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Reshat Ametov, Russian Occupation’s First Victim: No Answers, No Justice

It is exactly a year since Crimean Tatar Reshat Ametov, 39-year-old father of three young children, was abducted by pro-Russian paramilitaries. His badly mutilated body was found almost two weeks later. Despite video footage showing his abduction from outside the parliament buildings in Simferopol where he was holding a lone protest against Russian occupation, no arrests have been made | детальніше

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Three dead in Kharkiv terrorist attack as world leaders join Ukrainians in March of Dignity

At least three people have now died after a bomb exploded while people were gathering for a Unity March in Kharkiv. Both the procession and the service in memory of those killed in fighting in Donbas took place, as has a huge march in Kyiv attended by delegations from 24 countries | детальніше

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Odessa May 2 trial turns into farce as Russia continues ‘massacre’ propaganda

Whatever the reasons for delays and flaws in investigating and prosecuting crimes related to the disturbances, fire and deaths on May 2, 2014 in Odessa, procrastination serves only the interests of Russian propaganda’s ‘massacre’ claims | детальніше

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Alert over prisoners trapped by the fighting

The civic initiative Donbas SOS has issued an appeal over the plight of over 50 people – both prisoners and local residents whose nearby homes have been destroyed – who urgently need to be evacuated from Prison Colony No. 23 (Chornukhino). | детальніше

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Russia needs more than just stern words on Nadiya Savchenko

Everybody knows who will decide whether Nadiya Savchenko, now on her 55th day of hunger strike, is left to die in Russian detention. The words today from the USA and PACE were blunt, but only words. Greater pressure, perhaps more punitive sanctions are obviously needed. | детальніше

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Polish academic could face prison over Ukrainian POW war crimes video

Those concerned that Bogusław Paź only shared the video and his view that more Ukrainians needed to be killed on Facebook should bear in mind that the videos themselves are considered by human rights activists to be evidence of war crimes. | детальніше

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Russia is Abetting War Crimes: Ratify Rome Statute Now!

“As of Jan 24, 2015 there are all the signs that an aggressive war is being waged against Ukraine in the understanding of international criminal law (including judgments from the Nuremberg and Tokyo Tribunals)". | детальніше

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Sinister Remake: Blood and POW Humiliation for the Cameras

On disturbing echoes in the bus shelling and humiliating parade of Ukrainian POWs in Donetsk on Jan 22 - from the inaccurate“13 passengers killed” which Kremlin-backed militants and Russian media kept pushing to draw associations with Volnovakha to the remake of the shameful POW march on Independence Day, this time staged on Ukrainian Unity Day. | детальніше

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Ukrainians united in memory of the victims of Volnovakha

Ukrainians gathered throughout Ukraine, and in many cities of the world on Sunday to remember the victims of the bus shelling near Volnovakha. They carried Ukrainian (and, in some areas, Crimean Tatar) flags, as well as placards reading “Je suis Volnovakha”, “We are Donbas” and others. | детальніше

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Propaganda, distortion and diplomatic silence over Volnovakha shelling

Just like after the downing of the Malaysian airliner in July, Kremlin-backed militants and the Russian media are in overdrive with multiple versions all aimed at denying responsibility for the shelling of a passenger bus near Volnovakha and death of at least 13 civilians | детальніше

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Everyday death under Kremlin-backed militant rule

Alexander Polivanov died on a gunshot wound to the stomach after a drunken militant with a machine gun turned it on him. | детальніше

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Russian military presence reported in latest UN report

Over 4,300 people were killed between mid-April and Nov 18 in eastern Ukraine, with almost one thousand wounded. 957 deaths have been recorded since the ‘ceasefire’ supposedly came into force | детальніше

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Children killed in ongoing breach of ceasefire

On Wednesday two teenagers were killed, and four others injured, by shelling on a sports filed at School No. 3 in Donetsk. | детальніше

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Russia’s New Odessa File

Six months after the tragic events on May 2 in Odessa which claimed 48 lives, Russia’s Investigative Committee has initiated another of its memorable ‘criminal cases in which Right Sector and other ‘fascists’ are the villains and Russians or Russian-speakers their victims | детальніше

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Manufacturing international outrage over an Odessa Massacre that never was

New details from the investigation into the tragic disturbances and fire in Odessa on May 3, and the repeated efforts by Russia to foist its narrative about a deliberate ‘massacre’ | детальніше

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Armed conflict in the East of Ukraine under the scope of compliance with human rights

As pointed out in the UN High commissioner’s report, more than 5 million inhabitants of the regions directly affected by the conflict cannot enjoy their basic rights. During these six months they have been deprived of their basic right to education, health care, housing and opportunity to earn a living | детальніше

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Missing Crimean Tatar Edem Asanov found dead

25-year-old Crimean Tatar, Edem Asanov, has been found dead in an abandoned sanatorium in Yevpatoria, a week after he disappeared on Sept 29. Edem Asanov was one of four young Crimean Tatars to have been abducted or disappear over the last 10 days | детальніше

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Remembering Georgy Gongadze and other slain journalists

In Kyiv on September 16 journalists, civic activists and others attended the now traditional gathering remembering slain journalist Georgy Gongadze and other journalists in Ukraine who died while carrying out their work. | детальніше

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Prominent Jewish community member murdered by Kremlin-backed militants

On Aug 30 Georgy (Eliayagu) Zylberbord was murdered in Donetsk by pro-Russian militants. He and a security guard had tried to stop the terrorists from plundering the cottage suburb on the outskirts of Donetsk where he lived. The Kremlin-backed militants murdered both men. | детальніше

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Families of murdered hostages demand proper investigation

The relatives of Volodymyr Rybak, Yury Popravka and Yury Diakovsky, who died of horrific injuries after being abducted by Kremlin-backed militants are critical of police inaction | детальніше

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