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Ukraine charges judges with treason over persecution of Crimean Tatar Mejlis leader Ilmi Umerov

Ukraine’s Crimean Prosecutor has passed to the court indictments against two turncoat ‘judges’, involved in Russia’s politically-motivated persecution of Crimean Tatar Mejlis leader, Ilmi Umerov | detail

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Model concentration camp deployed in Russia for Putin regime’s rewriting of history

A replica concentration camp for schoolchildren has been built in Karelia (northern Russia), with the first kids due to be taken there for a ‘patriotic weekend’ in December | detail

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Russia makes third try on the same debunked charges to jail historian of the Soviet Terror for 20 years

A third trial is due to begin on 24 November of Yury Dmitriev, world-renowned historian of the Soviet Terror and Russian political prisoner. | detail

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Ukraine’s government steals money allocated for Kremlin hostages

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers has quietly ‘reallocated’ funding set aside for supporting the ever-mounting number of Kremlin hostages and their families, in a move that they probably hoped would pass unnoticed | detail

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Russian Historian Yuri Dmitriev sentenced to 13 years in revenge for restoring the truth about the Soviet Terror

This is an effective death sentence for the 64-year-old historian and political prisoner, and one that was passed behind closed doors in the absence of his lawyer and with Dmitriev himself prevented from properly taking part | detail

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Ukrainian hostages not forgotten but Russia understands only the language of ransoms and sanctions

Exactly a year after Russia released 24 Ukrainian POWs and 11 political prisoners, three of the men freed: Oleg Sentsov; Oleksandr Kolchenko and Volodymyr Balukh – have addressed the over 100 Crimean Tatars and other Ukrainians whom Russia is showing no intention of releasing. | detail

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Contentious choice of Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Complex is a win-win situation for Russia

A large number of prominent Ukrainian Jews have voiced opposition to the current Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Complex (which they refer to as Russian) and have called for the Ukrainian concept for a memorial complex to be accepted | detail

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Empty promises from Ukraine’s leaders as release of Kremlin’s hostages ‘buried’

It is almost exactly a year since Russia finally freed Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, 24 prisoners of war and 10 other political prisoners in an exchange almost certainly aimed at getting important MH17 witness and likely suspect, Vladimir Tsemakh, out of the reach of the Dutch prosecutor | detail

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The price of PACE capitulation to Russia: Soaring number of Crimean Tatar and other Ukrainian political prisoners

As of July 2020, Russia is holding a record number of political prisoners, with over 100 of these Ukrainian citizens, and is threatening to ‘extradite and imprison’ foreign nationals who correctly tell them that Crimea is Ukrainian. | detail

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Dramatic verdict in political trial of Russian Historian of the Terror Yuri Dmitriev

A Russian court has sentenced 64-year-old Yuri Dmitriev to three and a half years’ imprisonment on one of four charges he was facing, acquitting him on the others | detail

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Russia’s brutal persecution of Historian of the Terror Yuri Dmitriev and of his daughter

The verdict is due on 22 July in what a huge number of prominent Russians have called one of the grubbiest political trials in the country | detail

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Why expel Russians ‘planning crimes for the Kremlin’ when Russia holds so many Ukrainian political prisoners?

There is bemused indignation among relatives of the Kremlin’s many Ukrainian political prisoners at police reports that two Russians working for the FSB and believed to have been planning to commit grave crimes in Ukraine have merely been deported from the country | detail

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Russian prosecutor demands 15-year sentence against historian of the Terror Yuri Dmitriev

Russia’s cynical rerun of its trial of world-renowned historian of the Soviet Terror, Yuri Dmitriev, is coming to an end with the prosecutor on 7 July demanding a 15-year sentence in a maximum security prison | detail

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How can a Russian oligarch control remembrance of the Victims of Babyn Yar in Ukraine?

Not only is a memorial complex of national and international importance in private hands, but the main financial player is a Russian oligarch seen as close to the Kremlin | detail

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#StayHome and Help Russia’s Ukrainian Political Prisoners held in dangerously unsanitary conditions

With around 90 Ukrainian political prisoners illegally imprisoned in occupied Crimea and Russia, many for several years, now is surely the perfect time to show them that they are not forgotten | detail

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Crimean Tatars proved Crimea did not ask for Russian annexation – and have paid a huge price

It is impossible to overstate the vital role that Crimean Tatars played in upholding Ukraine’s territorial integrity on 26 February 2014, and in preventing Russia from achieving a coup without the open use of soldiers | detail

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PACE ignored gross human rights violations in Crimea to justify capitulation to Russia

Delegates from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have cited supposedly ‘positive moves’ from Russia as their excuse for removing sanctions, an excuse dismissed by both Ukrainian and Russian human rights groups t | detail

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If Crimea is Ukraine, then take real measures to defend Crimean Tatar political prisoners

Failure to defend the huge number of Crimean Tatar political prisoners is tantamount to betrayal, as a major factor in Russia’s persecution has been Crimean Tatars’ unwavering identification with Ukraine, and the role many have played in highlighting rights violations | detail

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The Council of Europe is endorsing Russia’s machine of political repression

Rosfinmonitoring, a body involved in Russia’s systematic persecution of Ukrainians from occupied Crimea and Russians for their religious or political views appears to be working in cooperation with the Council of Europe ) | detail

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Hey Apple, Crimea is illegally occupied -- not ‘disputed’ territory. Do not help Russia commit human rights violations

By changing its maps, whether in Russia alone, or everywhere, in order to retain Russian business, Apple is collaborating with an aggressor state which has brought grave human rights violations and untold suffering to occupied Crimea | detail

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