Destructions in Donbas. Scale, attempts at reconstruction and perspectives for redress for victims

In March 2014, Eastern regions of Ukraine became an arena of the Russian secret services’ "Russian Spring" plan, aiming to pull a large part of Ukrainian territories out of Ukrainian jurisdiction. These actions were supported by a wide information campaign in the Russian Federation. As a result of resistance from the Ukrainian state and its society, the plan was disrupted, but on the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DNR and LNR) were created, and the confrontation escalated into an armed conflict. | detail

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Odesa Smoking Gun Leads Directly to Moscow

A new film has exposed direct links between Moscow and the disturbances in Odesa from late February to the tragic events of 2 May 2014. The film ‘2 May. Moscow Trail’ is based solely on Russian and pro-Russian sources, and adds weight to recently published tapes on which Sergei Glazyev, Vladimir Putin’s adviser and others discuss the organization of disturbances in Odesa and other Ukrainian cities | detail

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In Memory of Georgy Gongadze, Pavel Sheremet and All Slain Journalists

Traditional remembrance events on the anniversary of journalist Georgy Gongadze’s abduction and subsequent murder are especially poignant this year as they come just two months after the killing in Kyiv of Pavel Sheremet, the renowned Belarusian journalist and former prisoner of conscience. | detail

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Why the West Ignores Russia’s Wars

While hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in major cities across Western Europe and the United States to protest the American invasion of Iraq and, more recently, the invasion by America’s ally Israel of the Gaza Strip in 2014, Russia’s wars of choice in Syria and Ukraine have failed to excite a single public demonstration of any significance anywhere in the Western world | detail

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Crimean taken by force to Russia dies in prison, refused medical care

One of the many Ukrainian prisoners forcibly moved to Russia after the latter invaded and occupied Crimea has died in a Russian prison, with the Russian authorities having ignored even the European Court of Human Rights | detail

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5-year sentence for vicious beating of Maidan activist

Volodymyr Savytsky has been sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment for the brutal beating of a Euromaidan activist in February 2014. | detail

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Russia steps up torture of Crimean Tatar leader Ilmi Umerov amid protest over return of punitive psychiatry

Russia is ignoring international protest over its use of punitive psychiatry against Crimean Tatar leader Ilmi Umerov. As well as continuing practice that could endanger the 59-year-old’s life still further, men facing criminal charges have been placed in the same room as him. | detail

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Horrific police killing elicits assurances of a shakeup & local fears of a cover-up

Three police officers are currently in detention after a 32-year-old man was beaten and fatally shot while in handcuffs in the early hours of August 24. | detail

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Raising the Ukrainian Flag Volodymyr Rybak and Many Others Died For

The 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence would have been a very special date under any circumstances. After Maidan and then Russia’s invasion, that anniversary and the Day of the Ukrainian Flag have become imbued with acute poignancy | detail

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Grave Fears for Crimean Tatar leader in Psychiatric Clinic for Saying Russia must Leave Crimea

There has been a sharp deterioration in the health of 59-year-old Ilmi Umerov who has been forcibly placed in a psychiatric clinic in Russian-occupied Crimea despite the lack of any grounds for the criminal charges Russia has brought against him, or for the supposed ‘psychiatric assessment’. | detail

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Why Putin Turns the Heat Up on Ukraine Now

Russian President Vladimir Putin may be preparing a new offensive in Ukraine. Russia has prepared an excuse for a military incursion to connect Crimea with rebel-held areas of the Donbas in eastern Ukraine | detail

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Guns of August: Fears of Full-Scale War Return as Casualties Mount in Ukraine

There are signs of both sides going back to a war footing: Kyiv is on high alert and has deployed special-forces units and battle-hardened battalions to the front, while Russia has reportedly amassed large amounts of military hardware in Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula it seized from Ukraine in March 2014. | detail

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Ukraine’s Forgotten War

You need to go back nearly a year to find another month as deadly as July -- and the month isn’t even over yet. But despite all the death and destruction, almost nobody is noticing. | detail

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Pavel Sheremet: “You can’t be ready to be killed”

The above words, spoken about Pavel Sheremet’s friend Boris Nemtsov are bitterly poignant, as is so much else on a dark day, when the well-known and respected 44-year-old Belarusian journalist and former prisoner of conscience has himself been murdered. He died in Kyiv almost exactly two years after leaving Russian ORT in protest at the virulent warmongering propaganda against Ukraine. | detail

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Genuine Investigations and Prosecutions for Increasing Crimes Committed in Eastern Ukraine Urgently Needed

Paris-Kharkiv, 19 July 2016. After a three-day seminar on documenting human rights violations held for Ukrainian lawyers and human rights defenders in Kharkiv from 4 to 6 July 2016, our organisations express their concern on the prevalent climate of impunity for crimes committed since the beginning of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine. | detail

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UN report finds killings on both sides in Donbas, yet misses Russian soldiers

While warning that there must be accountability for all killings, and pointing out that some may constitute war crimes, the UN monitors prefer to ignore substantial evidence of direct engagement by Russian military personnel in the fighting in Donbas and in shelling from military positions in Russia | detail

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When Abduction Turns to FSB ’Search’ in Russian-occupied Crimea

Did the FSB arrest Crimean Tatar rights activist Emir-Huseyn Kuku because an attempt to abduct him failed? There are serious grounds for thinking this and for yet again asking why the de facto authorities were so reluctant to launch an investigation into the recent abduction of Crimean Tatar activist Ervin Ibragimov | detail

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Held Prisoner & Tortured by Kremlin-backed Militants for Wanting to See His Parents

Volodymyr Fomichov has been held prisoner in the so-called ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ for over 6 months. He is believed to have been subjected to torture, and there are serious grounds for concern about his physical safety | detail

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Minority Rights Group: On the situation in Crimea

In order to avoid further escalation of tensions between Crimean Tatars and the de facto authorities, MRG urges the international community to send a strong message to the Russian Federation, emphasizing its obligation to secure the human rights of Crimean Tatars as indigenous people of Crimea | detail

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Relentless Terror against Crimean Tatars. Where is Ervin Ibragimov? Who will be the next victim?

Crimean Tatars gathered on Sunday evening in prayer for the young Crimean Tatar activist abducted on May 24. The occupation authorities did not, at least, obstruct the gathering, but they have also done nothing to find this latest victim of forced disappearances since Russia’s annexation of Crimea | detail

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