Ukrainian Azerbaijanis call for recognition of Holodomor as genocide

Members of the Board of the Representative Office of the World Congress of Azerbaijanis in Ukraine have asked the Milla Mejilis of Azerbaijan to officially recognize Holodomor as “genocide, a crime by the Soviet authorities against Ukrainians.” | detail

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Author of the term “genocide” used it about Holodomor

Rafael Lemkin’s endeavours to have genocide in the 1948 Convention encompass the crime committed against a social class were thwarted by the Soviet side. Lemkin was however in any case convinced that Holodomor was a “classic example of Soviet genocide” | detail

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Public statement by the Aegis Trust to mark the 75th Anniversary of Holodomor

Regrettably, the debate over whether or not the Holodomor constitutes genocide often becomes overlaid with political considerations and continues to distract governments and policy makers around the world from simply honouring the memory of its victims – and from reflecting on the lessons it holds for a world in which genocide continues | detail

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Remembrance Flame for the Victims of Holodomor 1932-1933 in Kyiv

The Remembrance Flame began its journey on 1 April in Australia and over the following months passed through 33 countries, including 6 former Soviet republics: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Armenia and Georgia before arriving in Ukraine at the end of October | detail

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Open Letter to the President of the Russian Federation

The letter below was written by Yevhen Sverstyuk, President of the Ukrainian PEN Club, writer and former political prisoner to Russia’ President Medvedev with regard to the latter’s refusal to attend Holodomor Remembrance events in Kyiv | detail

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Medvedev speaks of «so-called” Holodomor

The Russian President claims that Holodomor 1932-1933 is being used for short-term political ends and has refused to take part in the remembrance events this month | detail

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Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate recognizes Holodomor as genocide

The Head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate has issued a statement about Holodomor in which for probably the first time the Holy Synod of the UOC MP publicly names Holodomor genocide. | detail

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Holodomor claimed 3.2 million victims

Over five months of 1933 (from March to July) as many people died as over the whole five preceding years. | detail

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77 victims of political repression to receive lifelong grants

The grants will be provided to 77 people persecuted for their human rights activities. Candidates were put forward by the local authorities taking suggestions from civic organizations for former political prisoners and victims of repression into account | detail

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Chekist determination to spread misinformation

The renowned Ukrainian poet Moisei Fishbein speaks of current Russian attempts to foist lies about Ukraine and its past on both its own population and the world community | detail

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30 October – Day of Remembrance and Day of Struggle

In Russia there are usually two types of events, one attended mainly by elderly people remembering their own relatives. At the same time there are protests demanding the release of political prisoners and observance of civil rights. | detail

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“Returning the names”

On the eve of Russia’s official Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression, from 10 in the morning till 10 in the evening, the names of Muscovites executed in 1938 rang out over Lubyanka Square | detail

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International Remembrance Flame reaches Ukraine

The remembrance events began in the village of Ivankiv in the Kyiv region with a prayer service and the lighting of a symbolic candle from the International Remembrance Flame which has been passed from country to country | detail

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Sandarmokh 1937

71 years ago between 27 October and 4 November 1937 1,111 prisoners of the Solovky Labour Camp were executed in accordance with a quota at the Sandarmokh Clearing in Karelia | detail

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European Parliament recognizes Holodomor a crime against humanity

The resolution calls on all former Soviet republics to “open up their archives on the Holodomor in Ukraine of 1932-1933 to comprehensive scrutiny so that all the causes and consequences can be revealed and fully investigated". | detail

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Victims of Holodomor remembered in the Ukrainian Embassy in Russia

Initial plans for wider-scale events to greet the International Remembrance Flame which has already passed through 29 countries were unfortunately hindered by the authorities | detail

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19 volumes of a National Book of Remembrance to be published

200 thousand accounts from witnesses of Holodomor have been gathered. These will be published in 19 volumes (one for the whole country, one for Kyiv and 17 regional volumes) by the end of October, with the presentation planned for 21 November | detail

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Russia’s Supreme Court rehabilitates Nikolai II and his family

The last Tsar of Russia, his wife and five children have finally been recognized as victims of political repression | detail

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Relatives of Victims of Katyń receive access to classified material

The documents classified as secret include the resolution to terminate the case which the relatives of the victims are disputing. | detail

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Ukraine calls on Russia to stop trying to discredit Holodomor

It is worth mentioning that the press statement issued by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioned in this call by Ukraine’s Ministry resulted in extraordinary headlines in the Russian media like “Russia welcomes Ukraine’s failure at the UN over Holodomor”. | detail

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