A public committee in defense of partly rehabilitated

The rehabilitation of former political prisoners in new Ukraine was incomplete, and now the heroes of the fight for independence still suffer. The author with his three former combatants organized the committee in defense of the partly rehabilitated. | detail

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After 30 years.

(Press release of the press conference held on 9 January in the UNIAN agency). The authors, participants of the national liberating movement of the 60s-70s, recollect their activities and the repression of the second wave in Ukraine. | detail

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25 years to the Ukrainian Helsinki Group.

On 8-10 November 2001 the 25 thanniversary of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group was celebrated in Kyiv. The article analyzes the attitude of the former heroes of the national movement to the state, which has been created. | detail

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Stus’ commemorative plate is opened in Donetsk.

A memorial plate was opened on the building of the philological faculty of Donetsk national university to commemorate Vasyl Stus, who studied here in early sixties. | detail

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Recollections of a saint

Representation of the cook by M. Gorbal ‘One of sixty. Memoirs on the background of the jubilee year’. Besides, many details oare given from the life of this outstanding figure. | detail

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Ivan Dziuba is 70.

The life and activities of this outstanding scholar and writer are described | detail

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A kitten on a barb

30 years ago the heart of the legendary political prisoner and nationalist Mykhaylo Soroka stopped beating. His friend Mykhaylo Goryn recollects about him. | detail

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Oleksa Tykhiy returned to motherland

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80th birthday of Mykola Rudenko

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Oleksa Tykhiy is not forgotten

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70th birthday of Sergey Kovaliov

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In memoriam of the great poet

20 years ago, on 2 October 1980 a great Ukrainian poet Vasyl Stus was condemned to 10 years of concentration camps and 5 years of exile. 15 years ago, 5 September 1985 Stus tragically died in Perm special political colony No. 36. We publish today some materials from our archives: a fragment from Mikhail Heyfetz’ book ‘Mesto i vremia’ (‘Place and time’)about Stus’ first term, the information about the trial of 1980, fragments from Andrey Sakharov’s appeal in protection of Stus. All these materials are published in Ukraine for the first time. | detail

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Ivan Dziuba

On 26 July 1931 Ivan Dziuba, one of the greatest modern figures of Ukrainian culture, critic, specialist in literary studies, the most well-known author of the Ukrainian samizdat was born. We offer the reader his short biography. | detail

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