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The court decided to keep Grigorishin under custody.

The Shevchenkivsky district court of Kyiv chose the preventive measure, keeping under custody, for Konstantin Grigorishin. He is kept in the preliminary prison No. 13 of Kyiv. | detail

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The service car of MP V. Sivkovich was attacked by armed civilly clothed law-enforcers

In the morning of 12 October 2002, in the very center of Kyiv, some men attacked MP Vladimir Sivkovich, journalist Andrey Kudin, a people deputy of the Pecherskiy district of Kyiv, and well-known businessman Konstantin Grigorishin, a Russian citizen and the president of the joint Ukrainian-Russian enterprise „Energostandard group“. The attackers appeared to be officers of the Directorate for fighting organized crime, of the Pecherskiy district militia precinct and of the special militia troop „Sokol“. | detail

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But some animals are more equal…

A lieutenant colonel M. Burmaka killed a man in a street brawl, but still walks unpunished. | detail

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Again about the mysteries of the European Court

Criticism of the criticism of some procedures of the European Court of human rights. | detail

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The number of capital sentences doubled.

The number of capital sentences doubled in 2001 in comparison with previous years. This statistics is quoted in the recently published report of the human rights protection organization „Amnesty International“. | detail

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Suffered for language?

A participant of a hot discussion in the governmental interagency commission proposed to pass to the state language, for which he was driven away. | detail

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Offenders of author’s rights are sought in Ukraine.

The Agency of author’s and related rights of Ukraine introduced the system of monitoring TV and radio programs. It is expected that these measures will prevent the use of non-licensed products. | detail

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Entre nous, activists

The Center of innovations and development is criticized for the attempt of taking money for its informational services. Both morally and legally an NGO should abstain from such activities. Some advice is given how to get such information gratis. | detail

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Ukrainian intellectuals demand to try the participants of the events of 9 March by jury.

Representatives of the Ukrainian intelligentsia demand ’maximum objectivity’ of the court trying the participants of the events of 9 March in Kyiv. They also demand to call, as a precedent, a jury to this end. | detail

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The reason of the social strain in Ukraine is the imperfection of power organizations

That was the main thesis of the international scientific seminar, which was held this weekend in Lviv. | detail

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Members of miners trade union are threatened.

The authorities in Kyiv tried to hamper the work of the 4th congress of the independent trade union of miners. | detail

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What do people write to the Ukrainian President.

Many letters received by Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma are devoted to the painful problem of law protecting in the country. These questions became domineering for the first time. | detail

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Ukraine trades in people.

Ukraine got into the list of 47 countries that, according to the definition of the US State Department, do not satisfy the minimal standards prohibiting trading in people as the American law demands. | detail

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A Ukrainian court applied for the first time punishment for a coup d’etat.

The criminal collegium of the Chernigiv oblast court finished to consider the first case of preparing a coup d’etat in Ukraine. The plotters appeared to be dwellers of a tiny forest hamlet. | detail

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UNO on the index of man’s development

On 10 July the UNO Program of Development distributed the results of a consecutive investigation ’Reports on man’s development in 2001’. In this list Ukraine occupies the 74th place out of 160 countries. The similar data are given for other former USSR republics. | detail

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