State Honours to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group

Viktor Yushchenko, speaking on behalf of the Ukrainian people and state, expressed deepest honour and gratitude. “It was you who laid the first foundation stones in creating civic society in Ukraine.." | detail

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Myroslav Marynovych on the Ukrainian Helsinki Group and much more

“As far as my perception of freedom is concerned, it has not changed. I paid too high a price for it to now doubt its value”. Myroslav Marynovych, one of the ten founding members of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, thirty years on | detail

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To those who balanced over a Soviet precipice

To the founders and members of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group who saw no choice | detail

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Press Conference opens events marking the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group

Those attending included Levko Lukyanenko, Raisa Rudenko, Ludmila Alexeeva (Moscow Helsinki Group), Vasyl Ovsiyenko, Josef Zisels, Osyp Zinkevych and Volodymyr Yavorsky from the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. | detail

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Vasyl Ovsiyenko, former Soviet dissident and Ukrainian human rights activist on the BBC

On the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, the human rights movement and his experiences in the 1970s | detail

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Verkhovna Rada also marks the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group

Unfortunately none of the action for making the date have been agreed with the actual organizing committee, and no practical assistance has been offered | detail

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Verkhovna Rada refuses to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Petro Grigorenko

Petro Grigorenko was one of the original members of the Moscow Helsinki Group, an active defender of the rights of the repressed Crimean Tatar people and spoke out in support of the demonstrators who went out onto Red Square on 26 August 1968 to protest against the invasion of Czechoslovakia as well as of other dissidents | detail

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On the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Public Group to Promote the Implementation of the Helsinki Accords

Decree of the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, № 908/2006 | detail

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The founders of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group and all those who asserted their freedom and ours

On 9 November 2006 it will be thrty years since the founding of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, The level of awareness of the UHG and the dissident movement in Ukraine is on the whole low, and virtually non-existent in many other countries. We asked those who resisted the totalitarian regime and defended their rights to share their thoughts. . | detail

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Thirtieth Anniversary of the Founding of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group

Events are planned in Kyiv around the 9th of November to mark an event which was of major impact in raising awareness in Ukraine and within the world community of human rights and how they were being violated by the Soviet regime | detail

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In memory of Vasyl Stus

21 years ago today Vasyl Stus, Ukrainian poet, human rights activist and member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, died in an isolation cell in one of the Perm Political Prisoner Camps | detail

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9 Ukrainians who raised the Ukrainian flag in 1973 receive honours

Volodymyr Marmus who was sentenced to six years labour camp and 5 years exile after he and his friends in 1973 hoisted the Ukrainian flag in the town of Chortkiv speaks of their act and the reaction of the Soviet regime | detail

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Ukraine today bid farewell to Nadiya Svitlychna

Members of the Ukrainian Diaspora joined all those in Ukraine who came to honour and remember defender of human rights, Nadiya Svitlychna. President Viktor Yushchenko flew to Kyiv specially in order to attend the funeral. | detail

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A last farewell to Nadiya Svitlychna

You were for me, and doubtless for thousands of people in Ukraine and in the Diaspora – living Ukraine, the embodiment of our principles, our conscience | detail

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Remembering NADIYA SVITLYCHNA | detail

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In Memoriam: Nadiya Svitlychna

Nadiya Svitlychna, who spent four years in a Soviet labour camp, and who in emigration was active in the External Representation of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group and edited the “Bulletin of repression in Ukraine”, has died | detail

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In honour of Yevhen Hrytsyak

Yevhen Hrytsyak, one of the leaders of the 1953 Norilsk Uprising , turns 80 tomorrow. We extend our warmest greetings and best wishes to Yevhen Stepanovych and offer the reader a chance to read a remarkable letter | detail

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“Internationalism or Russification?” in the history of Ukraine and its people

On Ivan Dziuba’s 75th birthday, this discussion on Radio Svoboda points to the enormous role Ivan Mykhailovych’s pivotal work played in Ukraine, and the relevance to this day of the fundamental issues it addressed | detail

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The well-known dissident and author of "HIstory’s carnival" suggests, and in fascinating detail demonstrates the efficacy of, a carnival method of fighting past and present ills | detail

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