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Russian Government Rejects Registration of Russian Justice Initiative for Second Time

The refusal comes just one day after the European Court of Human Rights found Russia guilty of torturing two Chechens in custody. RJI represented the applicants in the case, the first torture case from Chechnya to be heard by the European Court | detail

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Russian – Chechen Friendship Society intends to continue its human rights work

If the present Russian authorities believe that they can force us to give up, they are mistaken. We hereby notify that in Finland on 25 January the civic organization “Russian – Chechen Friendship Society in Europe” was registered. This organization is the successor of the Russian – Chechen Friendship Society, which was closed down yesterday in Russia | detail

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Next step – Strasbourg

The Russian Supreme Court has upheld the decision to close down the Russian – Chechen Friendship Society | detail

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Nobel Peace Laureate defends the Russian – Chechen Friendship Society

In his letter to Vladimir Putin, Elie Wiesel expresses serious concern over the rise in authoritarian trends in Russia reflected in the possible closure of the Russian – Chechen Friendship Society, the murder of Anna Politkovskaya and the worsening situation in Chechnya. | detail

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Human rights defender arrested in Uzbekistan

Gulbakhor Turaeva witnessed the bloody events in Andijon in May 2005 and was one of the few who reported what she had seen to western correspondents | detail

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The opposition was not visible at the Belarusian local elections

Elections reminiscent to those of Soviet times and despondency and disunity among the Belarusian opposition as the 16th of the month approaches - Belarusian Solidarity Day. | detail

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EU: the Belarusian elections were not democratic

One of the heads of the European Commission Benita Ferrera-Valdner spoke of a flagrant lack of “democratic pluralism” | detail

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The Turkmenistan opposition grateful to Uzbek human rights defenders for their support

The Alliance “Human Rights Defenders of Uzbekistan” has accused the Turkmenistan Security Service of involvement in the disappearance of Nurberdi Nurmamedov who has disappeared after attempts by the Unioon of Democratic Forces to put him forward as candidate for the coming elections. | detail

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Brotherly friendship in practice: Head of the Ukrainian Community in Tula (Russia) brutally murdered

We extend our sincere sympathy to Volodymyr Senyshyn’s family and friends, and hope that this crime and the disturbing link with a potentially fatal attack on his wife so recently are properly investigated and those responsible brought to justice | detail

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Human rights and journalist organizations call on Turkmen authorities to free imprisoned journalists and other political prisoners

Since the death in unexplained circumstances of journalist Ogulsapar Muradova, nothing has been heard of her colleagues who were tried with her on 25 August - Annakurban Amanklychev and Salardurdy Khadzhiev. They are among the thousands of political prisoners in Turkmenistan | detail

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Youth movement activists detained in Moscow.

The seven activists were arrested on Lubyanka Square [home to the FSB] where they had tried, with Geiger counters to measure the level of radiation and to find any traces of Polonium-210 which was used to poison Alexander Litvinenko in London | detail

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Russian State Duma doesn’t see Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights as advantageous

It has refused to ratify the Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights which regulates the work of the European Court of Human Rights | detail

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Positive shift in the case of the “Ivanovo Uzbeks”

The Octyabrsky District Court in Ivanovo has found the refusal to grant temporary asylum unlawful and said that the Federal Migration Service had not provided sufficient evidence that the applicants would not face the threat of torture if returned to Uzbekistan and had ignored documents suggesting that they would | detail

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Riot police in Moscow tried to stop procession in memory of murdered journalists

The General Secretary of the Russian Union of Journalists states that over recent years 211 journalists have been killed in Russia and stresses that they were killed “for journalism, for telling citizens of Russia and the entire world about what is happening in the country”, | detail

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Russian Judge accused of passing Anna Politkovskaya secret material about Yury Budanov

Vladimir Bukreyev’s lawyers and human rights activists are in no doubt that the “case of the judge” is linked with his having sentenced Colonel Budanov in 2003 to ten years imprisonment for murdering an 18-year-old Chechen Elza Kungaeva | detail

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Yet again political prisoners in Russia

Participants in the Third All-Russian Civic Congress acknowledge bitterly that in Russia which considers itself a democratic country there are once again political prisoners, and punitive psychiatry would also appear to be raising its ugly head | detail

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The UN express serious concern over reports of torture of people detained in Uzbekistan

Despite a number of amendments introduced by the Uzbek authorities to legislation, Manfred Novak says that the situation, recently and particular since the Andijon events has deteriorated. | detail

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Moscow authorities ban march in memory of murdered journalists

The city authorities "justify" their ban by saying that the public procession would substantially limit pedestrian access for ordinary citizens, and that this would therefore be in violation of Article 17 of the Russian Constitution which states that the rights of some citizens must not infringe the rights of others | detail

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Participants in a Human Rights Day demonstration in Minsk detained

Around 40 protesters formed a human chain on October Square in Minsk on Human Rights Day, holding photos of the former Belarusian presidential candidate Aleksandr Kazulin and other imprisoned members of the opposition. | detail

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EU calls for immediate release of Belarusian ex-presidential candidate Aleksandr Kazulin

Aleksandr Kazulin has been on hunger strike since 20 October, demanding that the violation of human rights in Belarus be discussed in the UN Security Council. Members of his family report that his condition is critical. | detail

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