Bodily injuries were inflicted on legal ground, to refuse the medical aid

A man, who was beaten during the detention by the officers of the Severodonetsk town militia directorate on 10 June 2004 and is kept until now in the Rubezhnoye preliminary prison, cannot get the medical aid. | detail

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General Prosecutor’s office acknowledged that Goncharov was murdered in the preliminary prison

According to S. Rudenko, the head of the press-service of the General Prosecutor’s office, on 13 May the General Prosecutor’s office instituted the criminal case against the workers of preliminary prison No. 13 after the fact of misuse of powers, which resulted in Goncharov’s death. | detail

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Letter of the Lugansk branch of the VCU to the head of the Lugansk militia directorate

The letter by Oleksiy Svetikov, the head of the Lugansk oblast branch of the VCU, to head of the Lugansk militia directorate on the case of Valentin N. | detail

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«Gangsters» from the Lugansk militia

In January 2004 Valentin N., a well-known Lugansk doctor, was detained, beaten and robbed by a militia patrol. The uniformed criminals were punished only after the interference of the head of the militia directorate of the Lugansk oblast. | detail

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Training for advocates was held in Sevastopol

On 23-24 April the Kharkov group for human rights protection, jointly with the Sevastopol human rights protecting group, held the training for Sevastopol advocates “Practices of application of European standards of the protection from torture and the right for freedom in domestic juridical procedures”. | detail

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Arbitrary actions of militiamen discredit the entire executive power

A young man was brutally beaten by drunk militiamen | detail

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Letter from Piotr G.Kulinich, Donetsk, 7 February, 1997 son Victor P.Kulinich and his wife Tatiana N.Kulinich were detained by the officers of the region directorate of the MIA... | detail

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Letter from Zaporozhska oblast

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Kharkov group for human rights protection conducted in Kharkov the training “Practices of application of the European standards on the protection from torture and the right for liberty in national juridical procedures”

The training was held on 7-8 February in the framework of the project “Campaign against torture and cruel treatment in Ukraine”. | detail

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Yulia Timoshenko’s bloc against torture

MP Oleksandr Turchinov directed the deputy’s request to General Prosecutor of Ukraine Gennadiy Vasylyev and USS head Igor Smeshko about the application of torture to the members of Komsomol organization of Odessa | detail

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Press conference of the Sevastopol human rights protecting group

The goal of the conference was to tell about the project “The campaign against torture and cruel treatment in Ukraine”, to inform the public about the activities of the entire network during the period of report and to give the opportunity to journalists to communicate with relatives of the victims of cruel treatment. | detail

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Militia tortures children!

Militiamen of the Slavianoserbsk district precinct of the Lugansk oblast illegally detained and tortured two minors. Now the boys are staying in a hospital and the law-enforcers are doing their best to dodge the responsibility. | detail

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Prevention of torture and cruel treatment

The center of the professional aid to the victims of torture was created in the framework of the project "Campaign against torture and cruel treatment". The Center will finance the legal, medical and expert aid to the victims of torture, other forms of cruel treatment and violations of the right for liberty and personal immunity. | detail

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Epidemic of torture and cruel treatment during inquiry and investigation

Application of torture becomes more and more frequent in Ukraine. Fortunately, the power stopped to dissemble this terrible disgrace and tries to fight with it. | detail

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The state must investigate the facts of applying torture

The European Court of human rights took the decisions on two cases against Turkey connected with torture and cruel treatment of the incarcerated. The state was accused of the violation of the European Convention. | detail

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Incident in Yaremcha

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Who will protect us from… militia?

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Goncharov’s relatives will demand to punish the guilty of his death

The mother of Igor Goncharov, reckons that the investigating officers are guilty of the death of her son. The advocates are now compiling the necessary documents and are resolved to turn to the European Court. | detail

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Militiamen were condemned for violence

On 21 July the Sadgirskiy local court condemned three former officers of the Chernivtsy town militia precinct, who last year mutilated a young dweller of Chernivtsy. | detail

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Torture is a crime against humanity

The parents complained to the European Court of human rights against the inhumane upkeep conditions and unjust verdict. Ukraine was obliged to pay the compensation | detail

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