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Russian lawyer abducted, beaten, jailed and now charged with attacking the police

A Russian lawyer defending victims of repression is facing a potentially long prison sentence on openly fabricated criminal charges, with this setting a terrifying precedent for other lawyers both in Russia and in occupied Crimea | detail

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Russia moves to silence soldiers and hide evidence of its military aggression against Ukraine

The new legislative initiative is doubtless linked with the amount of proof of Russia’s direct part in the downing of Malaysian airliner MH17 and of its military involvement in Ukraine and Syria, revealed by soldiers on their social media pages | detail

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Russia confirms 12-year sentence against Roman Sushchenko for being Ukrainian and a journalist

Russia’s Supreme Court has, as feared, upheld the internationally condemned 12-year maximum security prison sentence against Ukrainian journalist and Ukrinform Paris correspondent Roman Sushchenko | detail

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Russian lawyer abducted, beaten & jailed for trying to defend arrested protesters

While images of Russian children, elderly pensioners and other protesters being detained, many violently, in Russian cities on 9 September rightly hit world headlines, there was a lot of police brutality and thuggery that went on away from the cameras.  It included the abduction of Mikhail Benyash, a 41-year-old lawyer from Sochi, who had been planning  to defend those detained for peacefully trying to take part in protests against pension reform | detail

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Hundreds Detained As Kremlin Opponents Protest Pension-Reform Plan On Election Day

The Russian news portal OVD-Info, which tracks the arrest of protesters, said more than 830 demonstrators were detained on September 9 at protests in 33 towns and cities across Russia | detail

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14 years of pain and of lies about the siege and storming of School No. 1 in Beslan

It is 14 years today since the storming of School No. 1 in Beslan (Russia) at the end of a three-day siege resulted in the deaths of over 330 people, 185 of them children | detail

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Strasbourg demands Russia account for health of Ukrainian political prisoners

The European Court of Human Rights has responded swiftly to Ukraine’s request for urgent measures under Rule 39 regarding the state of health of four Ukrainian political prisoners: Volodymyr Balukh; Stanislav Klykh; human rights activist Emir-Usein Kuku and Serhiy Lytvynov.  The move is very welcome, however the number of political prisoners, especially in occupied Crimea, whose very life Russia is jeopardizing is much higher. | detail

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Russia turns to politically-motivated excavations to rewrite history of Soviet Terror after jailing one of its main historians

A new attempt to rewrite history about the Great Terror appears to be underway in Russia with this new offensive ominously linked with the arrest and imprisonment on fabricated charges of Yuri Dmitriev, a world-renowned historian and the head of the Karelia branch of the Memorial Society .  | detail

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First Russian since Soviet times faces imprisonment for a political anecdote

Edward Nikitin has gone on trial in St. Petersburg, accused of ‘extremism’ for reposting on social media a political cartoon and anecdote which points out, in the context of elections in Russia, that putting “a couple of cherries on a pile of shit” will not turn the latter into a cake.  | detail

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100th day on hunger strike: The West has levers it could use to make Russia free Oleg Sentsov

"I will try not to let you all down, to not give up and to not die. Though I guess of those three wishes, I will only be able to fulfil at most two" - from a letter from Oleg Sentsov to all those supporting and writing to him. He has now been on hunger strike for 100 days, and has stopped believing in his release | detail

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29 Russian Jehovah’s Witnesses declared political prisoners amid mounting persecution in Russia & occupied Crimea

Russia’s authoritative Memorial Human Rights Centre has recognized as political prisoners 29 Jehovah’s Witnesses, imprisoned for their faith.  It warns that the number of people already facing persecution is higher and rising rapidly | detail

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Kremlin uses blatant lies as excuse to not free Oleg Sentsov

The Kremlin has rejected the plea from Oleg Sentsov’s mother that President Putin ‘pardon’ her son.  It claims that the request must come from Sentsov although this was not the case when Putin issued decrees ‘pardoning’ three other Ukrainian political prisoners.  It also claims, equally falsely, that Sentsov is a Russian citizen.  | detail

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Belarusian Lockdown: Independent Journalists Decry Draconian Repression

Major crackdown on independent media in Belarus | detail

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“The end is near”: Grave Fears for the Life of Kremlin hostage Oleg Sentsov

Ukrainian filmmaker and Kremlin hostage Oleg Sentsov is dangerously weak after 87 days on hunger strike. His cousin reports that the situation is "catastrophically bad" and that when Oleg speaks of the end being near, it is not release that he is referring to | detail

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FSB infiltrator creates an ‘extremist’ group to jail teenagers critical of the Putin regime in Russia

It is not only in occupied Crimea that Russia’s FSB uses provocateurs in politically-motivated prosecutions. Several young Russians, including two teenage girls, have been in custody since March 2018, and are facing long sentences for supposedly ‘organizing an extremist organization’ effectively created by a person working for the FSB | detail

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Ukrainian political prisoner freed after Russia takes full revenge for Maidan

Oleksandr Kostenko has been released from a Russian prison after being forced to serve a legally absurd sentence to the end.  He is one of two Ukrainians, together with Andriy Kolomiyets, sentenced under Russian legislation on charges related to Euromaidan in Ukraine, over which Russia can have no jurisdiction. | detail

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Journalists & Filmmaker murdered while probing Russia’s Wagner ‘mercenaries’

Journalist Orkhan Dzhemal was one of the few Russian citizens unafraid of exposing the truth about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and, especially, its treatment of the Crimean Tatars. He was murdered on 30 July in the Central African Republic, together with Russian filmmaker Alexander Rastorguev and cameraman Kirill Radchenko | detail

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Russia forced to retract insane charges against tortured Ukrainian, yet jailed him for 8.5 years anyway

35-year-old Serhiy Lytvynov remains imprisoned in Russia four years after a fateful tooth inflammation led to him becoming one of the first and unlikeliest of Russia’s Ukrainian political prisoners.  Following the tragically premature death of his lawyer Viktor Parshutkin in March 2017, he has also become the most abandoned of all political prisoners.  | detail

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Russian asylum seeker whom Ukraine helped send back to Russia convicted of ‘extremism’ for criticizing Putin

Although it was Belarus that extradited Russian opposition activist Vladimir Yegorov to Russia, this was only because Ukraine’s Security Service had first flouted both Ukrainian and international law by simply dumping Yegorov, who had applied for asylum in Ukraine, on the border, leaving him no choice but to cross into Belarus. | detail

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Russia extends its torture of abducted & gravely ill Ukrainian student

Russia’s ‘trial’ of Pavlo Hryb, a Ukrainian student abducted by the FSB from Belarus, began in Rostov on 23 July 2018, only to be adjourned for the prosecutor to correct a critical mistake in the indictment.  Hryb’s detention was extended to 22 October, despite the 20-year-old’s life-threatening blood circulation illness, which could lead to fatal haemorrhaging at any time | detail

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