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“The Summit’s echo: has the liquidation of human rights organizations in Russia begun?” [Attack on the “International Protection Centre”]

Prominent human rights activists in Moscow fear that the tax demands made on the "International Protection Centre" are a sign of a new offensive by the authorities on NGOs now that the G8 Summit is over | detail

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“And this one was taking photographs”

More about the arrest of Ukrainian journalist, Maxim Butkevych, during the recent G8 Summit in St. Petersburg | detail

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Russian Prosecutor General rules to extradite the first of the “Ivanovo Uzbeks”

The Russian Prosecutor General and the court have thus ignored the decision of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees on providing the “Ivanovo Uzbeks” with international protection | detail

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Poet and singer on trial in Uzbekistan

Human rights activists believe that 66-year-old Dadakhon Hasan is really being tried for a song he wrote about the brutal crushing of the peaceful demonstration in Andijon in May 2005 | detail

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Vladimir Putin has signed the controversial law on extremism

Among the many critics of the law is one of the authors of the current law on the media who believes that the amendments to the Law will not help combat real extremism in Russian, and are really aimed at fighting political opponents of the present regime | detail

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Russia loses its first case in Strasbourg over disappearances in Chechnya

We provide a brief report as well as the Press Release on this landmark ruling from the European Court of Human Rights | detail

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Russian participants in a peaceful demonstration in Minsk jailed for 10 and 15 days

They were arrested outside the Russian Embassy where they were calling on Russia to stop supporting Lukashenko’s regime | detail

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Maxim Butkevych: The judge’s ruling for some reason states that I expressed remorse

The journalist stresses he can feel no remorse for haivng simply photographed a peaceful protest action, and describes gratuitous aggression from the Russian riot police | detail

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Arrested Azerbaijani journalist Sakita Zakhidov’s health has sharply deteriorated

Zakhidov’s colleagues and human rights activists are convinced that the case against him has been orchestrated by the regime which the journalist has sharply criticized. | detail

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Ukraine supports the EU in its stance on Lukashenko’s regime

Ukraine endorses the EU’s criticism of Aleksandr Kazulin’s prison sentence as political motivated, and the call to release all political prisioners | detail

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“1 + 1” journalist Maxim Butkevych released in St. Petersburg

The journalist is emphatic that he was arrested purely because he had a video camera in his hand | detail

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Belarusian opposition leader arrested “for foul language”

In commenting the charges pressed by the authorities, Lukashenko’s opponents point to a “crisis of genre” in the Belarusian enforcement agencies | detail

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Participants in a peaceful protest outside the Russian Embassy in Minsk detained.

On Belarusian Solidarity Day the demonstrators carried pictures of political prisoners and of those who have disappeared without trace under Lukashenko’s rule | detail

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For all the victims

On this Belarusian Solidarity Day a call to honour the memory of all victims of regimes which assume they can act with impunity and to remember we have the power to prove them wrong | detail

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16 July: Belarusian Solidarity Day

A call for the G8 Summit to pay due attention to human rights violations in Belarus and for the hosting country, Russia, to stop supporting the dictatorship | detail

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Moldova: Intimidation / possible prisoners of conscience

We pass on an Urgent Action from Amnesty International - your help is needed! | detail

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