PACE monitoring co-rapporteurs to visit Ukraine

During this visit the main focus of discussions will be reform of the criminal justice system, the investigations concerning former government members, independence of the judiciary, the 2012 parliamentary elections and the opposition movements | detail

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European Parliament Resolution: Tymoshenko trial could jeopardise EU-Ukraine association agreement

The European Parliament deplores the conviction of Ukrainian former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko as a violation of human rights and an abuse of the judiciary designed to silence Ukraine’s leading opposition politician, in a resolution passed on Thursday. | detail

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Karpachova slams continued existence of SBU detention unit

There is no justification for the unlawful existence of this SIZO which, according to commitments made to the Council of Europe before Ukraine joined, was de jure closed in 2003 | detail

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EU slams Belarus, Ukraine over human rights abuses

A key European Union summit with six ex-Soviet states was marred by a diplomatic showdown Friday after EU leaders called on Ukraine and Belarus to improve their human rights record | detail

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Ukraine’s unprecedented law

With less than 6 months remaining for Ukraine to rectify systemic faults leading to abuse of remand in custody, the tale here of a Court of Appeal’s ruling finding detention unwarranted and the subsequent motion in the High Council of Justice to have all three judges dismissed, gives no grounds for optimism | detail

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Polish Ambassador: Prosecuting opposition politicians can lead to bad habits

In an interview the Ambassador spoke of "things which, from the point of view of many EU representatives seem dubious. For example, we are concerned by the situation with prosecutions of opposition politicians. Such practice can lead to the bad habit that those who lose the elections end up in prison" | detail

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11 thousand cases against Ukraine in the European Court of Human Rights

ECHR Judge from Ukraine Anna Yudkivska speaks of the cases against Ukraine which are heard by the Court in Strasbourg as a reflection of the problem issues in the country itself. In the first place, she says, are problems relating to the penal system and pre-trial investigations | detail

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Ukraine falls short on most EU integration priorities

In 2010, Ukraine implemented only 8 out of 70 reform priorities outlined in the EU-Ukraine Association Agenda, the key document regulating EU-Ukraine relations | detail

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Anti-Corruption Default

Ukraine faces seriously negative consequences from GRECO following the scrapping of all anti-corruption legislation, the Government Ombudsperson and Bureau on Anti-Corruption Policy, with no indication of when any alternative measures will be passed | detail

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Ukraine among States slammed for delays implementing European Court judgments

At the same time Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice reports that Ukraine has been given a further 6 months to comply with the pilot judgment by introducing an effective means of defence against non-enforcement | detail

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Brussels informed of human rights violations in Ukraine

Human rights violations in Ukraine and pressure on independent media outlets were the main topics of a press conference held on Monday in Brussels by UHHRU, the Vinnytsa Human Rights Group and the independent channel TVi | detail

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Warmest congratulations to Anna Yudkivska, newly elected European Court Judge!

This is excellent news for Ukraine and we join all those who know and value Anna Yudkivska as a wonderful lawyer and human rights defender in wishing her well in her new position as judge to the European Court of Human Rights with respect to Ukraine | detail

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Ministry of Justice makes GRECO report public

The GRECO Joint First and Second Round Compliance Report on Ukraine found that Ukraine has fully implemented 8 recommendations, and 17 – partially | detail

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President approves conceptual strategy for reforming the criminal justice system

It includes reform of all stages of the criminal justice process and is based on guarantees of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Its implementation should undoubtedly lead to greater protection of the individual from the State | detail

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Strasbourg finds that Ukraine violated the right of freedom of association

In an important judgment on 3 April in the case of Koretskyy and others v. Ukraine, the European Court of Human Rights found that Ukraine had violated Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights | detail

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No bronze medal called for

Ukraine in 2007 had the third highest number of judgments, after Turkey and Russia, where at least one violation of the European Convention on Human Rights was found | detail

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Mediation is better

The Ministry of Justice has announced plans to introduce a mediation procedure to be applied when examining criminal, civil and economic court cases | detail

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So what are politicians’ statements about cancelling privileges worth?

A group of scientists have addressed an appeal to Prime Minister Tymoshenko asking that a recent Cabinet of Ministers Resolution be revoked which unwarrantedly increases the lifelong payment for “the title” of current member or correspondent member of State academies. | detail

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“Regional language” status for Russian in contravention of Ukraine’s Constitution

On 27 December the Leninsky Court in Luhansk revoked as unlawful Item one in the decision of the Luhansk Regional Council from 25 April 2006 No. 2/13 which gave Russian regional language status in the Luhansk region | detail

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Open letter from KHPG to the Head of the State Department for the Execution of Sentences

To avoid any suggestion here or in Strasbourg that witnesses of the violent events at the Izyaslav Penal Colony in January could be subjected to unreasonable disciplinary measures, KHPG will be providing all those involved with free legal aid | detail

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