EU Court confirms Russian military involvement in Donbas & upholds sanctions

The General Court of the European Union has rejected an appeal against the continuation of the sanctions imposed against a Russian state-owned anti-aircraft missile producer which has been actively surplying missile launchers and other weaponry used in the military conflict in Donbas | detail

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260 foreign ships identified as in breach of international law for entering Crimea

Black Sea News, together with the monitoring group of the Maidan of Foreign Affairs, have published a blacklist of 260 foreign ships that entered Crimea since Russia’s invasion and annexation up till August 15, 2016. | detail

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Genuine Investigations and Prosecutions for Increasing Crimes Committed in Eastern Ukraine Urgently Needed

Paris-Kharkiv, 19 July 2016. After a three-day seminar on documenting human rights violations held for Ukrainian lawyers and human rights defenders in Kharkiv from 4 to 6 July 2016, our organisations express their concern on the prevalent climate of impunity for crimes committed since the beginning of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine. | detail

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No ‘Civil War’: New Report Confirms that Ukraine was Shelled from Russia

Rights activists have gathered vital evidence of direct shelling and military intervention from Russia in 2014 which they intend to pass to the International Criminal Court. The material will help victims defend their rights in international courts and also to refute the ongoing attempts to present the fighting in Donbas as a ‘civil war’. | detail

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Ukraine’s Decommunisation Law hammered by Venice Commission for violating democratic standards

One of the four controversial ‘decommunisation’ laws adopted in April 2015 has been scrutinized and seriously criticized by European constitutional law experts who say that it does not meet European standards. | detail

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Ukraine’s Communist Party Outlawed

The Kyiv District Administrative Court has banned Ukraine’s Communist Party in a move likely to be found in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights to which Ukraine is a signatory | detail

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Moscow’s Kafkaesque ’Ukrainian Spy’ Cases

Two Ukrainian nationals, one elderly and in poor health, have been held in Russian detention now for almost a year on mystery spying charges. The degree of secrecy, intimidation and insistence that both men only see lawyers provided by the investigators arouse serious concern that the men’s nationality is the main ‘incriminating’ factor. | detail

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Inquiry needed into alleged Siemens violation of Crimea sanctions

With a Russian-based subsidiary of Siemens refusing to comment on serious allegations that it is seeking to bypass EU sanctions, a German-initiated inquiry seems called for. Germany could look to Latvia which is demonstrating its commitment to prosecuting those who breach sanctions. | detail

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Ukraine’s laws for military zone criticized

Human rights activists call Ukraine’s derogation of certain international obligations, adopted in parliament’s May 21 resolution, logical in areas not under Ukrainian control, but slam other legal moves such as the possibility of 30 day detention without a court order | detail

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Ukraine’s leaders broaden mobilization while refusing to declare state of war

Failure to officially acknowledge what Ukrainians have been living with since the Spring of 2014 can only arouse distrust and questions about who benefits by not declaring a state of war in which Russia, not isolated ‘terrorists’, is the main aggressor. | detail

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Verkhovna Rada finally votes to enforce vital Strasbourg judgement

Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada voted on Dec 25, 2014 to revoke a previous decision dismissing Oleksandr Volkov from his post as Supreme Court judge, paving the way for his reinstatement as required by a pivotal ruling from the European Court of Human Rights | detail

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ECHR on Ukraine v. Russia cases concerning Crimea and Donbas

The European Court of Human Rights has asked the Russian Government to submit its observations on the admissibility of two inter-State applications lodged by Ukraine - one over events in Crimea and Donbas; the other over three cases where orphans were abducted and taken across the border by armed militants | detail

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Ongoing saga over bulletproof vests v. EU legislation

There is still no resolution in the absurd saga involving efforts by Polish volunteers to bring bulletproof vests and helmets to Ukraine to help save Ukrainian soldiers’ lives. | detail

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Transport blockade can help return Crimea to Ukraine

Several foreign sea and aircraft are still coming to the Crimea despite the ban and threat of sanctions following Russia’s annexation of the Crimea. A project entitled ‘Blacklist’ has been initiated as a response with online publication of a list of all those vessels and aircraft illegally getting to the peninsula’s ports. | detail

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Suspected of delivering life-saving helmets

In a truly absurd twist, Polish volunteers trying to bring bulletproof vests and helmets to Ukraine to help save Ukrainian soldiers’ lives are under investigation by a Polish prosecutor | detail

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Prisoner forced to “donate” ECHR awarded compensation to prison?

Shocking allegations that a prisoner awarded large compensation by the Court in Strasbourg is being blackmailed and coerced into handing the money over to the prison administration | detail

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Ukraine close to the bottom on Rule of Law Index

On 28 November the World Justice Project released its 2012 Rule of Law Index according to which Ukraine is in 87th place out of 97 countries | detail

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Law on Prosecutor’s Office another missed opportunity

Statement by the spokespersons of High Representative Catherine Ashton and Commissioner Štefan Fьle on the changes to the Law of the Prosecutor’s office in Ukraine | detail

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EU: No room for compromise on European values

Statement by Carl Bildt, Elmar Brok and Štefan Füle after the meeting with the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich | detail

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Štefan Füle: Keynote Speech in Yalta

No doubt, many of you have heard suggestions that there should be a "pause" in our relationship. But do the people of Ukraine really need a "pause" on new opportunities? I wonder myself: who is pausing? Ukraine on values? Or the European Union on the promises we made? | detail

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