Larisa Bogoraz has died

On 6 April 2004 in Moscow Larisa Bogoraz, a well-known Russian human rights protector, has died. The biography of L. Bogoraz is presented to “Prava ludyny” readers. | detail

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Vladimir Ponomariov has died

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In memory of Marek Nowicki

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Evhen Sverstiuk’s jubilee

Evhen Sverstiuk was born in the village of Siltse, the Gorokhivskiy district of the Volyn oblast, in a peasants« family. His elder brothers were the members of the youth network of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists; one of them was killed, another was repressed. | detail

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Genrikh Altunian is 70!

Genrikh Altunian was born in Tbilisi in a family of army officer. In 1944 his family moved to Kharkov. In 1951 A. entered Kharkov higher military aviation school. After the graduation he worked as a radio technology engineer in the same educational establishment. | detail

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Famine and our souls...

At last the world community and our country acknowledged that the famine of 1932-33 was a genocide. Not only bodies, but also souls of the Ukrainian citizens were trampled. At last the world community and our country acknowledged that the famine of 1932-33 was a genocide. Not only bodies, but also souls of the Ukrainian citizens were trampled. | detail

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Mustafa Dzhemilev is 60.

Jubilee of a famous activist of the national movement of Crimean Tatars. | detail

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The 50th anniversary of the Norilsk revolt

On 3 August the 50th anniversary of the revolt was celebrated in Volyn. | detail

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Monument to repressed mathematician Mykhaylo Kravchuk

On 20 May 2003 the monument to academician Mykhaylo Kravchuk, an outstanding mathematician of the 20th century, was erected on the Muzeyna Square of the National Technical University "Kyiv polytechnic institute". | detail

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Vasyl Stus Street in Kyiv

One of Kyiv streets is now named after Vasyl Stus, a well-known poet and human rights protector | detail

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Oles Bernik has died

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Sergiy Naboka…

Two articles in memory of Sergiy Naboka, journalist, poet, dissident, organizer of the Kyiv democratic club and the Ukrainian culturological club, written byEvhen ZakharovandViktor Dzereviago. | detail

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Meeting in Kharkov

Three former political prisoners: Vasyl Ovsienko, Zorian Popadiuk and Mykhaylo Kheyfets, meet in Kharkov. | detail

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"Ukrainskiy Visnyk" from underground

The detailed history of the publication of the first uncensored underground Ukrainian magazine „Ukrainskiy Visnyk“ and the history of its editors. | detail

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A public committee in defense of partly rehabilitated

The rehabilitation of former political prisoners in new Ukraine was incomplete, and now the heroes of the fight for independence still suffer. The author with his three former combatants organized the committee in defense of the partly rehabilitated. | detail

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After 30 years.

(Press release of the press conference held on 9 January in the UNIAN agency). The authors, participants of the national liberating movement of the 60s-70s, recollect their activities and the repression of the second wave in Ukraine. | detail

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25 years to the Ukrainian Helsinki Group.

On 8-10 November 2001 the 25 thanniversary of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group was celebrated in Kyiv. The article analyzes the attitude of the former heroes of the national movement to the state, which has been created. | detail

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