New Head of SBU wants less work on archives

Valery Khoroshkovsky, the new Head of the Security Service [SBU] believes that the Security Service should reduce work with archives and concentrate on its main tasks | detail

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First “defamation case” over denial of Holodomor as genocide rejected

The District Court in Novoyazovsk (Donetsk region) has found in favour of a journalist who publicly expressed doubt as to whether Holodomor 1932-1933 was genocide of the Ukrainian people | detail

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Five Transcarpathians honoured for saving Jewish people during the War

The Feyers hid four Jewish people for 18 months, while Vasylyna Plyska’s family fgave shelter to four Jews. A Jewish boy hid for over 7 months with the family of Petro Yurashchuk from Vyshkiv, and the family of Maria Shutko from Khust saved the lives of two Jewish people who had escaped from a Hungarian concentration camp | detail

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Memorial appeals to President Medvedev to end lies and secrecy over Katyń

We believe that clear and unequivocal condemnation of the crime committed by Soviet State bodies following the decision of the leadership, a statement of steps planned to bring the Katyń case out of a dead end could be a turning point in the relations between Russia and Poland | detail

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Memorial: On Portraits of Stalin for the anniversary of Victory Day

The fortitude, courage and valiant deeds of people defending their country in the years of War have been and remain a spiritual legacy for the entire nation, and nobody has the right to make use of this legacy at their will. Any attempt to rewrite this legacy in Stalin’s name is nothing more than pillage and blasphemy | detail

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Moscow’s Mayor: Posters of Stalin to stay after Victory Day

Yury Luzhkov has told a meeting of the Moscow Government that the posters depicting Joseph Stalin will be posted around Moscow not only for the 65th anniversary of Victory, but at subsequent ceremonial events | detail

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Monument to Polish Professors murdered in 1941

The Lviv City Council has announced that a monument is to be erected to the Lviv professors shot in 1941 on the Vuletsky Hills of the city | detail

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Memory to order?

There are historians who do not believe that Holodomor falls under the Convention on Genocide. Whether or not we agree with them is another matter, only in no way, is it a political one. When the issue becomes politicized, we end up with political tasks and the "necessary" court rulings like that of 13 January | detail

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On the proposed amendments to the Law on the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression

While the law is an attempt to readdress injustice with regard to children of victims of repression, KHPG stresses that it is unfair to not acknowledge the spouses of victims to have been victims themselves | detail

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Babi Yar recognized as national historical memorial land

"In consideration of the significance of the State historical memorial reserve “Babi Yar” in immortalizing the memory of the victims of the Nazi persecution and in order to promote the further development of the reserve”, President Yushchenko has signed a decree giving Babi Yar national reserve status. | detail

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70 years since the beginning of Stalin’s deportations

Services and other remembrance measures have marked the anniversary of the beginning of the mass deportation of people from Western Ukraine to the North of Russia and Kazakhstan | detail

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Unique book on Holodomor presented in Warsaw

The new volume contains over 230 previously unpublished archival documents: material from Polish Intelligence, the police and local administration in pre-War Poland. There are also letters from diplomats about Holodomor, directives and interrogation protocols. | detail

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Law proposed to recognize children as victims of political repression

The draft law (reg. №5040 ) proposes adding provisions which define the legal status of people who in childhood suffered from repression (as children of victims of repression) and guarantees of their social defence. | detail

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Ruling in the criminal proceedings over genocide in Ukraine in 1932-1933

The court ruling issued by the Kyiv Court of Appeal on 13 January which found Stalin, Molotov and others guilty of the crime of genocide in relation to Holodomor, but terminated the proceedings since the accused are all dead | detail

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PACE scheduled to consider Holodomor report in April

According to the Head of the Russian Delegation, the amendments just proposed by the UK representative to the report are a radical shift since they “suggest recognizing that this was deliberate Holodomor and genocide specifically of Ukrainians.” | detail

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And the Free World did not react (On the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau)

Graves force any normal human being to stop and think. Yet here there are no graves. That means that on the place where an unthinkable crime was perpetrated, reflection must be transformed into particular responsibility, into enduring remembrance of what happened | detail

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Realism and its fetters

Thoughts on what steps towards decommunization must be taken and by whom, and what, on the contrary, demonstrates only reluctance to part with lies and a fundamentally Soviet attitude to the individual | detail

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“it’s not a question of punishing people”

The website “Svidomo” asked Volodymyr Vyatrovych, Head of the Central Branch Archive of the SBU [Security Service] about the court case over Holodomor which the Prosecutor General and SBU qualify as genocide of the Ukrainian people | detail

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Stalin’s grandson wants SBU and Ukrainian judges to be punished

Yevgeny Dzhugashvili is demanding that criminal proceedings be launched against officials of the Ukrainian Security Service [SBU] and judges who declared Stalin guilty of organizing Holodomor in Ukraine in 1932-1933 | detail

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Appeal Court condemns Stalin and other leaders over Holodomor

On 13 January the Kyiv Court of Appeal heard the criminal case initiated and investigated by the Security Service [SBU] over the perpetrating of Holodomor-Genocide in Ukraine in 1932-1933 | detail

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