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Gongadze Lawyer: Pukach repeats learned phrases about uprisings and spies

According to Valentina Telychenko, the lawyer representing Georgy’s widow, Myroslava Gongadze, during the interrogation, former MIA General Oleksy Pukach repeats phrases learned by heart and does not answer the prosecution’s questions | detail

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OSCE media freedom representative urges full transparency in Gongadze murder trial

Dunja Mijatović said on Thursday that the Ukrainian and international media should have access to information about the ongoing trial related to the murder of Ukrainian journalist Georgiy Gongadze in 2000. | detail

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Video footage shows Ihor Indylo’s last hours

CCTV footage shows student Ihor Indylo being brought into the Shevchenkivsky Police Station in May last year just hours before he died. He seems neither drunk, as the police have alleged, nor anything but a healthy young man who was to be turning 20 the next day | detail

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No apparent hurry to try Gongadze murder suspect

The trial has once again been postponed, on less than convincing grounds, of former MIA General and Head of the Department of Intelligence and Foreign Surveillance, Oleksy Pukach who is facing charges over the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze | detail

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Court decisions in Pukach case also hidden from the public

Pechersky District Court decisions in the trial of Oleksy Pukach over the killing of Georgy Gongadze are not on open access. According to Ukrainian legislation only the protocols of court hearings into the Pukach case are classified as secret | detail

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Court renews examination of Ihor Indylo’s death

Kyiv’s Desnyansky District Court resumed hearings into the death in custody of young student Ihor Indylo who died in May 2010 during the night of what should have been his 20th birthday. The new judge rejected the application from the Indylo family’s lawyer for additional investigation into the case | detail

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Georgy Gongadze remembered in Ukraine

In Kharkiv the events marking the 11th anniversary of the journalist’s disappearance had particular immediacy given the events this week where three independent channels in Kharkiv – A/TVC, For a and ATN have had their broadcasting cut with no explanation | detail

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Myroslava Gongadze: “The Public should understand what criminals governed the country”

The widow of murdered journalist Georgy Gongadze says that she will as a matter of principle be applying to the European Court of Human Rights over the fact that the trial of Oleksy Pukach is taking place behind closed doors | detail

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CPJ: Gongadze suspect admits to killing, implicates Kuchma

The Committee to Protect Journalists has called for the trial of former General Oleksy Pukach to be open to all. "It is outrageous that the public cannot follow proceedings in a trial that could determine the future of press freedom in Ukraine" | detail

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Gongadze Lawyer: Pukach acts as though he feels protected

The trial of Oleksy Pukach, former MIA Head of Intelligence continued on Tuesday behind closed doors. Valentina Telychenko says Pukach did not deny his role in the murder but tried to imply he was saving the country from alleged plans for a coup | detail

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AI: Justice not done’ in Ukrainian student death investigation

An investigation into the death in custody of a Ukrainian student is seriously flawed, Amnesty International says after a court effectively cleared two police officers of responsibility for his death. | detail

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Gongadze murder: Material on Kravchenko returned to the Prosecutor General

The lawyers representing Georgy Gongadze’s family had asked for the entire case to be returned since they “now effectively have Pukach accused of a motiveless crime which is, by definition, impossible. The motives should be established and proven”. | detail

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Court cancels investigation into death in police custody of Ihor Indylo

The court rejected the application from Ihor’s parents for an additional forensic examination and to review the CCTV footage from the police station where Ihor Indylo died during the night of what should have been his twentieth birthday. | detail

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Myroslava Gongadze: They’ve taken away my right to know the motives of Pukach’s crime

Among the numerous infringements in the trial of Pukach are the classifying of the entire indictment as “State secret” and refusal to investigate the role of the former Minister of Internal Affairs, Kravchenko | detail

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CPJ: Gongadze murder suspect’s trial should be open to public

The Committee to Protect Journalists has called on the Pechersky District Court open to the public the ongoing trial against Oleksy Pukach charged with the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze in 2000 and expressed concern over the plan to close the investigation into the role of former Minister of Internal Affair Kravchenko | detail

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Gongadze Case: 150-page indictment behind closed doors

According to the lawyer representing Georgy Gongadze’s mother, Lesya Gongadze, it is not only the case material which has been classified as secret, but also the name of the murdered journalist, Pukach, former Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Kravchenko and the very committing of the crime | detail

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Gongadze Lawyer: Where are the “State secrets” in the Pukach trial?

Valentina Telychenko, the lawyer representing Myroslava Gongadze, has asked for an expert option to be obtained indicating the presence of State secrets in the indictment against former Police Colonel, Oleksy Pukach. | detail

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Gongadze Lawyer: Pukach Case closed so that Journalists don’t hear to much

The court’s rejection of the call to place former Police Colonel Pukach in a normal SIZO or detention centre is seen by Andriy Fedur as a disturbing signal, and possible evidence of a deal brokered with the authorities. This was not the only appeal rejected | detail

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Vasyl Klymentyev: One year - no trace, no answers

On 11 August 2010 the Chief Editor of the Kharkiv newspaper Novy Styl [New Style] Vasyl Klymentyev disappeared without trace. The investigation, if there be such, is going nowhere | detail

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Revival of criminal investigation against Melnychenko upheld

The criminal investigations were over exceeding authority and divulging state secrets. Former President Kuchma’s lawyers claim that the investigation into this case will make it possible to establish who ordered the “tape scandal”. Melnychenko’s lawyer criticizes | detail

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