Lawyers’ Statement regarding Police treatment of Defence Lawyer D. Karpenko

As Ukrainian lawyers, we are outraged by the fact that the Cherkasy police, instead of defending the law, acted in flagrant breach of it with respect to our colleague, Dmitry Karpenko, subjecting him to quite unacceptable treatment. | detail

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Philosophy of Disrespect

In his article, Volodymyr Batchaev demonstrates how, despite words about fighting torture and ill-treatment by police, the Prosecutor General’s Office shows no sign of wishing to cooperate with NGOS and change entrenched behaviour indicating profound disrespect for the public | detail

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Court cancels investigation into death in police custody of Ihor Indylo

The court rejected the application from Ihor’s parents for an additional forensic examination and to review the CCTV footage from the police station where Ihor Indylo died during the night of what should have been his twentieth birthday. | detail

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Police and Human Rights: Priorities grapple with Indicators

In a damning analysis, , Vladimir Batchaev writes that “Indicators in fighting crime at any cost” has become the slogan of every head of a police department. This leads to unlawful detentions; confessions being beaten out of people; falsification of documents and other forms of police crime. | detail

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Penal Head apparently dismissed over events at Colony No. 89

One official stated that the Prosecutor would be investigating these events, as well as a whole range of other criticisms regarding the rising death rate and incidences of tuberculosis in the colonies, poor cooperation with civic organizations and the press, etc. | detail

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KHPG representative not allowed into Penal Colony No. 89

Andriy Didenko, KHPG Programme Coordinator, who had received permission on Tuesday to visit the penal institution where prisoners have been on hunger strike following the deployment of a Special Forces unit on 5 July, was on Wednesday not allowed into the colonY | detail

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Prisoners beaten for complaining about lack of fresh air?

At a press conference on Tuesday, human rights activists provided information they have been able to receive about the beating of prisoners by a Special Forces unit at Penal Colony No. 89 in Dnipropetrovsk on 5 July | detail

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Prisoners on hunger strike at Colony No. 89 in Dnipropetrovsk

Following the unlawful deployment of a unit of Special Force Officers from the State Penitentiary Service on 5 July, a large number of prisoners have officially declared hunger strike | detail

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Three police officers to be prosecuted over death of detainee

Three men are to be charged with grievous bodily injuries and exceeding their powers over the death in police custody of Yevhen Zvenigorodsky on 30 March this year | detail

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Human rights groups: Use of Torture has increased

Only a quarter of the victims dare to complain of unlawful violence from the police because they’re intimidated, or because they don’t believe that it will have a positive result | detail

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And another death in police custody

A 44-year-old detainee died on Monday 27 June in a Kharkiv temporary holding facility after being detained on Friday on suspicion of stealing a gas cylinder | detail

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Immunity has a Human Face

The case of Yakov Strogan whose arrest following his public allegations of torture by police officers is of enormous significance because of the lesson it is clearly trying to give others, and the very dangerous conclusions which will be drawn by certain police officers if justice does not prevail | detail

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Prosecutor General shown police weapons of torture

On Thursday human rights activists held a demonstration to mark International Day in Defence of Victims of Torture outside the Prosecutor General’s Office. They demonstrated modern weapons of torture which are used by Ukrainian police officers | detail

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26 June - International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

Over the last year and a half the situation with torture and ill-treatment in Ukraine has become more acute and there is still no progress on a national preventive mechanism against torture | detail

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Press Conference on the Eve of International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

A press conference will be held at 13.30 on 23 June 2011 in Kyiv on torture and ill-treatment, and measures for countering them | detail

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Laying Down the Law

Convictions in Ukraine are often based on confessions. A photographer captures the moment of truth. | detail

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Another death in policy custody

A 59-year-old man died in the Khortytsa District Police Station on Wednesday during interrogation. The rather skimpy police report unfortunately mainly explains what crimes he was accused of and how many of the accusations, according to the report, had been proven. | detail

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Police lawlessness, torture and deaths in the Kharkiv region

In a damning article Timur Karadubov writes about police lawlessness in the Kharkiv region where in less than half a year there have been five deaths in police custody and three detainees have thrown themselves out of windows, or, conceivably, been pushed | detail

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Court hearings in Strogan case continue

Some promise in this shocking case involving charges of attempted murder laid after months during which Yakov Strogan publicly alleged police torture. The author of the sole “evidence”, a forensic examination produced two months later, is to be cross examined and other medical documents produced | detail

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Kryvy Rih Rector, Anatoly Temchenko’s torment not over

The court convicted the 68-year-old of bribe-taking and sentenced him to 5.5 years imprisonment. If the appeal fails, Mr Temchenko’s lawyer and his family fear that he will simply not live to serve it to the full | detail

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