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Russian Historian Yuri Dmitriev sentenced to 13 years in revenge for restoring the truth about the Soviet Terror

This is an effective death sentence for the 64-year-old historian and political prisoner, and one that was passed behind closed doors in the absence of his lawyer and with Dmitriev himself prevented from properly taking part | detail

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Voices for Freedom – Show Kremlin hostage Volodymyr Dudka and Russia he’s not forgotten

We believe, and hope you agree, that our voices should be heard in defence of the victims of persecution, rather than our silence helping the perpetrators | detail

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Russia seeks surreal 8-year extension to sentence against abducted Ukrainian political prisoner

Ukrainian political prisoner Oleksandr Shumkov is due to be released from a Russian prison on 24 December 2020, however the prison administration has asked for him to be placed under ‘administrative surveillance’ for a further eight years | detail

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How post-election protests are creating a new Belarus

When these protests first erupted seven weeks earlier following a flawed presidential election, few expected them to last | detail

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Russia sentences 19 men to over 300 years’ imprisonment without any crime

The ruling is a shocking travesty of justice and one that Ukraine should not ignore, as Russia is staging the same fatally flawed ‘trials’ in occupied Crimea | detail

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’We’re Belarusians, Not A Russian Region’: Protests Take Aim At Kremlin

"No to Kremlin takeover of Belarus!" Belarusian protesters increasingly want the Kremlin to stay out of their affairs. | detail

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Lukashenka returns Donbas mercenaries to Russia, others, reportedly, on their way to Belarus

Russian state television journalists have been sent to fill the propaganda void after Belarusian journalists resigned or went on strike in protest, and there are reports of fighters in Donbas being recruited for work in Belarus as ‘volunteers’ | detail

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Belarusian museum director who refused to sign false election protocol found dead

A volunteer search group in Belarus has found the body of 29-year-old Kanstantsin Shyshmakou, the director of a military history museum in Vawkavysk who refused to sign a falsified electoral protocol claiming that Aleksandr Lukashenka had won the presidential elections | detail

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Lukashenko regime’s savagery may be backfiring in Belarus

Belarus is not Ukraine, and any comparison would be foolhardy, however it does seem likely that the shocking savagery that the regime of Alexander Lukashenko has unleashed on peaceful protesters, including many teenagers, has backfired | detail

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Belarus initiates ‘mass riot’ criminal charges against detained Ukrainian rights activists

A Belarusian human rights activist has informed Radio Svoboda that the two Ukrainian rights activists brutally detained on 12 August are to face criminal charges over supposed ‘mass riots’. | detail

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Belarusian Opposition Presents Broadest Challenge Yet To Strongman Lukashenka After Disputed Election

Belarus does indeed appear to be a new country, one in which opposition to the 65-year-old Lukashenka, who has ruled the country since 1994, is broader and more confident than ever before | detail

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Belarus: ‘I appeal to all Europe: Please help us, because they’re killing my family’

The Lukashenko regime is brutally seeking to crush the huge public protest against the rigged elections on 9 August, with the West at present falling very short of threatening real measures in response | detail

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Belarus: Peaceful protester killed in violent crackdown after claimed Lukashenko victory

There were scenes of violence late on Sunday evening from the centre of Minsk, with police and military using rubber bullets, stun grenades, tear gas and water cannons at what appeared to be peaceful protesters | detail

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Real prison sentences passed on young Putin critics after FSB provocateur fabricates an ‘extremist group’

A Russian court has ignored overwhelming evidence that the sole organizer of the so-called ‘Novoye Velichiye’ or ‘New Greatness’ ‘extremist organization’ was an FSB infiltrator and has sentenced three young men to long prison sentences and handed down a further four suspended sentences | detail

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Russia uses personal data act to hide perpetrators of the Soviet Terror from historians

Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office has succeeded in blocking access by Memorial Society historians to information identifying eleven Soviet prosecutors who, as members of the notorious NKVD ‘troikas’, took part in ordering executions during the Great Terror of 1937-38 | detail

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Putin signs law to hide information about FSB torture and other violations in Russia and occupied Crimea

Vladimir Putin has signed into force a law which seems clearly aimed at silencing all voices reporting on the torture, falsifications, provocations and other violations committed by Russian FSB or security service bodies in occupied Crimea or Russia | detail

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Why were Wagner fighters from Russia seized in Belarus and can Ukraine get them extradited?

33 fighters from the notorious Wagner ‘private military company’ have been in custody in Belarus since 29 July after they were very publicly seized by the Belarusian KGB | detail

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Kremlin hostage: From mock executions to torture through solitary confinement

Russia has already stolen almost six years of Valentin Vyhivsky’s life and there is little movement on an exchange to give the Ukrainian political prisoner some hope as he turns 37 on 3 August. | detail

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State Media Vs. The Streets: How Lukashenka Lost The Media War In Belarus

All is not well for Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka ahead of an August 9 election in which he is seeking a new term. | detail

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Kyrgyzstan: Human Rights Defender Azimjon Askarov Dies in Prison

Human Rights Watch demands that the authorities be held accountable for Azimjon Askarov’s needless death | detail

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