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UHHRU condemns police role in Odessa tragedy

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has issued a statement in which it stresses that the mass street disturbances were not a spontaneous clash between different youth groups but a planned attack on a peaceful procession of soccer fans carried out by pro-Russian separatists armed with sticks, bats, shock pistols and firearms.” | детальніше

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Luhansk lawyer shot by pro-Russian activists

Ihor Chudovsky, head of the Luhansk-based law firm Chudovsky and Partners is reported to have been seriously injured by the pro-Russian activists who on Tuesday stormed the Luhansk regional administration | детальніше

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Murdered in Slovyansk

The identity of the second person whose body was found with signs of torture in a Slovyansk river has been confirmed. Yury Popravka was 19 and a student of the Sociology and Law Faculty of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute | детальніше

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Police silent about unmarked graves at Brovary

The Search Initiative Group searching for traces of people missing since the EuroMaidan protests have had no response from the police regarding unmarked graves found in Brovary (near Kyiv). | детальніше

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Abducted journalist found murdered

The body has been found with clear signs of torture of activist and journalist Vasyl Serhiyenko who was abducted from outside his home on April 4 | детальніше

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Twelve detained on suspicion of involvement in the gunning down of Maidan protesters (updated)

The acting Prosecutor General says the orders to gun down protesters on Institutska St on Feb 20 came from the president’s administration. | детальніше

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Activists detained in Moscow for honouring Maidan’s slain heroes

The activists gunned down by police snipers 40 days ago were remembered throughout Ukraine on Sunday, while a new report presented evidence that Yanukovych’s regime was behind the killings carried out by Russian-trained Alpha unit snipers. | детальніше

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Video shows abduction of murdered Crimean Tatar

Videos have been posted showing Reshat Ametov, whose body was found with signs of torture on March 15, being abducted from a picket in protest at the Russian occupation of the Crimea. | детальніше

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In Memory: Serhiy Koturin

Serhiy Koturin, a soldier at a Ukrainian military base in Simferopol died when the base was stormed on March 18. His wife is expecting their second child | детальніше

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Murder and abductions in the Crimea

The body has been found of a Crimean Tatar, Reshat Ametov who was abducted from a protest outside the Cabinet of Ministers building in Simferopol [UPDATED] | детальніше

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In Memory: Heroes of Maidan

The funeral will take place on Thursday of 28-year-old Olha Bura who died on March 10 of wounds received when snipers gunned down protesters in late February | детальніше

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Moving farewell to Ludmila Sheremet, killed outside SBU

A huge number of residents of Khmelnytski came out to bid farewell to 72-year-old Ludmila Sheremet who was killed by automatic rifle fire from inside the Security Service building in Khmelnytski on Feb 19. | детальніше

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David Kipiani laid to rest in Tbilisi

On Tuesday family and friends bid farewell in Tbilisi, Georgia to 25-year-old David Kipiani who died of bullet wounds on Maidan | детальніше

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Viktor Shvets died “protecting the young people”

One of the victims of last week’s shooting, Viktor Mykhailovych Shvets was a retired police officer who went to Maidan on Feb 18, as he put it, “to protect the young people”. | детальніше

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Kharkiv Environmentalist Yevhen Kotlyar killed on Maidan

33-year-old Yevhen Kotlyar was killed in gunfire on Thursday near the Khreshchatyk metro station. He had come to Kyiv to join the barricades on Feb 17 | детальніше

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KHPG: On the events of Feb 20 in Kyiv

Yesterday, on Feb 20, 2014, a terrorist operation was effectively carried out in the centre of Kyiv resulting in the deaths of up to a hundred peaceful citizens, with hundreds wounded | детальніше

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Ever more victims of sniper fire

The photo here clearly shows that the authorities’ denials are false. Deomonstraters are being deliberately shot and killed by professional snipers who do not stop at aiming their fire at medical staff trying to help the injured | детальніше

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Vinnytsa artist killed on Maidan

50-year-old Valery Brezdenyuk painted magical worlds on water. He died defending Maidan on Tuesday night, after being shot in the back | детальніше

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Yury Verbytsky sustained horrific injuries

While the official cause of abducted EuroMaidan activist Yury Verbytsky’s death was hyperthermia, the list of his injuries makes it clear that those who left him in the Boryspil Forest outside Kyiv must have understood that they were leaving him to die. | детальніше

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Chornovol investigation descends into "road rage" farce

Tetyana Chornovol’s response to claims that the attack on her was due to road rage because she cut in front of somebody’s car. “ I “cut in front” of Yanukovych and will continue to do so. That is really the only reason for the attack on me.” | детальніше

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