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Hague Court rejects Russian MH17 defendant’s attempt to endlessly investigate ‘alternative versions’

The pre-trial stage is now over, and the charges against three ’former’ Russian FSB and military intelligence officers, as well as one Ukrainian militant, will be examined on their merits from 1 February 2021 | detail

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Russia accuses Netherlands of hostile actions in seeking justice for MH17 victims

Russia has announced that it is exiting ’trilateral consultations’ with Australia and the Netherlands over MH17, claiming that the Netherlands is acting in a hostile manner by taking Russia to the European Court of Human Rights over its role in the downing of the passenger airliner | detail

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Ukraine brings criminal charges against Russian Orthodox priest involved in torturing POWs

Although the SBU do not name the man, it is likely that it is Boris Khlypytko who is accused of having taken part in brutal interrogations and torture of prisoners of war in the Donetsk oblast | detail

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Former Ilovaisk POW takes Russia and its bank in Ukraine to court over military aggression in Donbas

Volodymyr Fomitsky, a former volunteer soldier from Kryvy Rih, and his lawyer have filed a legal suit for compensation from the Russian Federation over his imprisonment by Russian soldiers following the Battle of Ilovaisk in late August 2014 | detail

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Monuments and graves provide damning proof of Russian military involvement in Ukraine

The BBC’s Russian Service has tracked down several Russian military men who were almost certainly killed in Donbas, fighting a war that Russia is still claiming that it has nothing to do with. | detail

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Unmarked grave uncovered of people killed during Russian armed and led occupation of Sloviansk in 2014

A grave has been exhumed in Sloviansk containing the remains of people killed during the months in 2014 when Sloviansk was under the control of ‘former’ Russian military intelligence officer Igor Girkin and his militants.  | detail

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Why were Wagner fighters from Russia seized in Belarus and can Ukraine get them extradited?

33 fighters from the notorious Wagner ‘private military company’ have been in custody in Belarus since 29 July after they were very publicly seized by the Belarusian KGB | detail

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After 6 years of Russian aggression, Ukraine’s legislators think ‘it’s not the right time’ to punish war crimes

Former hostages tortured by Russian-controlled Donbas militants have added their voices to demands that Verkhovna Rada deputies finally pass a bill on fighting war crimes and crimes against humanity | detail

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MH17 and the weapons of death that Russia is still bringing to Ukraine

6 years after a Russian BUK missile downed Malaysian airliner MH17, killing 298 passengers and crew, Russia is still pushing ‘alternative versions’ to deny its involvement, while also continuing its unrelenting flow of weapons of death to its proxy ‘republics’ in Donbas | detail

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Attempt on the life of ex-hostage tortured for her pro-Ukraine stand in Russian proxy Donetsk ‘republic’

This is the second attack on Valentina Buchok who was savagely tortured and imprisoned in the Russian proxy Donetsk ‘republic’ and can provide vital testimony against the Russian-controlled militants and against the company linked to Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. | detail

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Covid19 used to block OSCE monitors while Russia continues bringing war to Ukraine by night

The Russian-controlled militants in Donbas are actively using coronavirus quarantine restrictions as an excuse for denying access to OSCE monitors, while Russia continues its secret night convoys across the border quite unimpeded | detail

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Why is Ukraine letting Donbas militant escape justice for Izolyatsia secret prison war crimes?

A court in Kyiv has made hearings in the trial of Roman Lyahin closed to the public, with this only one of the disturbing developments in Ukraine’s prosecution of the former ideologue of the so-called ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ | detail

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Luhansk militant court admits Donbas “hero” was a criminal who killed a family for money

There is silence in Russia’s proxy Donbas ‘republics’, and consternation from Russian World fanatics over the exposure of Alexei Mozgovoy, one of the supposed Donbas “heroes”, to whom monuments have been erected, as a criminal who gunned down a whole family for money | detail

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MH17 witness reports Russian military personnel were at Buk missile launch site

The first two days in the trial of three Russians and a Ukrainian over the downing of Malaysian airliner MH17 over Ukraine on 17 July 2014 have demonstrated just how incriminating the proceedings will be for Russia | detail

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298 Empty Chairs: Victims’ families demand Russia admit liability on eve of MH17 trial

Three of the four defendants are Russian former or current FSB or military intelligence officers, who, investigators believe, “formed a chain linking the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s republic with the Russian Federation” | detail

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6 years of Russian aggression and war criminals whom Ukraine cannot prosecute

? Ukrainian human rights groups and former hostages with chilling stories of torture and other crimes are calling on Ukrainian MPs to adopt a draft law No. 2689 that can put an end to virtual impunity for war criminals. | detail

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“In my native Donetsk somebody is being savagely tortured right now”

There are no grounds for seeing anything figurative in Stanislav Aseyev’s words about Izolyatsia, the secret ‘prison’ in Donetsk where he, Stanislav Pechonkin and other former hostages – men and women - were tortured | detail

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Moscow attempts to get trial of key Russian MH17 suspects moved to Russia

The Netherlands has rejected a Russian offer “to prosecute” three Russian former or current FSB and military intelligence [GRU] officers whose trial in absentia over the downing of Malaysian airliner MH17 is due to begin on 9 March | detail

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Russia installs former top Siberian official as prime minister of proxy Donbas republic

Vladimir Pashkov, who left a top Russian regional government post three weeks before Russia’s invasion of Crimea, has now been made ‘acting prime minister’ of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk people’s republic | detail

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Accountability for international crimes committed in Ukraine between 2014–2018

Civil organisations “Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group” and Shore of Peace (Lutsk) presents this review containing a variety of information about the alleged crimes committed during the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine between 2014–2019. KHPG and SP find that the crimes enumerated in this communication constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC. | detail

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