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Evidence mounts that Russia supplied Buk missiles to Ukraine separatists

More and more evidence is emerging that seems to document a large Russian military convoy that travelled to eastern Ukraine in June 2014 and brought Buk antiaircraft systems to Russia-backed separatists fighting against Kyiv. | detail

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Bombs and War turn Odessa away from ‘Russian World’

Sewing camouflage netting for Ukrainian soldiers has become an act of courage in Odessa. One that the bomb blasts targeting volunteer organizations have so far proven powerless to stop. Quite the contrary | detail

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Death toll rises from Kharkiv terrorist attack

Up to 500 Kharkiv residents joined in a civic panakhyda, or requiem service on Tuesday in memory of the four victims, including two young lads, of Sunday’s terrorist attack | detail

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Three dead in Kharkiv terrorist attack as world leaders join Ukrainians in March of Dignity

At least three people have now died after a bomb exploded while people were gathering for a Unity March in Kharkiv. Both the procession and the service in memory of those killed in fighting in Donbas took place, as has a huge march in Kyiv attended by delegations from 24 countries | detail

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Bomb blast in offices of Odessa Automaidan leader

A powerful explosion ripped through a basement housing a business belonging to Yevhen Rezvushkin, head of the Odessa Automaidan , as well as the Automaidan office. Thankfully nobody was injured, but there is damage to the building. | detail

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At least 12 injured in Kharkiv terrorist act

While those targeted were very probably ‘pro-Ukrainian’, possibly members of ‘Right Sector’, the Interior Minister’s adviser Anton Herashchenko and the Security Council seen worryingly quick to attribute blame | detail

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Bombing Campaign Opens New Front In Battle For Ukraine

Hardly a day goes by in Ukraine these days without headlines about some terrorist incident or about the country’s security forces breaking up a would-be plot or capturing a cache of weapons or explosives | detail

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New terrorist attacks in Odessa, Kherson

Concern is mounting after attacks in both Odessa and Kherson targeted pro-Ukraine volunteer organizations. They follow other terrorist attacks, with the main targets in Odessa and Kharkiv. | detail

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Death Sentence with a Show of Hands

The full video clip of what the Kremlin-backed militants in the Luhansk oblast call a ‘court’ has been posted on the Internet. In it a man is sentenced to death, supposedly for attempted rape and group rape, with the ‘sentence’ being passed by the audience through a show of hands. | detail

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Irina Dovgan tells of public abuse at hands of pro-Moscow separatists

Interview given by Donetsk resident Irina Dovgan whose photo was published by New York Times tied to a post being attacked and abused by supporters of the Kremlin-backed militants | detail

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Shameful march of prisoners in Kremlin’s dirty war

As feared, the Kremlin-backed militants demonstrated their contempt for human dignity and international law on Ukraine’s Independence Day by forcing around 50 captured soldiers to walk through a corridor of armed militants | detail

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Kremlin-backed militants introduce ‘death penalty’ and ‘military tribunals’

The self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s republic has introduced its own ‘criminal code’, based on that of the Russian Federation. It includes the death penalty for particularly grave crimes as "the highest degree of social protection" | detail

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Repressive laws adopted in “fight against terrorism”

Moscow’s undeclared, yet ever more aggressive war against Ukraine was launched because Ukrainians had upheld their right to European integration. Ukraine’s parliament must not sabotage that integration through appallingly repressive laws. | detail

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Call to veto unconstitutional bill extending Prosecutor’s powers

A draft bill passed on Aug 12 will, if signed by the President, allow the Prosecutor to authorize searches, detention, wiretapping and other activities linked with criminal investigation. | detail

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Kremlin-backed militants seize parents of a local journalist

Donetsk journalist Viktoria Ishchenko reports that her parents have been seized by members of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. Iryna and Valery Ishchenko are accusd of “complicity”, though complicity in what is not clear. | detail

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Kremlin-backed militants’ resort to wholesale and merciless hostage-taking

Anna Mokrousova explains that if before people were seized to dig trenches for the militants or to try to get information, now they’re being taken hostage in huge numbers for possible exchange. | detail

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Kremlin-backed militants block all roads except to Russia

Militants from the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic are preventing people from fleeing the fighting into Ukraine, leaving only the road towards the Russian border open, They are also deliberately causing huge queues in order to create the impression that people are fleeing in their masses to Russia | detail

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Four murdered members of a Slovyansk evangelical church laid to rest

The funeral has taken place of four members, two deacons and the sons of the Pastor of he Slovyansk evangelical Church of the Transformation tortured and killed by Kremlin-backed militants from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. | detail

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Russian LifeNews inadvertently told the truth about downed Malaysian airline

Since Russian pro-Kremlin media are already suggesting that Ukraine brought down the Malaysian airliner, the following is a reminder of the first, damning, reports which came from the Kremlin-backed militants and Russian TV LifeNews | detail

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Russian lies about Slovyansk church members murdered by militants

Faced with the murder by Kremlin-backed militants of four members of a Slovyansk evangelical church, Russia’s state-owned ‘Voice of Russia’ radio could have stayed silent. It opted for a far more cynical approach. Against all evidence, it reports that the men were murdered by the Ukrainian army for helping ‘insurgents’. | detail

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