Draft laws on the functioning in Ukraine of regional and minority languages need revision

The Committee on Foreign Affairs has recommended that the Verkhovna Rada rework various draft laws which it says run counter to the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages | detail

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Anti-Corruption Network stresses the need for Ukraine’s anti-corruption legislation to be brought into conformity with European standards

Ukraine has virtually not carried out the Anti-Corruption Network’s recommendations on amendments to Ukrainian legislation as regards international anti-corruption standards | detail

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Myroslava Gongadze threatens to take the Ministry of Justice to court

Georgy Gongadze’s widow points out that the European Court found that the Ukrainian authorities had not provided a thorough and effective investigation capable of leading to the identification and punishment of those responsible for the deprivation of life, and she is therefore demanding that the Ministry of Justice revoke its recent decision to close implementation proceedings over the case since the effective remedy has yet to be provided | detail

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Strasbourg confirms that interception orders must have a time-limit

The European Court of Human Rights has bound Ukraine to pay two residents of Poltava one thousand EURO each for violation of their right to privacy of correspondence. | detail

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European Court of Human Rights finds against Ukraine over conditions of detention

Another Court judgment deems the conditions in SIZO to constitute inhuman and degrading treatment, and points out that the problems are of a structural nature. | detail

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The Government is full of praise while nongovernmental organizations criticize

Volodymyr Yavorsky from the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union reports on the Warsaw OSCE Conference and how Ukraine is implementing its human-rights-related commitments | detail

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Three Chamber judgments from the European Court of Human Rights against Ukraine

Two cases reiterated that lack of funds are no excuse for not implementing court orders awarding compensation, and the third found a violation to Article 3 prohibiting inhuman or degrading treatment | detail

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New demands and new procedure

More on the Ministry of Justice’s new procedure for ensuring that normative legal acts comply with the European Convention on Human Rights | detail

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The Compliance test

Normative legal acts will be checked for their conformity with the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms | detail

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Ukrainian journalist wins his case in Strasbourg

The European Court of Human Rights found Ukraine guilty of having violated Mr Lyashko’s right to freedom of speech | detail

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Council of Europe puts Ukrainian separatists in their place

According to the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, only central authorites are empowered to grant regional language status, whatever local authorities in Ukraine may think | detail

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During two next years the number of the cases in the European Court of human rights, in which Ukraine would lose to common citizens, can increase tenfold and reach two thousand.

“This would happen if Ukraine would not change her legislation, which still contains the norms that violate human rights”, stated Minister of Justice of Ukraine Oleksandr Lavrynovich. | detail

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Ukraine moved from the 1st to 6th place by the number of citizens’ claims to the European Court of human rights.

However, the number of claims against Ukraine, which contain the formal features for their consideration by the European Court, increases. | detail

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European Court accepted the complaint of Donetsk human rights protector Sergiy Salov against Ukraine

The Court recommended Ukraine to settle the conflict with her citizen voluntarily, otherwise Salov would present to court the account on the material damage, which had been inflicted to him as a result of the illegal arrest and prohibition to practice advocacy, and the Court would demand from the Ukrainian government to pay the compensation to the human rights protector. | detail

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Draft of the Criminal-Procedural Code of Ukraine contradicts the standards of the Council of Europe.

The public hearings “Human rights and fundamental freedoms in the draft of the Criminal-Procedural Code of Ukraine” were held on 12 May in Kyiv. The majority of the participants mentioned the considerable number of drawbacks of the draft, which drawbacks created the auspicious conditions for systematic, uncontrolled and arbitrary violations of rights and fundamental freedoms of common citizens. | detail

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European Court acknowledged the violation of the right for fair hearing within a reasonable time in the case vs. Ukraine

On 30 March the European Court issued the decision in the case Merit vs. Ukraine, in which the Court acknowledged the violation by the country of Article 6 item 1 and Article 13 of the European Convention | detail

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Does Ukraine fulfill the decisions of the European Court of human rights?

The opinion of a human rights protector | detail

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