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Ukraine to answer to ECHR for five years’ sabotage of Maidan investigations

Five years after the bloodiest days of Euromaidan, the families of the slain [Nebesna Sotnya] are planning to seek justice at the European Court of Human Rights | детальніше

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Top Kherson official suspected of ordering fatal attack on civic activist Katya Handziuk

There may be compelling evidence against Vladislav Manher, however Lutsenko’s public statements on 11 February raise concerns, not least because of the different political affiliations of three high-ranking politicians whose names have recently been mentioned in connection with the savage attack on Katya Handziuk | детальніше

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Mother of brutally murdered Ukrainian rights lawyer condemns “fabricated” investigation

The mother of slain rights activist and lawyer Iryna Nozdrovska has publicly accused a Ukrainian MP of being behind the murder of her daughter.  The allegations are very serious, and need to be checked, but they have yet again highlighted doubts that this horrific murder really has been solved | детальніше

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Four Crimean Tatar political prisoners released under house arrest

Bitter questions must, however, remain as none of the men should even have been imprisoned in the first place, and not only because of the absurd charges | детальніше

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Belated ‘progress’ or more sabotage in hunt for killers of Ukrainian activist Katya Handziuk?

The suspected organizer of the savage killing in Kherson of Ukrainian civic activist Kateryna (Katya) Handziuk has been placed on the wanted list many months after baffling delay enabled him to flee the country | детальніше

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Russia caused one death to try to discredit Crimean Tatars and is now risking new fatalities

Russia began its most sordid persecution of Crimean Tatars by causing the death of 83-year-old Vedzhie Kashka and now appears intent on breaking its record of deaths  | детальніше

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Ukrainian court releases suspected Khmelnytsky Maidan killer fuelling allegations of sabotage

Almost five years after 72-year-old pensioner and Maidan activist Lyudmila Sheremet was gunned down outside the Security Service building in Khmelnytsky, the suspected killer has been released from house arrest after less than two weeks | детальніше

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Crimean Tatar activist who took aid to Ukrainian POWs viciously attacked & told this is his “last warning”

Risa Asanov has played a major role in supporting political prisoners and their families since returning to Crimea in 2017, and he is certain that the attack was linked with his strong civic position. | детальніше

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Nobody believes Ukrainian environmental activist’s death was suicide, so why was the investigation terminated?

Police in the Kharkiv oblast have quietly terminated their investigation into the suspicious death of 23-year-old Mykola Bychko, a local environmental activist, in June 2018.   The role of investigators has from the outset elicited concern among both local residents and human rights activists who reject the claims of suicide | детальніше

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Gravely ill Crimean Tatar activist jailed for a crime he physically couldn’t have committed

A court in Russian-occupied Crimea has jailed Edem Bekirov for two months despite a heart condition, diabetes and an amputation that make imprisonment a direct threat to his life and the charges against him nonsensical.   | детальніше

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Russia used ex-Berkut traitors for FSB operation that killed 83-year-old Crimean Tatar veteran Vedzhie Kashka

It is exactly a year since Russia staged a gratuitously violent ‘special operation’ in occupied Crimea that caused the death of world-renowned veteran of the Crimean Tatar national movement, Vedzhie Kashka | детальніше

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33 Maidan crime suspects still work in law enforcement bodies, 10 in high positions

Five years after the Euromaidan protests began in Ukraine, ten men suspected of crimes against Maidan activists hold managerial posts in the enforcement bodies, while a further 23 are low-ranking officers.  The number of convictions remains fairly small (52), with only nine people sentenced to periods of imprisonment. | детальніше

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Kherson activist Kateryna Handziuk dies after savage acid attack

Kateryna Handziuk, Kherson civic activist, adviser to the Mayor of Kherson and a bitter critic of the Kherson police has died three months after a savage attack in which she was sprayed with a litre of sulphuric acid. There has been no progress on finding those who ordered this crime | детальніше

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Crimean Tatar political prisoner released under house arrest after likely stroke

65-year-old Asan Chapukh has finally been released from the notorious Simferopol SIZO [remand prison] although only under house arrest, with symptoms that independent doctors believe indicate a stroke | детальніше

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Key evidence against Maidan killers in danger of being destroyed

The Kyiv authorities have done nothing to enable vital investigative experiments to be carried out in order to establish exactly where the shots that killed Maidan activists were fired form and within a month it could be too late as major construction work is planned. | детальніше

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55 unsolved attacks on Ukrainian civic activists. Prosecutor General says it’s their fault

Protests under the banner ‘Silence kills’ have been taking place in many Ukrainian cities over the mounting number of attacks on civic activists and journalists.  The protests began on 27 September just hours after Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that civic activists bear part of the blame | детальніше

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Shooting of Odesa civic activist prompts warnings of danger to Ukraine’s national security

This is reportedly the fourteenth attack since the summer of 2017 on Odesa activists and journalists known both for their pro-Ukrainian position, and for their opposition to corruption by local officials | детальніше

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Russia refuses medical care to hunger striking Ukrainian political prisoner despite clear danger to life

Volodymyr Balukh is suffering severe pain in the liver area, and after almost six months on total or nearly total hunger strike is evidently in need of urgent medical care | детальніше

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Police suspected of protecting culprits behind the attempted murder of civic activist Kateryna Handziuk

The initial suspect of this horrific crime has been released, and five other men remanded in custody or put under house arrest. | детальніше

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Remember Ukrainians jailed by Russia, tortured & murdered for Ukraine’s National Flag

On Ukrainian National Flag Day Volodymyr Balukh remains imprisoned in occupied Crimea for that flag and in danger after almost 160 days on total or near-total hunger strike. We remember also Volodymyr Rybak who was horrifically tortured to death in 2014 for defending the flag and Ukraine against Russian-led fighters | детальніше

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