Dramatic increase in number of Russians who justify Stalin

One wonders how the world would react if Germany were to come up with 45 % justifying Hitler’s crimes. Surely worth considering when this sharp increase in willingness to justify horrific crimes comes at a time when Russia has annexed part of neighbouring Ukraine and is showing no intention of stopping. | detail

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Perm-36 Gulag Museum of Soviet Repression forced to close

The museum at the site of the particularly harsh labour camp where Ukrainian poet Vasyl Stus died, has played a vital role in informing the public about Soviet repression, but openness about the dark aspects of Russian and Soviet past has been increasingly frowned upon under President Vladimir Putin. | detail

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Anger and Protest over Stalin Monument in Yalta

On Feb 5 a monument to three world leaders, including Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, will be unveiled in Yalta, 10 years after public opposition from Crimean Tatars and other Ukrainians led to the original plans being shelved | detail

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’Last Address’ Project Aims To Honour Victims Of Soviet Repression

A Russian civic initiative to install commemorative plaques to the victims of Soviet repression at the homes where they lived before they were executed or sent to perish in the Gulag is about to be launched | detail

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Returning - or Silencing - the Names of Stalin’s Victims

This Day in Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repression comes as Memorial, the organization that enabled us to learn the fate of our parents or grandparents is under threat of closure and the Kremlin is increasingly trying to conceal or distort the darkest days of the country’s recent history | detail

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Please support endangered Museum of Soviet Repression

Perm-36 chronicles Soviet repression and stands on the site of a labour camp built under Stalin in 1943. In the 1970s and 1980s it was one of the country’s harshest facilities for political dissidents. It was here that Ukrainian poet Vasyl Stus died on 4 September 1985 | detail

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Portrait of Stalin appears in Russian-occupied Crimea

A large portrait of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin has appeared near the Memorial to soldiers of the Second World War in Simferopol | detail

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Commentary on the Kyiv Court of Appeal ruling from 13 January 2010

The value of the ruling is illusory. There are legitimate grounds for restarting the investigation; putting together a list of all those repressed for opposing the organization of the artificial famine and not rehabilitated and holding court proceedings aimed at their rehabilitation | detail

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Legal classification of Holodomor 1932-1933 in Ukraine and in Kuban as a crime against humanity and genocide

Updated and expanded version of the study made in 2008 which found that the artificial famine of had all the hallmarks of genocide | detail

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Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky honoured for saving Jews during the Holocaust

While the Anti-Defamation League has honoured the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church who died in 1944 with the Jan Karski Courage to Care Award, Ukraine’s Jewish Community have joined the UGCC in creating a Sheptytsky Award to those serving the course of Ukrainian-Jewish reconciliation | detail

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Remembering the Victims of Political Repression

Remembrance services and ceremonies took place in many parts of Ukraine on Sunday for the Victims of political repression | detail

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Foul legacy of Stalinism

The Congress of National Communities of Ukraine has issued a statement regarding the actions by Stalinists on 21 December. At the same time it is reported that the Crimean Tatars involved in obstructing them may be charged with hooliganism. | detail

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Stalin Exhibition from Russia destroyed in Simferopol

A group of Crimean Tatars led by members of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People have destroyed an exhibition glorifying the bloody dictator | detail

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More and more Ukrainians call Holodomor 1932-32 genocide

On the eve of the eightieth anniversary of Holodomor 1932-33, a public survey has found that 59% of Ukrainians believe that Holodomor was genocide. The number denying this has fallen by a third | detail

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Sandarmokh 1937

It is 75 years since the execution in the Sandarmokh Forest Clearing in Karelia of 1,111 prisoners of the Solovky Labour Camp, including 290 Ukrainian writers, poets, scientists and others | detail

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US presents declassified Katyń Documents

While a lot oft information was previously available to historians, there are new details, including information about encrypted reports from US prisoners of war which suggest that the Roosevelt Administration knew that the crime had been committed by the Soviets very early on | detail

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Alexander Cherkasov: On the 75th Anniversary of the Great Terror

On July 2, 1937, the Soviet Politburo sent telegrams authorizing regional party organizations and branches of the secret police, the NKVD, to compile lists of potential enemies of the Soviet regime so they could be rounded up and executed | detail

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Ukraine remembers the victims of political repression

As in previous years on the third Sunday in May, ceremonies were held in a number of Ukrainian cities in remembrance of victims of political repression. | detail

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ECHR Judgement on investigation into Katyń massacre

The European Court of Human Rights has found that Russia violated Article 3 (prohibition of inhuman treatment) and its obligation to cooperate with the Court under Article 38 with respect to the investigation into the 1940 Katyń massacre of Polish officers and others | detail

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Communist Head of Ukraine’s Archives would remove access to half of them

Head of Ukraine’s State Archive, Olha Ginzburg from the Communist Party has said that she would like to close half Ukraine’s archives. She was responding to a question about introducing European norms regarding archival openness | detail

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