Suspected of delivering life-saving helmets

In a truly absurd twist, Polish volunteers trying to bring bulletproof vests and helmets to Ukraine to help save Ukrainian soldiers’ lives are under investigation by a Polish prosecutor | detail

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Prisoner forced to “donate” ECHR awarded compensation to prison?

Shocking allegations that a prisoner awarded large compensation by the Court in Strasbourg is being blackmailed and coerced into handing the money over to the prison administration | detail

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Ukraine close to the bottom on Rule of Law Index

On 28 November the World Justice Project released its 2012 Rule of Law Index according to which Ukraine is in 87th place out of 97 countries | detail

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Law on Prosecutor’s Office another missed opportunity

Statement by the spokespersons of High Representative Catherine Ashton and Commissioner Štefan Fьle on the changes to the Law of the Prosecutor’s office in Ukraine | detail

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EU: No room for compromise on European values

Statement by Carl Bildt, Elmar Brok and Štefan Füle after the meeting with the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich | detail

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Štefan Füle: Keynote Speech in Yalta

No doubt, many of you have heard suggestions that there should be a "pause" in our relationship. But do the people of Ukraine really need a "pause" on new opportunities? I wonder myself: who is pausing? Ukraine on values? Or the European Union on the promises we made? | detail

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CE: Concern that Ukraine will become isolated

During his visit to Kyiv on 10 September, Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe spoke of the need for “fresh look at the Ukrainian Criminal Code” in the light of the prosecution of Yulia Tymoshenko | detail

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Stefan Füle: On the Situation in Ukraine, Case of Yulia Tymoshenko

Europe expects a concrete strategy to redress the effects of selective justice and prevent it from happening again, second free and fair elections and third the resumption of delayed reforms already agreed in the joint EU-Ukraine “Association Agenda” | detail

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The Future of the European Court of Human Rights: A View from Ukraine

Ministers from the 47-members of the Council of Europe are meeting in Brighton this week to discuss the future of the European Court of Human Rights. Let’s hope that amid the clamor of Britain’s own internal debates over the role of the court, the delegates can still hear the voice of those in countries such as Ukraine, who really do so often pin their last hopes for justice on the court in Strasbourg. | detail

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European Court Reform: Civil Society Excluded from Debate

“The High Level Conference on the Future of the European Court of Human Rights” in Brighton next week would seem too high-level to hear the views of people and NGOs in countries like Ukraine. This is despite the clear threats which some of the proposed “reforms” pose | detail

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UHHRU: Initiatives aimed at restricting European Court

We urge the Ukrainian Delegation to the High Level Conference in Brighton to not support initiatives aimed at restricting the Court’s jurisdiction and reducing the right to individual application | detail

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PACE statement on the deteriorating situation of imprisoned politicians

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recalls that it has "invited the Committee to propose any further action as required by the situation, including with regard to the possible consideration of sanctions if the Assembly’s demands are not met”. | detail

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CE Human Rights Commissioner: Ukraine’s judiciary needs more independence

“Systemic deficiencies in the functioning of the Ukrainian judicial system seriously hinder the enjoyment of human rights. The authorities should take resolute steps to better address these problems” | detail

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Council of Europe’s patience with Ukraine running out

Marietta de Purba-Lundin, Co-Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on Ukraine has explained the reasons for the clearly articulated warning of sanction if political prisoners are not freed | detail

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Ukraine: PACE calls for charges against former government members to be dropped

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe spelled out a series of steps to increase the independence of the judiciary, reduce excessive detention on remand, and end the existing bias in favour of the prosecution. It also again called for constitutional reform, and further changes in Ukraine’s election law. | detail

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Number of applications to Strasbourg over torture on the increase

Valeria Lutkovska, Government Representative on European Court of Human Rights matters speaks about the Judgement in the Case of Nechiporuk and Yonkalo v. Ukraine and the urgent need for an adequate means of reacting to cases of police torture | detail

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PACE monitoring co-rapporteurs to visit Ukraine

During this visit the main focus of discussions will be reform of the criminal justice system, the investigations concerning former government members, independence of the judiciary, the 2012 parliamentary elections and the opposition movements | detail

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European Parliament Resolution: Tymoshenko trial could jeopardise EU-Ukraine association agreement

The European Parliament deplores the conviction of Ukrainian former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko as a violation of human rights and an abuse of the judiciary designed to silence Ukraine’s leading opposition politician, in a resolution passed on Thursday. | detail

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Karpachova slams continued existence of SBU detention unit

There is no justification for the unlawful existence of this SIZO which, according to commitments made to the Council of Europe before Ukraine joined, was de jure closed in 2003 | detail

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EU slams Belarus, Ukraine over human rights abuses

A key European Union summit with six ex-Soviet states was marred by a diplomatic showdown Friday after EU leaders called on Ukraine and Belarus to improve their human rights record | detail

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