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Russian thought police interrogate activist over letters to Ukrainian political prisoner

Officers from Russia’s so-called Centre for fighting extremism have appeared at the home of activist Tatyana Kasyanova and interrogated her over her correspondence with Ukrainian political prisoner Oleksandr Shumkov | detail

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Mass arrests in Russia for peaceful protest against political repression & Putin’s constitutional coup

Roskomnadzor, Russia’s effective censor, has blocked the website of a civic campaign against the proposed amendments to Russia’s constitution which will enable Vladimir Putin to be ‘President’ until 2036 | detail

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Viktor Shur: 6 years in Russian captivity for a photo of cows in a disused aerodrome

Viktor Shur turned 63 on 10 March, his sixth birthday in Russian imprisonment. Shur is one of the oldest of the Kremlin’s political prisoners, held in conditions that are gruelling for men decades younger | detail

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Russia’s oldest Ukrainian hostage gets 12-year sentence for “making Ukraine his priority”

72-year-old Volodymyr Morgunov is probably Russia’s oldest Ukrainian political prisoner, with his horrifically long 12-year sentence seemingly linked with his handing information to Ukraine that Russia has no good reason to keep secret | detail

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Ukrainian political prisoner Vyhivsky imprisoned longer in Russia than his grandfather was under Stalin

Valentin Vyhivsky’s grandfather, Stepan, was released from the GULAG as part of a mass release of political prisoners after Stalin’s death. His grandson has now been held longer by the Putin regime | detail

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Russian court passes huge sentences for involvement in non-existent “Network”

In a case frighteningly reminiscent of Stalin’s Terror, 7 young men have received sentences from 6 to 18 years for supposed involvement in a ’Network’ ("Сеть") that almost certainly never existed. | detail

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Historian Yury Dmitriev imprisoned in Russia for insisting on Memory of the Soviet Terror and Sandarmokh

Russian historian Yury Dmitriev turned 64 on 28 January 2020, his third birthday imprisoned in Russia on charges that bear no scrutiny, and that clearly coincided with the beginning of a campaign to rewrite the history of one of the darkest pages of the Soviet Terror – the mass killing by quota of Russians, Ukrainians and other prisoners at Sandarmokh | detail

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Russian defender of Ukraine and the Kremlin’s Ukrainian hostages jailed on charges of ’justifying terrorism’

Darya Polyudova, a 30-year-old Russian left-wing activist who has tirelessly spoken out against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and political persecution of Ukrainians, has been arrested and is facing a long sentence | detail

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Russia’s new attack on Memorial could deprive Ukrainian political prisoners of a vital voice

A wave of exorbitant fines against the International Memorial Society and Memorial Human Rights Centre have placed the very existence of these two organizations which are of vital importance for Ukraine, as well as Russia, in question | detail

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Court in Russia sentences severely disabled man to 11 years on fabricated ‘terrorism’ charges

Amir Gilyazov, who is wheelchair-bound and suffers from muscular dystrophy, has been sentenced by a Chelyabinsk military court to 11 years’ imprisonment in a case that demonstrates the grotesquely absurd nature of Russia’s conveyor belt ‘terrorism’ prosecutions | detail

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Russia continues its revenge on Maidan activists, while giving shelter to Berkut suspected killers

This sixth anniversary of the beginning of the Euromaidan protests is especially sombre as Ukraine’s President and parliamentarians appear unwilling to prevent the collapse of investigations into Maidan crimes | detail

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Russia moves to extend ‘foreign agent’ law in major offensive against independent journalists

Russia’s State Duma has moved another step towards adopting a dangerous new bill which will mean that individuals working in Russia or occupied Crimea can be branded as ‘foreign agents’ | detail

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Russia destroys child’s life and jails historians to rewrite darkest pages of Soviet history

200 prominent Russians have come out in defence of Russian historian of the Soviet Terror, Yuri Dmitriev, and the child whose life the FSB is destroying for the sake of a grubby and politically-motivated trial | detail

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Ukrainian political prisoner gets year in Russian punishment cell for refusing to collaborate

Crimean activist and political prisoner Yevhen Karakashev has been placed for a year in a punishment cell in part because he refused to collaborate with the Russian prison staff | detail

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Russian Jehovah’s Witness gets 6-year sentence for ‘grave crimes against constitutional order”. Ukrainian from Crimea could be next

A court in the Siberian city of Tomsk has found 49-year-old Sergei Klimov guilty of “grave crimes against Russia’s constitutional order” for not renouncing his faith after Russia reverted to Soviet repression in April 2017 and outlawed the Jehovah’s Witnesses | detail

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Russian Supreme Court outlaws major human rights NGO defending victims of persecution

The NGO ‘For Human Rights’ has played a major role in defending political prisoners in Russia and occupied Crimea, and it is doubtless for this, and for its work in publicizing particular forms of religious persecution and truly shocking political trials, that it, and its director, Lev Ponomaryov, have come under attack. | detail

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Russia steps up persecution of Perm Memorial for honouring victims of Stalin’s repression

Searches by FSB and ‘counter-extremism’ officers were claimed to be over an outrageous criminal prosecution against volunteers tending the graves of victims of Stalin’s crimes | detail

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Benefits of PACE ‘dialogue’? Dramatic increase in number of political prisoners in Russia & occupied Crimea

The Memorial Human Rights Centre traditionally marks the Remembrance Day for the Victims of Political Repression on 30 October by publishing updated lists of political prisoners (see below for our updated list) | detail

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Ukrainian political prisoner on hunger strike moved to hospital in Russia

Oleksandr Shumkov has been on hunger strike in Russian captivity since 14 October. He began it in protest at the use by Russia of political prisoners to put pressure on Ukraine to make unacceptable concessions | detail

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Defendant in notorious Russian political trial seeks asylum in Ukraine

Sergei Gavrilov, one of the defendants in Russia’s sinister ‘Novoye Velichiye’ trial has fled from house arrest, and asked for political asylum in Ukraine | detail

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