Why Ukrainian civic society wants no more conflict of interests

Ukrainian civic organizations have once again raised the alarm over the possible election in the next weeks of a prominent Ukrainian politician to the post of European Court of Human Rights Judge | detail

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Ukraine’s new European Court Judge – politician, public official or lawyer?

Human rights organizations have long warned that the divide between different branches of power in the country is becoming increasingly blurred. The degree to which all aspects of Ukrainian life, and most worryingly, the judiciary, have become politicized is undermining Ukraine’s development as a law-based society. | detail

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Statistics, pre-election campaigns and ministerial websites

The latest feat in statistical interpretation posted by the Ministry of Justice would leave us speechless if the need for clarification in the light of such deliberate obfuscation were not so strong | detail

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Another reminder from Strasbourg

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered Ukraine to pay 62-year-old Georgy Lizanets from Mukachevo (the Transcarpathian region) 14 thousand Euros for violation of his right to a fair trial | detail

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First training course for human rights lawyers launched

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group have held the first session of a year-long training course on using national and international mechanisms for defending human rights in strategic litigations | detail

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Domestic courts are largely to blame for most judgments against Ukraine in Strasbourg

At a recent seminar, the Government’s Representative on European Court of Human Rights affairs particularly stressed the need to eliminate problem involving inhumane and degrading treatment of people being held in custody. | detail

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So where’s the penal reform?

Experts from the Council of Europe have criticized Ukraine for failing to analyze the recommendation on the running of the penal system made on the basis of three fact-finding missions to Ukraine | detail

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Venice Commission doesn’t know how to react to the draft law on the opposition

The expert analysis of the draft law “is teeming with expressions like “not customary for European democracy”. According to Serhiy Holovaty, Vice-Chair of the Ukrainian Delegation, there is no European country with a similar law for regulating the status of the parliamentary opposition. | detail

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Regional language status for Russian revoked in Mykolaiv

The unlawfulness of the decision by the Mykolaiv Regional Council was argued in the appeal court by a representative of the Regional Prosecutor and a representative of the public. | detail

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PACE monitoring co-rapporteurs appeal for political forces in Ukraine to agree democratic and legal reforms

They call for consensus over the future of building democratic institutions, adopting important judicial and legal reforms and taking forward the fight against corruption, despite differences of opinion and fierce political combats over the monopolisation of power. | detail

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If they’d only read the Charter …

The Pechersky District Court in Kyiv has refused to allow a civil suit claiming that the decisions by the Kharkiv and Mykolaiv Regional Councils to give Russian the status of a regional language were unlawful | detail

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Monitoring of Ukraine to continue because of “stagnation”

PACE Co-rapporteur Renate Wohlwend would not like to give a timescale for an end to monitoring. Many of the people she has met in the last few days express concern that Ukraine is experiencing a period of stagnation | detail

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PACE calls on Ukraine to accelerate implementation of a European judicial model

PACE welcomes the tabling in parliament of a number of draft laws which allow for fundamental changes to the court system in Ukraine, however is concerned by numerous reservations from the Supreme Court which some parliamentarians seem to be using to drag out the reform | detail

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Too soon to talk of an end to monitoring

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Monitoring Committee Co-rapporteur, Hanne Severinsen believes it would be premature to draw conclusions about stopping monitoring the situation in Ukraine | detail

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Prosecutor takes Donetsk Regional Council to court over Russian “regional language” status

The Prosecutor states that the decision over regional status is not within the competence of the Regional Council and is in contravention of the Constitution | detail

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75 percent of Strasbourg’s judgments against Ukraine are over non-enforcement of Ukrainian court rulings

A sum of over 9,270 million UH was paid in connection with such judgments awarding compensation for moral and material damages in 2006 | detail

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Training seminar in Kharkiv for lawyers and judges on applying judgments of the European Court of Human Rights

The seminar focused on judgments of the Court concerning Articles 3 and 5 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights in Ukrainian court practice | detail

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Ukraine in fourth place out of 46 European countries in number of claims to the European Court of Human Rights

Our 6,800 applications are only outdone by Russians, Turks and Romanians. The real deluge of compensation payments has not begun since Moscow, peeved by some negative judgments issued by the Court, is now blocking attempts to speed up procedure. | detail

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Draft laws on the functioning in Ukraine of regional and minority languages need revision

The Committee on Foreign Affairs has recommended that the Verkhovna Rada rework various draft laws which it says run counter to the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages | detail

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Anti-Corruption Network stresses the need for Ukraine’s anti-corruption legislation to be brought into conformity with European standards

Ukraine has virtually not carried out the Anti-Corruption Network’s recommendations on amendments to Ukrainian legislation as regards international anti-corruption standards | detail

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