional crisis in Ukraine as a clash in interpretations

The author believes the present argument over whether the President’s Decree dissolving parliament was constitutional reflects two opposing attitudes: those who focus on the letter of a given article out of context, and those who look at the spirit and democratic principles inherent in the Constitution as a whole | detail

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A constitutional law analysis of the Presidential Decree of 2 April 2007 on dissolving parliament

The author states that given the number of conflicting arguments regarding this Decree, and the undoubted fact that only the Constitutional Court may judge whether or not it complies with the Constitution, a purely formal analysis can be helpful in predicting the likely issues which the Court will consider | detail

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Legal commentary on the Presidenti’s Dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada and on the overall political situation in Ukraine

The author discusses the various arguments given in the Presidential Decree for the dissolution of parliament. He also gives a piercing assessment of the degree to which the constitutional amendments of 2004 are to blame for many of Ukraine’s ills and why these need to be reviewed as a matter of priority | detail

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Yevhen Sverstyuk: “We will need to view the Orange Revolution as a rehearsal”

Yevhen Sverstyuk, President of the Ukrainian PEN club and laureate of the Taras Shevchenko State Prize, shares his thoughts about lessons of the past and the prospects for Ukraine’s development in 2007 | detail

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