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Former Kremlin hostage, Volodymyr Balukh in an induced coma after savage attack in Kyiv

Balukh remains in intensive care, after the attack in the night from 7 - 8 September | detail

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Ukraine receives a freedom rating 42 points higher than Russia

The least free countries on the territory of the former USSR were found to be Uzbekistan, Belarus and Turkmenistan | detail

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Ministry of Justice discovered illegal normative acts in the Ministry of Interior, State communication committee and State committee of nationalities and migration

Minister of Justice informed that from 15% to 28.5% of the checked acts in these agencies were not registered, so their use was illegal | detail

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2.6 thousand parents were brought to responsibility in the Lugansk oblast in 2003 for the commitment of illegal actions against their children

Some statistical data given by the head of the department in charge of the affairs of minors of the Lugansk oblast administration | detail

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«Hostmaster» failed to prove the illegality of the possession of the domain .ua by the state

The Appeal-economic court of Kyiv approved the decision of the Kyiv economic court, which had rejected the claim of the company “Hostmaster”, the acting administrator of the domain .ua. “Hostmaster” appealed against Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “On administration of the domain .ua”. | detail

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Protection of rights with the illegal methods.

The special department was created, which will urgently react to the complaints (including the anonymous ones!) about bribery and corruption. | detail

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Constitutional rights of citizens are not observed in Ukraine.

The results of the sociological poll conducted by the Ukrainian center of economic and political research. | detail

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The first victory of democracy

Sergey Tarutin, a notorious judge of the Vasylkivskiy district court, was dismissed from his post. | detail

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Struggle for the domain .ua continues: “Hotmaster” appealed against the decision of the Kyiv economic court

The company "Hotmaster", Ltd. appealed against the decision of the Kyiv economic court, which had rejected the claim of the company against the Cabinet of Ministers with the demand to acknowledge as invalid the governmental Decree "On administration of the domain .UA". | detail

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«Espionage is raging»

What is the closed information and what is espionage? | detail

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Ukraine occupies the fourth place by the number of the appeals to the European Court.

These data were presented by Lucius Kaflish, a judge of the European Court on human rights, a professor of the jus gentium of the Institute of international relations in Geneva. The editorial board of "Prava ludyny" comments the note. | detail

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The number of journalists’ complaints to the ombudsperson increased

Ombudsperson Nina Karpacheva told at the seminar for the regional mass media that the number of the complaints connected with the violations of human rights handed by journalists increased during several last years. N. Karpacheva also got the highest award of the Union of journalists of Ukraine for the support of the representatives of mass media and the persistent protection of journalists. | detail

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Kyiv city administration rendered 7.3 thousand UAH to "Memorial".

The city administration of Ukrainian capital rendered 7.3 thousand UAH to "Memorial" for the conduction of the annual Day of sorrow devoted to the victims of the totalitarian regime buried in the Bykovnianski forest. | detail

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A man was shot.

A stray bullet from a military polygon hit a peaceful citizen. The military do not deny their guilt. The criminal case was started. | detail

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Editor of the center "Dialog" perished in Zaporozhye.

Vladimir Noskov, a member of the General Presidium of the East-European human rights protecting Center of family and personality "Dialog", the head of the Zaporozhye city Center for rendering aid to the victims of the destructive cults, editor of the informational agency "SABIS", was beaten to death. His colleagues believe that his death is connected with his professional activities. | detail

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Valentina Semeniuk reckons that the Head of President’s Administration violates the Constitution

The Supreme Rada of Ukraine supported the request of MP Valentina Semeniuk to the USS head about the violation by Viktor Medvedchuk, the head of President’s Administration, of the Ukrainian Constitution and the law on struggle with corruption. | detail

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The Crimea: mosques were returned to Moslem communities

The Council of Ministers of the Crimea issued the resolution that approved the delivery to the Moslem communities of the buildings of village clubs, which had been mosques before. | detail

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The European Union established that the situation with human rights in Ukraine had not improved in 2002

The Council of Ministers of the European Union published in Brussels the annual report on human rights. | detail

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Unemployment in the Ternopil oblast

On 1 January 2003 there were 43,876 registered jobless in the Ternopil oblast. This is 7.8% higher that in the end of 2001. | detail

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