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Evhen Sverstiuk: Letter to editorial board of the bulletin “Prava ludyny”

I want to thank you for the special issue of “Prava ludyny” in memory of Genrikh Altunian. To prolong his existence in our world, even by a kind word, is quite natural wish, the same as to prolong a summer. | detail

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In Memoriam: Yury Murashov

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Genrikh Altunian, a famous human rights activist and active participant in the Orange revolution, died on 30 June

Genrykh Altunian was an active participant in the human rights movement of the 1960-80s. He was twice arrested for these activities and spent more than 9 years in prisons and labour camps. At the end of the 1980s he was a leading figure in the national democratic movement and a State Deputy to the Verkhovna Rada. Everlasting memory to a Great Man. | detail

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Mykhaylo Goryn’s jubilee

Mykhaylo Goryn, an outstanding figure of the sixties, an organizer of distribution of samizdat, one of the leaders of national liberation movement of 60s-90s, is 75 | detail

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Lviv dwellers are indignant at construction by the USS directorate of apartment house on the burial place of political prisoners tortured by Soviet special services

On 20 May 20 activists of the public organization “Galytskiy vybir” conducted the picket of the USS directorate of the Lviv region with the demand to stop the construction of an apartment house on the place, where the NKVD officers had tortured to death thousands of Ukrainians and Poles. | detail

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Kharkiv. Presentation of the book “Rehabilitated by history”

On 17 May 2005 Vasyl Tretetskiy, a deputy head of the Kharkiv regional state administration, and Nina Lapchinska, the head of the editorial-publishing group of the Kharkiv issue “Rehabilitated by history”, presented to journalists the first part of the first volume of the scientific-documentary series “Rehabilitated by history”, published in Kharkiv. The book contains the bibliographic references on 5785 persons, who were repressed during the period from 1919 to 1934. | detail

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“It is always the time for Calvary”.

On 8 October the two-volume edition of the Kharkov group for human rights protection “Three revolts of Sichkos” was presented in the Kyiv House of teachers. | detail

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In memory of the slaughtered sons and daughters of Ukraine.

In memory of Ukrainians executed in the Solovki special prison and in Sandarmokh (Karelia). | detail

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In memory of Oksana Popovich

On 22 May 2004 Oksana Popovich, a member of the national-liberation movement, a member of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, died in Ivano-Frankivsk. | detail

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In memory of Danylo Shumuk

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Vasyl Striltsiv died

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Larisa Bogoraz has died

On 6 April 2004 in Moscow Larisa Bogoraz, a well-known Russian human rights protector, has died. The biography of L. Bogoraz is presented to “Prava ludyny” readers. | detail

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Vladimir Ponomariov has died

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In memory of Marek Nowicki

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Evhen Sverstiuk’s jubilee

Evhen Sverstiuk was born in the village of Siltse, the Gorokhivskiy district of the Volyn oblast, in a peasants« family. His elder brothers were the members of the youth network of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists; one of them was killed, another was repressed. | detail

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Genrikh Altunian is 70!

Genrikh Altunian was born in Tbilisi in a family of army officer. In 1944 his family moved to Kharkov. In 1951 A. entered Kharkov higher military aviation school. After the graduation he worked as a radio technology engineer in the same educational establishment. | detail

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Famine and our souls...

At last the world community and our country acknowledged that the famine of 1932-33 was a genocide. Not only bodies, but also souls of the Ukrainian citizens were trampled. At last the world community and our country acknowledged that the famine of 1932-33 was a genocide. Not only bodies, but also souls of the Ukrainian citizens were trampled. | detail

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Mustafa Dzhemilev is 60.

Jubilee of a famous activist of the national movement of Crimean Tatars. | detail

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