Kyiv condemns Russian statement over Holodomor

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned attempts by Russia to block recognition by the United Nations of Holodomor 1932-1933 as an act of the genocide against the Ukrainian people | detail

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Reaching out

Recognition of Holodomor is not a Ukrainian matter alone. All crimes of genocide are crimes against you and I | detail

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The Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 and the UN Convention on Genocide

Professor Serbyn provides compelling arguments backed in part by material published since the collapse of the Soviet Union for recognizing that Holodomor does fall within the UN definition of genocide and that deliberate starvation was directed against Ukrainians | detail

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Mexico recognizes Holodomor as genocide

Mexico is the fifth Latin American country to have not only expressed solidarity with the Ukrainian people, but to have also declared Holodomor to have been an act of genocide. The other countries are Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru | detail

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Nine Lviv families to be granted the title of Righteous among the Nations

According to Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine this was a taboo subject under Soviet rule and a a lot of testimony about those who saved the lives of Jewish people during the Second Wolrd War has been lost, however the search is continuing | detail

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Columbia declares Holodomor an act of genocide

The Resolution stresses that Holodomor 1932-1933 in Ukraine was the result of terror perpetrated by a totalitarian regime in order to destroy a people | detail

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Virtual attack against Memory

It is not only freedom of speech which the attackers of “Maidan” and Ukrainian human rights sites are trying to undermine, but our call to remembrance of victims of Holodomor Please help us overcome this virtual barrier by adding your name to our appeal | detail

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On the 75th anniversary of the Holodomor of 1932 and 1933 in Ukraine

On 30 November member states of the OSCE passed a joint statement honouring the victims of Holodomor in Ukraine, “ this national tragedy of the Ukrainian people” | detail

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Remembrance Services for the victims of the genocide of 1932-1933 held in the Russian Federation

The association of Ukrainians in Moscow report that remembrance services [panakhydy] were held in Orthodox churches of five Russian cities | detail

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Remembering together

If Holodomor does not constitute genocide as per the U.N. Convention, I would respectfully suggest that the latter is failing its role as a human-rights document intended to identify human-rights crimes and ensure they never happen again | detail

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Ukraine to call upon Russia to provide archival material on Holodomor

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved an Action Plan for 2007 – 2008 in connection with the 75th anniversary of Holodomor 1932-1933 in Ukraine. The plan envisages negotiations with the Russian Federation on providing archival material linked with Holodomor | detail

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Candles in Memory together

On Saturday 24 November, please join us in lighting candles in memory of all the victims of Holodomor 1932-1933 in Ukraine | detail

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Ukrainian victims of Soviet repression in Kazakhstan

The lists of 13 thousand and 54 people from Ukraine repressed by the Soviet authorities who served their sentences in Kazakhstan have been placed on the official website of the Security Service [SBU] | detail

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33-hour fast in memory of the victims of Holodomor in Ternopil

This is the fourth year that the Ukrainian Youth Union [SUM] is holding such remembrance fasts | detail

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Raising awareness about Holodomor - Appeal to the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We are asking people in Ukraine, Russia and all countries of the world to help us raise awareness about Holodomor 1932-1933 . There is no question of presenting grievances against today’s Russia, nor of settling scores. It is a question of justice, of willingness to try to understand the past and to do all in our power to ensure that such a crime never happens again. Please help us by adding your voice to ours. | detail

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Before and after

The closed borders, the deliberate removal of all food and the millions of victims are not disputable, they are to be recognized. A wrong is done the world and each human being when we turn our gaze away. The reasons, political, geopolitical, economic or other may vary, the betrayal does not. | detail

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Will Holodomor receive the same status as the Holocaust?

Now, when a number of countries, including European states, have recognized Holodomor as genocide, it would be senseless to become bogged down in a dispute over terminology. We are talking after all of a symbolic act, once again strengthening our bipolar world. | detail

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Russia’s FSB begins declassifying documents about the Terror in Ukraine

At the request of Ukraine’s SBU [Security Service], the Russian Federal Security Service has begun processing documentation in order to prepare statistical data from the period of the mass-scale political repression of 1937-1938 for publication | detail

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Victims of the communist repressions remembered in Odessa

On 3 November the people of Odessa gathered at the place where the last earthly remains of 174 victims murdered in 1937 have been reburied to pay homage to all victims of the Terror | detail

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Memorial service in Kyiv for the victims of Sandarmokh

On 2 November, top political figures, former political prisoners, relatives of victims of repression, as well as others wishing to honour innocent victims gathered together in memory of those prisoners of Solovky murdered exactly seventy years ago | detail

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