Further reprisals against Russian blogger jailed for reposting that Crimea is Ukraine

Andrei Bubeev, the Russian blogger serving a 2.5 year sentence for social network reposts of an article entitled “Crimea is Ukraine” and a picture of a toothpaste tube with the caption “Squeeze Russia out of yourself” is being moved to a prison with harsher conditions. The reasons appear to include ‘bad influence on other prisoners’, with this based on him encouraging them to read. | detail

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Russian prison staff on trial after 16-year-old Ukrainian tortured to death

Vitaly Pop was just 16 when he died of horrific injuries inflicted by Russian prison staff following his arrival in a ‘corrective prison’ for young offenders. He was probably picked out for ‘special treatment’ because of his Ukrainian accent, and his torturers used nationality-linked words of abuse while beating him | detail

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Moscow court upholds inclusion of Memorial Society on ‘foreign agents’ register

A court in Moscow has flouted Russia’s own Constitutional Court and refused to cancel the inclusion of the renowned International Memorial Society from Russia’s notorious list of so-called ‘foreign agents’ | detail

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Putin caught honouring notorious Donbas & Syria ’mercenary’ commander

Dmitry Utkin, otherwise known as ’Wagner’, whose highly trained Russian fighters are known to have been involved in Russia’s invasion of Crimea, in the conflict in Donbas and in Syria, was one of Putin’s guests at a Kremlin reception to mark ’Heroes of the Fatherland Day’ | detail

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Many detained in Russia for reading aloud the Russian Constitution

At least 15 people were detained in Moscow on Dec 12, Russia’s Constitution Day, for a peaceful action reading the Constitution aloud, and one activist in St Petersburg is spending the night in police custody for a single person picket which even under Russia’s current unconstitutional legislation is legal. | detail

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Russia bombs Syria & uses refugees as a weapon while denying them asylum

Russia’s Migration Service is consistently denying Syrians asylum, claiming that there is nothing to stop them returning to their country. The officials cite Russia’s Foreign Ministry and Defence Ministry, ignoring both Russia’s direct involvement in making large parts of Syria unsafe for civilians and reports from the UN and numerous NGOs | detail

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Seven years for an SMS: Activists alarmed over Southern Russia treason convictions

Oksana Sevastidi was sentenced to 7 years for a text message from 2008 and she is just one of at least 10 people similarly charged and sentenced by a secret court in Russia’s southern Krasnodar region. | detail

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Desperate Plea from Son of Ukrainian journalist held prisoner in Russia

Two months after Roman Sushchenko, Paris correspondent for Ukraine’s information agency Ukrinform was seized in Moscow , his son Maxim has made a brief and moving appeal for his father’s release | detail

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Putin’s cynical lies about Oleg Sentsov debunked by International Criminal Court

President Putin’s claim that Russia is a law-based country and that Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov was sentenced to 20 years for ‘terrorism’ clash with the findings of the International Criminal Court on Russia’s invasion and ongoing occupation of Crimea | detail

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6 Months Solitary Confinement & new charges for reporting torture in Russian prison

Since recounting how he had been subjected to torture, Russian civic activist and prisoner of conscience Ildar Dadin has been threatened with criminal proceedings, a ‘defamation’ suit and has been placed in solitary confinement for 6 months | detail

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Oleksandr Kolchenko is spending a 3rd birthday in Russian prison for opposing annexation of Crimea

Ukrainian civic activist Oleksandr Kolchenko is turning 27 on Nov 26, his third birthday in Russian captivity. The need for letters of support and also public attention is now even more urgent with Russia having just prevented real human rights activists from visiting him, Oleg Sentsov and other Ukrainian political prisoners. | detail

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Russia finally releases Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemiliev’s hostage son

Khaiser will have been forced to serve every day of a sentence Russia had no right to pass, but at least the decision to hold him under close surveillance for three years has been cancelled | detail

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Cynical 2nd sentence passed on Ukrainian political prisoner whom Russia is driving insane

The sentence passed on Nov 21 adds only a month to Russia’s 20-year sentence against Ukrainian Stanislav Klykh, but its cynicism is of extraordinary brutality | detail

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Ukrainians Tortured & Imprisoned in Russia’s Revenge for Maidan

How large a role the Kremlin played in trying to crush Ukraine’s Euromaidan protests still needs to be established, but Russia’s politically motivated prosecutions of Ukrainians who took part in Maidan certainly suggest an element of revenge. On this 3rd anniversary of Euromaidan, spare a thought for the Maidan activists now serving grotesque sentences in Russia. | detail

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Russian prosecuted for defending Ukraine against Kremlin-backed militants

Russia’s Investigative Committee has announced criminal proceedings against a Russian national alleged to have fought on Ukraine’s side in the military conflict in Donbas. There have been no criminal cases brought against those paid to fight on the side of the Kremlin-backed militants | detail

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Russia awards Ukrainian political prisoner $15 ’compensation’ for torture & wrongful imprisonment

Abducted from hospital, tortured and held in Russian detention for 10 months on totally fictitious ‘war crimes charges’, Serhiy Lytvynov has been awarded ‘compensation’ - about 15 US dollars worth | detail

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Russian activist first savagely beaten by police, then fined for picket in memory of Anna Politkovskaya

It seems that breaking the arm of a young disabled Russian activist was not enough, with Viktor Kapitonov now also fined for a fictitious ‘repeat infringement of the rules for holding a picket. | detail

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Russia holds Ukrainian hostages thousands of kilometers from their families

Russia is holding Sasha Kolchenko, Oleg Sentsov and many other Ukrainian political prisoners thousands of kilometres away from their families. Helping Larisa Kolchenko visit Sasha is just one of the tasks of a wonderful initiative by Ukrainian poet Serhiy Zhadan on his Zhadan and Dogs rock tour | detail

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Imprisoned Ukrainian Journalist Sushchenko ‘denounced’ by family friend in Russia

Paris-based Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko has now been in Russian custody for a month. He is accused of ‘spying’, with Russia avoiding accountability for the surreal implausibility of such charges by making all information secret. | detail

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Russia Tries Ukrainian Library Director for ’Extremism’ & ’Denigrating Russians’

The trial has begun in Moscow of Natalya Sharina, Director of the Ukrainian Literature Library in Moscow. She is charged with ‘incitement to enmity’ over supposed ‘extremist’ material allegedly found in the library and could face a 5-year prison sentence. Much later the prosecutors also came up with other charges on which she could be jailed for 10 years | detail

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