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Kremlin-backed militants introduce ‘death penalty’ and ‘military tribunals’

The self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s republic has introduced its own ‘criminal code’, based on that of the Russian Federation. It includes the death penalty for particularly grave crimes as "the highest degree of social protection" | detail

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Kremlin-backed militants block all roads except to Russia

Militants from the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic are preventing people from fleeing the fighting into Ukraine, leaving only the road towards the Russian border open, They are also deliberately causing huge queues in order to create the impression that people are fleeing in their masses to Russia | detail

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Senior Kremlin-backed militant confirms executions in Slovyansk

Igor Druz, a senior aide to head of the militants’ military offensive, Igor Girkin [Strelkov] asserted that a number of people had been killed “to prevent chaos” Among the known victims are the two sons of the pastor of a local evangelical church and two deacons of the church and a 19-year-old student | detail

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Honcharenko murder: Questions unanswered – and unasked

Two years ago Dnipropetrovsk environmentalist Volodymyr Honcharenko was murdered just days after publicly warning of a “chemical time bomb” with potentially horrific consequences for the region and beyond. Although he was almost certainly killed because of his work in revealing environmental dangers, there was terrifying little media coverage | detail

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Crimean puppet regime seeks to amnesty thugs and abductors

Crimea’s puppet government is seeking to remove any liability for the actions of the so-called ‘self-defence’ or paramilitary militia units in beating up and abducting people, or committing other violations, during the first month after Russia effectively invaded and annexed the Crimea..” | detail

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Ongoing harassment of ethnic Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars & others in Crimea

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has pointed to ongoing concerns, the imprisonment of Oleg Sentsov and three other activists; the banning of Refat Chubarov and Mustafa Dzhemiliev from their homeland; religious harassment; and much more, with none of its previous recommendations implemented | detail

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UN: Reign of Fear and Terror inflicted by armed groups

The latest report by the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights documents how armed groups in eastern Ukraine “continue to abduct, detain, torture and execute people kept as hostages in order to intimidate and “to exercise their power over the population in raw and brutal ways.” | detail

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Russian LifeNews inadvertently told the truth about downed Malaysian airline

Since Russian pro-Kremlin media are already suggesting that Ukraine brought down the Malaysian airliner, the following is a reminder of the first, damning, reports which came from the Kremlin-backed militants and Russian TV LifeNews | detail

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Ihor Indylo could not have died from a fall

Four years after Indylo, a young student died in a Kyiv police station, a second forensic medical examination has confirmed that the fatal head injury he received could not have come, as claimed from a fall. | detail

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Human Rights Monitors express concern about Krasny Liman

A monitoring group has found no evidence for allegations that the Ukrainian National Guard shot wounded militants in Krasny Liman, but has found disturbing evidence indicating the need for a thorough investigation as to whether a hospital may have been the deliberate target of mortar fire | detail

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Brothers tortured for their role in dismantling a militant checkpoint

Only one of the Khovkhotva brothers abducted by Kremlin-backed militants in reprisal for the Shabelkivka residents’ dismantling of a militant checkpoint has been released. The militants in Donbas region also killed one person and wounded another after shooting at their car on Monday | detail

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Police terminate murder investigation over abducted student Yury Popravka

19-year-old Yury Popravka’s body was found with horrific injuries in a river near Slovyansk, almost certainly after being abducted by Kremlin-backed militants who had seized control of the city | detail

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Journalist and civic activist abducted and killed in Kyiv

Volodymyr Martsyshevsky was abducted on June 11 from the Maidan Press Centre in Kyiv by men in camouflage. He was found, savagely beaten, that evening and died later of his injuries | detail

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Luhansk civic activist dies after being abducted by Kremlin-backed militants

Alexander Reshetnyak, a Luhansk EuroMaidan activist has died in intensive care after being tortured by militants from the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic. He had been shot in the back as well as sustaining many other life-threatening injuries | detail

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Slovyansk’s “mayor” threatens to kill, not take prisoners

It is not clear whether any of these pro-Russian militants whom the Kremlin and Russian television channels treat as representing the voice of the people of Donbas understand what they are seeking to achieve. Their language and behaviour is, however, becoming ever more aggressive | detail

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Couple shot dead at pro-Russian militant checkpoint

OstroV reports that during the early hours of May 9 Kremlin-backed militants opened fire on two cars which tried to drive through their checkpoint | detail

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Media report the shooting dead of a priest at a militant checkpoint

OstroV has reported that an Orthodox priest, Father Pavlo Zhuchenko was shot dead at a pro-Russian militant checkpoint in Konstantinovka [Donetsk oblast] | detail

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Abducted pro-Ukrainian activist murdered

The body has been found of Valery Salo, head of the Prosvita Society in Krasny Lyman (Donetsk oblast), apparently a day after he was abducted by so-called Donetsk People’s Republic militants | detail

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What Russian TV won’t show about the events in Odessa

Russian TV viewers hear only about the fire in the Trade Union House which they are told was set alight by “radicals”. It was radicals, according to this narrative, who shot at defenceless people | detail

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UHHRU condemns police role in Odessa tragedy

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has issued a statement in which it stresses that the mass street disturbances were not a spontaneous clash between different youth groups but a planned attack on a peaceful procession of soccer fans carried out by pro-Russian separatists armed with sticks, bats, shock pistols and firearms.” | detail

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