Oleg Sentsov: I would like to be a nail in the tyrant’s coffin. This nail will not bend.

Imprisoned Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov has written a powerful letter from Russian captivity in which he rejects attempts to free him and others at any price, saying instead to "use us as a weapon" | detail

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Russian Tatar sentenced for protesting police racism and anti-Muslim policy

Shamil Kazakov was rejected for the Russian police service because he is a Tatar and Muslim. After making a video which included a taped conversation confirming such unconstitutional racism, it was he who ended up being prosecuted. | detail

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Send a Sunflower for Independence Day to Russia’s Ukrainian Hostages

Ukraine is celebrating 25 years of Independence on August 24. The anniversary is poignant for so many reasons, but must be particularly painful for those Ukrainian political prisoners held in Russia or Russian-occupied Crimea. Please show them solidarity with a breath of Ukraine – a sunflower! | detail

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Tortured Ukrainian Political Prisoner Sues Russia for Damages

The Rostov regional court has rejected the appeal brought by Ukrainian political prisoner Serhiy Lytvynov against his 8.5-year sentence. The charges had been openly implausible and only laid after Russia was forced to withdraw the original ‘war crimes’ indictment, but unfortunately the ruling on August 9 was anticipated | detail

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Russia continues to torment Ukrainian it drove half-crazy through torture

Ukraine has repeated its request for the extradition of Ukrainian political prisoners Stanislav Klykh and Mykola Karpyuk, amid increasing concern for Klykh’s psychological state after torture in Russian captivity and as Klykh faces cynical new charges for supposed ’contempt of court’. | detail

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Abduction, mock executions & torture in Russia’s ’trial’ of Ukrainian aviation fanatic

Please write to Valentin Vyhivsky who is turning 33 on August 3 in Russian captivity, after being abducted from Crimea in September 2014, held incommunicado, tortured and twice subjected to mock executions | detail

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Putin wants ’grounds’ to release innocent Ukrainian political prisoners

Grotesquely flawed trials and proof of total innocence are not enough for Russian President Vladimir Putin, it seems. He needs ‘grounds’ why he should release Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, civic activist Oleksandr Kolchenko and other Ukrainian political prisoners. | detail

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Russian sentenced to forced psychiatric treatment for support of Ukraine

Punitive psychiatry appears to have returned in Russia with a recognized political prisoner being forcibly held in a psychiatric hospital. 36-year-old Alexei Moroshkin has been receiving psychiatric ‘treatment’ against his and his family’s wishes since December 2015, and a Chelyabinsk court has just extended his confinement for a further 6 months | detail

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Russian gets 2 years for reposting that Crimea should be returned to Ukraine

A second Russian court has found Andrei Bubeev guilty of ’calls to violate Russia’s territorial integrity for reposting an article entitled “Crimea is Ukraine”, as well as of ’extremism’ for reposting a toothpaste tube with the caption “Squeeze Russia out of yourself” | detail

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Portraits of Stalin hang in police offices in Putin’s Russia

Bloody Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin has not been relegated to the past in today’s Russia. Not if you judge by the offices of law enforcement officers and investigators, Ivan Pavlov, a human rights lawyer writes. He has to visit a lot of such offices, and says that one in two will have the tyrant’s portrait. | detail

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Hybrid Business -- The Risks in the Kremlin’s weaponization of the economy

"How many divisions does the pope have?" Josef Stalin was meant to have asked contemptuously. Today the question could as easily be posed: How many companies does the Kremlin have? | detail

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Denounce others or face imprisonment in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia has criminalized not denouncing people, with terrifying implications for the many politically motivated and / or fabricated criminal cases against Crimean Muslims, Crimean Tatars and any Ukrainians opposing Russia’s occupation of Crimea. | detail

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Ukraine’s Sentsov ’Victim of Vindictive System,’ says European Filmmaker

Mike Downey, a film producer and the deputy head of the European Film Academy, spoke with RFE/RL about why Sentsov’s case remains important to people across Europe | detail

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From Maidan to Torture & Solitary Confinement in Russia

It will soon be 2 years since Ukrainian Valentin Vyhivsky was abducted and taken by force to Moscow. After holding him incommunicado for many months, Russia first claimed that he had been collecting ‘commercial information’, then that he was ‘spying’. There was no need for plausibility or even consistency given the total secrecy and refusal to allow even the Ukrainian consul to be at the trial. | detail

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Calls on Russia to #FreeSentsov as renowned Crimean filmmaker turns 40

Oleg Sentsov, the Ukrainian filmmaker held for over two years in Russian prisons, is turning 40 on July 13. The Kremlin has sent him and Oleksandr Kolchenko as far from Moscow and publicity as possible. It is vital we demonstrate that no distance will be enough and make greetings to the men and demands for their release resound | detail

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Russian court rejects Navalny slander lawsuit over state TV ’spy’ claims

The verdict is in: accusing someone on Russian state television of being a Western spy with no evidence to substantiate the claim does not constitute slander -- at least if that someone is opposition leader Aleksei Navalny. | detail

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FSB descends on Ekho Moskvy over article on Chechnya

Russia’s FSB have carried out a search at the offices of the independent radio station Ekho Moskvy and removed electronic correspondence between the station and political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky. Several members of staff have also been summoned for interrogation | detail

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Rafis Kashapov spends 2nd birthday in prison for criticizing Russian annexation of Crimea

Veteran Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemiliev is surely speaking for all Ukrainians in addressing birthday greetings to Russian Tatar activist Rafis Kashapov and his twin brother Nafis on their 58th birthday. For all, in fact, appalled by the monstrous sentence passed on Rafis Kashapov for social network posts criticizing Russia’s annexation of Crimea and aggression in eastern Ukraine. | detail

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Russian fined for reposting that the USSR & Nazi Germany invaded Poland

37-year-old Vladimir Luzgin has been convicted and fined 200 thousand roubles for reposting a text which correctly states that the Soviet Union, in collaboration with Hitler, invaded Poland in 1939. A Russian prosecutor claimed and a court in Perm accepted that Luzgin was guilty of posting “knowingly false information”. | detail

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"Christ did not write denunciations!" Protest at mounting repression in Russia

Courageous believers have held a third picket in Moscow affirming that denunciations and prosecutions for ‘offending believers’ feelings’ run counter to Christ’s teachings. Their protest came as Russia’s upper house of parliament passed a law which criminalizes failure to denounce others and makes it possible to prosecute 14-year-olds for taking part in demonstrations. | detail

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