Three police officers to be prosecuted over death of detainee

Three men are to be charged with grievous bodily injuries and exceeding their powers over the death in police custody of Yevhen Zvenigorodsky on 30 March this year | detail

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Human rights groups: Use of Torture has increased

Only a quarter of the victims dare to complain of unlawful violence from the police because they’re intimidated, or because they don’t believe that it will have a positive result | detail

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And another death in police custody

A 44-year-old detainee died on Monday 27 June in a Kharkiv temporary holding facility after being detained on Friday on suspicion of stealing a gas cylinder | detail

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Immunity has a Human Face

The case of Yakov Strogan whose arrest following his public allegations of torture by police officers is of enormous significance because of the lesson it is clearly trying to give others, and the very dangerous conclusions which will be drawn by certain police officers if justice does not prevail | detail

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Prosecutor General shown police weapons of torture

On Thursday human rights activists held a demonstration to mark International Day in Defence of Victims of Torture outside the Prosecutor General’s Office. They demonstrated modern weapons of torture which are used by Ukrainian police officers | detail

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26 June - International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

Over the last year and a half the situation with torture and ill-treatment in Ukraine has become more acute and there is still no progress on a national preventive mechanism against torture | detail

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Press Conference on the Eve of International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

A press conference will be held at 13.30 on 23 June 2011 in Kyiv on torture and ill-treatment, and measures for countering them | detail

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Laying Down the Law

Convictions in Ukraine are often based on confessions. A photographer captures the moment of truth. | detail

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Another death in policy custody

A 59-year-old man died in the Khortytsa District Police Station on Wednesday during interrogation. The rather skimpy police report unfortunately mainly explains what crimes he was accused of and how many of the accusations, according to the report, had been proven. | detail

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Police lawlessness, torture and deaths in the Kharkiv region

In a damning article Timur Karadubov writes about police lawlessness in the Kharkiv region where in less than half a year there have been five deaths in police custody and three detainees have thrown themselves out of windows, or, conceivably, been pushed | detail

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Court hearings in Strogan case continue

Some promise in this shocking case involving charges of attempted murder laid after months during which Yakov Strogan publicly alleged police torture. The author of the sole “evidence”, a forensic examination produced two months later, is to be cross examined and other medical documents produced | detail

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Kryvy Rih Rector, Anatoly Temchenko’s torment not over

The court convicted the 68-year-old of bribe-taking and sentenced him to 5.5 years imprisonment. If the appeal fails, Mr Temchenko’s lawyer and his family fear that he will simply not live to serve it to the full | detail

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Beatings in police custody turned into business

Aigul Mukanova from the Strategic Court Defence Centre reports that people are detained and have a confession beaten out of them for a crime they know nothing about. If the relatives come up with money the protocol of such a “confession” is ripped up | detail

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EU Must Act to Stop Police Killings in Ukraine

The EU must push the Ukrainian authorities to adopt the law on national preventive mechanism as soon as possible and provide financial support in setting up the scrutiny mechanism. Otherwise stories like those of Ihor Indylo and others will continue to be all too common | detail

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Ihor Indylo should have turned 21 on 18 May

Meetings have taken place in many parts of Ukraine in memory of a young student who died on the eve of his twentieth birthday, during the night from 17 to 18 May 2010. Ihor Indylo had committed no offence, went voluntarily to the police station. He died from head injuries and haemorrhaging | detail

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Treatment of Kryvy Rih Rector, Anatoly Temchenko, amounts to torture

Human rights activists believe that the treatment of Temchenko in the SIZO [pre-trial detention centre] is equivalent to torture since he is in a very bad state of health and needs specialized medical care | detail

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Remand prisoner who alleged torture commits suicide in Kharkiv SIZO

Serhiy Lytvyn had previously alleged that he had been tortured on a number of occasions both in the Kharkiv Department for Fighting Organized Crime [UBOZ] where he was taken for questioning and in the SIZO | detail

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Ukrainians more often tortured in police custody and prisons

Human rights activists and the relatives of victims assert that incidents of torture in prisons, SIZO [pre-trial detention centres] and police custody are becoming more common and the number of deaths there has doubled in the last year | detail

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Treatment and handcuffs are incompatible

The inhuman treatment of former Dean of the Kryvy Rih Technical University, Anatoly Temchenko is continuing | detail

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Ukraine guilty of torture and unlawful detention of Ivan Nechiporuk

On 21 April 2011 the European Court of Human Rights found, among others, violation of the prohibition against torture on account Ivan Nechniporuk’s having been tortured and of the lack of an effective investigation into his complaints in that respect; | detail

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