33-hour fast in memory of the victims of Holodomor in Ternopil

This is the fourth year that the Ukrainian Youth Union [SUM] is holding such remembrance fasts | detail

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Raising awareness about Holodomor - Appeal to the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We are asking people in Ukraine, Russia and all countries of the world to help us raise awareness about Holodomor 1932-1933 . There is no question of presenting grievances against today’s Russia, nor of settling scores. It is a question of justice, of willingness to try to understand the past and to do all in our power to ensure that such a crime never happens again. Please help us by adding your voice to ours. | detail

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Before and after

The closed borders, the deliberate removal of all food and the millions of victims are not disputable, they are to be recognized. A wrong is done the world and each human being when we turn our gaze away. The reasons, political, geopolitical, economic or other may vary, the betrayal does not. | detail

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Will Holodomor receive the same status as the Holocaust?

Now, when a number of countries, including European states, have recognized Holodomor as genocide, it would be senseless to become bogged down in a dispute over terminology. We are talking after all of a symbolic act, once again strengthening our bipolar world. | detail

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Russia’s FSB begins declassifying documents about the Terror in Ukraine

At the request of Ukraine’s SBU [Security Service], the Russian Federal Security Service has begun processing documentation in order to prepare statistical data from the period of the mass-scale political repression of 1937-1938 for publication | detail

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Victims of the communist repressions remembered in Odessa

On 3 November the people of Odessa gathered at the place where the last earthly remains of 174 victims murdered in 1937 have been reburied to pay homage to all victims of the Terror | detail

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Memorial service in Kyiv for the victims of Sandarmokh

On 2 November, top political figures, former political prisoners, relatives of victims of repression, as well as others wishing to honour innocent victims gathered together in memory of those prisoners of Solovky murdered exactly seventy years ago | detail

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2 November – Remembrance Service for the Victims of Sandarmokh

In memory of the 1111 prisoners of Solovky shot at the Sandarmokh Clearing (Karelia) on 27 October and 2-4 November 1937. | detail

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In the Czech Republic Milada Horakova’s prosecutor receives an eight-year sentence

86-year-old Ludmila Brozova Polednova was one of the State prosecutors who condemned the lawyer and democratic politician Milada Horakova to death in 1950 under the communist regime | detail

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UNESCO Resolution calls Holodomor a national tragedy

On 1 November the 34th Session of the UNESCO General Conference, with 193 countries, unanimously passed a Resolution “On Remembrance of victims of Holodomor in Ukraine”. | detail

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UNESCO will not declare Holodomor genocide because of Russia

One of the points on the agenda for the UNESCO conference taking place in Paris is a vote on a resolution declaring Holodomor 1932-1933 in Ukraine to have been an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people. | detail

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Ecuador recognizes Holodomor as an act of genocide

Ecuador has thus become the second Latin American country after Peru whose highest legislative body has recognized Holodomor as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people. | detail

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Children of victims of repression

“I want people to know that there was such a category as children of the repressed. Everybody knows about repression with regard to poets, artists and prominent people. We need to remind them about the ordinary teachers, simple people and about their children who lost everything, for human memory is short | detail

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30 October 2007 – remembering Soviet and today’s political prisoners

While any person remains imprisoned in the countries of the former Soviet Union, this day should be not merely a day of remembrance, but one of active protest | detail

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Nearly two thousand victims of Stalin’s rule reburied at Bykivnya

On Saturday 27 October, the last remains of 1,998 victims, including 474 Poles, were reburied at the Bykivnya Graves National Memorial Reserve. | detail

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Positively despairing

Putin wishes to focus on “achievements” as do we. The most “positive” achievement, however, will be a society able to reject lies and disinformation, prepared to face and learn from its own history | detail

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Presidential reprimand over inadequate preparation for the anniversary of Holodomor

On Friday 26 October President Yushchenko issued a Decree “On the personal liability of public officials for unsatisfactory preparation of measures to mark the 75th anniversary of Holodomor 1932-1933 in Ukraine. | detail

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“Memorial” publishes information on victims of the Stalin repressions

Clearly very many people in Russia do not see the Terror as something better not mentioned, as certain leaders appear to believe | detail

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75 years since the beginning of Holodomor

On 22 October 1937 the decision was taken in Moscow to send a special commission on grain requisitions, headed by Molotov, to Ukraine. This resulted in all reserves of grain being taken from the Soviet part of Ukraine and led to a purely manmade famine | detail

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Ternopil Regional Council calls for Remembrance of the Terror

The Ternopil Regional Council has issued an appeal to the authorities, civic organizations, political parties, the media, believers of all faiths and all people in the Ternopil region with regard to the seventieth anniversary of the Great Terror of 1937-1938. We would respectfully extend their appeal to all. | detail

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