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Ukrainian journalist’s arrest a chilling warning to stay away from Russia

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has echoed earlier warnings from human rights groups and advised Ukrainian nationals to not visit Russia. The advice came three days after journalist Roman Sushchenko became the latest Ukrainian to be seized, held incommunicado and accused of mystery ‘spying’. | detail

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Russia uses secret court to keep Mustafa Dzhemiliev’s son hostage for an extra 3 years

A Russian court has ordered that the son of veteran Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemiliev be kept under ‘administrative surveillance’ for three years after his scheduled release on Nov 25. This effectively increases the young man’s sentence, with the ruling passed at a hearing which Khaiser’s lawyer was not even told about | detail

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Memorial Society declared ‘foreign agent’ for criticizing Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine

In the latest move in its mounting offensive against civil society in Russia, the Justice Ministry has declared the renowned International Memorial Society a ‘foreign agent’. The four grounds cited include the fact that Memorial had publicly called Russia’s actions in the East of Ukraine military aggression. | detail

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Ukrainian journalist seized in Russia on mystery ‘spying’ charges

Ukrinform has reacted with outrage to the detention in Moscow of its journalist Roman Sushchenko, and to the fact that his whereabouts and the supposed ‘spying charges’ were learned about from the Russian media. It believes this to be the latest act of deliberate provocation by Russia against Ukrainians | detail

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Russian arrested, fined for reading aloud the Constitution

Viktor Kapitonov has received a huge fine after being detained on Sept. 12 outside the State Duma for reading out Russia’s Constitution, a document supposedly of direct force which guarantees the right to freedom of peaceful assembly. | detail

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Separatists of the world unite in Moscow while Russia steps up repression of Crimean Tatars

The Kremlin is funding a second separatist jamboree in Moscow on Sept 25. The event which purports to unite “parties and movements advocating for self-determination”, and which Russian embassies tout as in defence of minorities, will be held 4 days before the Supreme Court appeal against Russia’s criminalization of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, the self-governing body of the main indigenous people of Crimea.. | detail

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KGB 2.0? Report says Kremlin plan afoot for major Security-Service Shakeup

Russia plans to create a super security agency called the Ministry of State Security (MGB), the name once given to Josef Stalin’s Soviet spy apparatus before it was renamed the KGB after his death, Kommersant newspaper reports. | detail

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What Breaking News? Mass Vote Rigging As Expected in Russian Parliamentary Elections

The ‘breaking news’ headlines on the BBC, Sky News and others would have been comical, were they not so misleading. These were not ‘elections’ which President Vladimir Putin’s ruling United Russia party was ever going to lose, and if you want even exit polls to be credible, you don’t effectively outlaw the Levada Centre, the main independent pollster, two weeks before voting day | detail

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Sinister Methods Suspected for Obtaining Verdict in Russia’s Ukrainian Show Trial in Chechnya

Details have emerged which cast some light on how a jury in Chechnya could have found two Ukrainians guilty despite overwhelming evidence that neither man had been in Chechnya at the time and that most of the alleged crimes had never happened. | detail

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World-renowned Memorial Society Targeted in Russian ‘Foreign Agent’ Clampdown

Fears that new changes to the draconian law on so-called ‘foreign agents’ would be used to crush civil society are proving founded. After effectively paralyzing the Levada Centre, Russia’s main independent pollster, Russia’s justice ministry has again attacked Memorial. | detail

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Russian Children Trained to Fight in Defence Ministry linked Youth Army

The apparent resurrection of a long buried Soviet tradition in Russia’s new Youth Army is not the most alarming feature of a children’s ‘military-patriotic’ formation which in just eight months has opened 76 regional branches and reportedly already has 12 thousand members | detail

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Russia: Journalist Zhalaudi Geriev Punished for Chechnya Reporting

A court in Chechnya on September 5, 2016, sentenced a local independent journalist to three years in prison on dubious drug possession charges, Human Rights Watch has reported | detail

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Russia moves to silence Levada Centre after damning public opinion polls

The Russian Justice Ministry has added the Levada Centre to its list of ‘foreign agents’, placing the internationally respected public opinion pollster’s very existence in jeopardy. The move comes just days after the Centre reported a major slump in support for the ruling United Russia Party. | detail

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Beslan: No Answers, Only Prosecution of Slain Victims’ Mothers Who Dared to Protest

There was good reason for the silent protest by 5 mothers on Sept. 1. They were prosecuted, and even those few media who dared mention their protest, avoided saying that they had called Vladimir Putin “the executioner of Beslan” | detail

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Russia’s Supreme Court rules that the USSR did not invade Poland in 1939

Russia’s Supreme Court has upheld the conviction of Perm blogger Vladimir Luzgin for reposting a text which states that both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland in 1939. The Supreme Court’s ruling came on September 1, 2016, the 77th anniversary of Hitler’s invasion of Poland, 17 days before the anniversary of the Soviet invasion from the east. | detail

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1 year on Sentsov & Kolchenko remain jailed & isolated, their persecutors untouched

Civic activists have marked the first anniversary of the sentences passed on Crimean filmmaker Oleg Sentsov and civic activist Oleksandr Kolchenko by handing down their own verdicts on the Kremlin and the investigators, prosecutors and judges directly implicated in that show trial. Real liability, however, remains largely theoretical | detail

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Putin Appoints Apologist for Stalin as Russian Education Minister

Olga Vasilyeva, the new arch-conservative Russian Minister of Education is known for her highly specific position on bloody dictator Joseph Stalin and for remarks implying that the figures given for victims of Stalin’s Terror are exaggerated | detail

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Oleg Sentsov: I would like to be a nail in the tyrant’s coffin. This nail will not bend.

Imprisoned Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov has written a powerful letter from Russian captivity in which he rejects attempts to free him and others at any price, saying instead to "use us as a weapon" | detail

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Russian Tatar sentenced for protesting police racism and anti-Muslim policy

Shamil Kazakov was rejected for the Russian police service because he is a Tatar and Muslim. After making a video which included a taped conversation confirming such unconstitutional racism, it was he who ended up being prosecuted. | detail

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Send a Sunflower for Independence Day to Russia’s Ukrainian Hostages

Ukraine is celebrating 25 years of Independence on August 24. The anniversary is poignant for so many reasons, but must be particularly painful for those Ukrainian political prisoners held in Russia or Russian-occupied Crimea. Please show them solidarity with a breath of Ukraine – a sunflower! | detail

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