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A special place in Hell

In November 2007, I was on my way to visit the worst of the worst of camps from Stalin time. The Kolyma gold mines were the worst in the Slave Empire of Stalin, but within this Hell on Earth, there was a special place. The Butugichag uranium mine. Andrei Vasilievich Kravtsiv told me about his experiences in that horrible camp, while we were sitting in the comfortable and warm Catholic Church in Magadan. Winter was
building up outside.   | detail

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Victims of the Katyń Massacre refused rehabilitation

An expanded account of the recent decision by the Chief Military Prosecutor of the Russian Federation to both close the Russian investigation into the Katyń Massacre and to deny that those murdered were victims of political repression | detail

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Statement with regard to the Katyń Massacre and information regarding its investigation

The "arguments" provided by Russia’s Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office dishonour the memory of the 22 000 Polish victims of this terrible crime | detail

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Do not open the door to militia!

All began when a militiaman was beating someone. A woman summoned militia to stop the fight. The militiamen switched to beat the innocent woman, while the summoned militiamen contemplated this scene not without interest. | detail

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Common sense has won. For the time being...

Public protests and the peaceful protest actions organized by the Sevastopol human rights protection group resulted in the refusal of the communist administration of the Sevastopol city council to include the question about erecting Stalin’s monument into the agenda of a consecutive session. The legal commentary of the Sevastopol human rights protection group is given explaining to which laws and legal documents the erection of the monument would have led. | detail

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Appeal of the Kharkov Group for human rights protection to the Sevastopol city council

This is one of the appeals sent to the Sevastopol city council. Stalin’s atrocities are reminded and undesirable reaction to the possible positive decision is mentioned. | detail

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Protests against erection of Stalin’s monument in Sevastopol

Sevastopol human rights protection group expresses the protest against erecting Stalin’s monument in Sevastopol on the initiative of city council. They ask their colleagues to join the protest. | detail

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A general offended a priest.

‘The general used a chain of obscenities in the language of the foreign country, which is a perpetual enemy of the independence of Ukraine’. This a best definition of the Russian language spoken as native by the majority of Ukrainian citizens. | detail

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Demographic situation in Ukraine.

The current state and the dynamics of dwindling of the Ukrainian population is presented in numbers and the reasons are analyzed. | detail

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Feldman and his advocates were deprived of the right for defense

The trial of the scandalous "bankers’ case", which is being held in the Artemovsk district court of Lugansk demonstrated another juridical nonsense on 7 February. | detail

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Roads as a source of products

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A new form of corruption

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Crossed out of the lists

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