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Russia continues its revenge on Maidan activists, while giving shelter to Berkut suspected killers

This sixth anniversary of the beginning of the Euromaidan protests is especially sombre as Ukraine’s President and parliamentarians appear unwilling to prevent the collapse of investigations into Maidan crimes | detail

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Russia moves to extend ‘foreign agent’ law in major offensive against independent journalists

Russia’s State Duma has moved another step towards adopting a dangerous new bill which will mean that individuals working in Russia or occupied Crimea can be branded as ‘foreign agents’ | detail

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Russia destroys child’s life and jails historians to rewrite darkest pages of Soviet history

200 prominent Russians have come out in defence of Russian historian of the Soviet Terror, Yuri Dmitriev, and the child whose life the FSB is destroying for the sake of a grubby and politically-motivated trial | detail

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Ukrainian political prisoner gets year in Russian punishment cell for refusing to collaborate

Crimean activist and political prisoner Yevhen Karakashev has been placed for a year in a punishment cell in part because he refused to collaborate with the Russian prison staff | detail

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Russian Jehovah’s Witness gets 6-year sentence for ‘grave crimes against constitutional order”. Ukrainian from Crimea could be next

A court in the Siberian city of Tomsk has found 49-year-old Sergei Klimov guilty of “grave crimes against Russia’s constitutional order” for not renouncing his faith after Russia reverted to Soviet repression in April 2017 and outlawed the Jehovah’s Witnesses | detail

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Russian Supreme Court outlaws major human rights NGO defending victims of persecution

The NGO ‘For Human Rights’ has played a major role in defending political prisoners in Russia and occupied Crimea, and it is doubtless for this, and for its work in publicizing particular forms of religious persecution and truly shocking political trials, that it, and its director, Lev Ponomaryov, have come under attack. | detail

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Russia steps up persecution of Perm Memorial for honouring victims of Stalin’s repression

Searches by FSB and ‘counter-extremism’ officers were claimed to be over an outrageous criminal prosecution against volunteers tending the graves of victims of Stalin’s crimes | detail

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Benefits of PACE ‘dialogue’? Dramatic increase in number of political prisoners in Russia & occupied Crimea

The Memorial Human Rights Centre traditionally marks the Remembrance Day for the Victims of Political Repression on 30 October by publishing updated lists of political prisoners (see below for our updated list) | detail

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Ukrainian political prisoner on hunger strike moved to hospital in Russia

Oleksandr Shumkov has been on hunger strike in Russian captivity since 14 October. He began it in protest at the use by Russia of political prisoners to put pressure on Ukraine to make unacceptable concessions | detail

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Defendant in notorious Russian political trial seeks asylum in Ukraine

Sergei Gavrilov, one of the defendants in Russia’s sinister ‘Novoye Velichiye’ trial has fled from house arrest, and asked for political asylum in Ukraine | detail

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Russia moves to dissolve vital human rights NGO defending political prisoners

Russia’s justice ministry has lodged an application with the Supreme Court to have the NGO ‘For Human Rights’ [«За права человека»] declared illegal and dissolved | detail

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Russia criminalizes peaceful protest, targeting defender of Ukraine and Kremlin’s Ukrainian hostages

The Moscow City Court has upheld a four year sentence against 34-year-old Konstantin Kotov, a Russian computer programmer and tireless defender of Crimean Tatar and other Ukrainian political prisoners | detail

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“If my language disappears tomorrow, I am ready to die today”. Albert Razin died in protest at forced Russification

“If my language is to disappear tomorrow, I am ready to die today”. Albert Razin died in protest at forced Russification | detail

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Six Jehovah’s Witnesses get prison sentences in Russia for their faith

If the new sentences are upheld at appeal level, this will mark a worrying new escalation in religious persecution, with more imprisonments likely, both in Russia and in occupied Crimea | detail

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Putin claims release of Russia’s most tortured Ukrainian political prisoners is a ‘special issue’

Despite a number of highly contentious concessions made by the Ukrainian side, the release of two Ukrainian political prisoners on the exchange list, Mykola Karpyuk and Stanislav Klykh, may be in question | detail

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Russia sentences activist who defended Ukraine and Kremlin hostages to 4 years for peaceful protest

Konstantin Kotov, a 34-year-old computer programmer who has tirelessly supported Crimean Tatar and other Ukrainian victims of Russian persecution and protested against Russian aggression against Ukraine has been jailed under a notorious law which criminalizes peaceful protest | detail

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Russia brings criminal charges for honouring victims of Stalin’s repression and tending their graves

Russian police have initiated two criminal prosecutions against Russian and Lithuanian activists taking part in an expedition, organized by the Perm Memorial Society to honour victims of Soviet repression and tend to their graves | detail

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Barbaric excavations underway at Sandarmokh in Russia to rewrite history about the Terror

New excavations are underway at the Sandarmokh Clearing in Karelia which holds the last remains of thousands of victims of the Great Terror of 1937 | detail

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Russian defender of Kremlin’s Ukrainian hostages arrested on notorious anti-protest criminal charges

Russia has begun arresting people under an internationally-condemned law which effectively criminalizes peaceful protest and, typically, the latest victim is Konstantin Kotov, a young Russian who has tirelessly defended the ever-rising number of Crimean Tatar and other Ukrainian political prisoners | detail

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Ex-Berkut officer wanted for Maidan crimes seen helping Putin savagely crush protest in Russia

One of the ex-Berkut officers whom Ukraine wants to prosecute for his leading role in the savage attack on Maidan activists on 30 November 2013 has been spotted among the commanders of an equally vicious attack on protesters in Moscow | detail

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