Moscow’s Kafkaesque ’Ukrainian Spy’ Cases

Two Ukrainian nationals, one elderly and in poor health, have been held in Russian detention now for almost a year on mystery spying charges. The degree of secrecy, intimidation and insistence that both men only see lawyers provided by the investigators arouse serious concern that the men’s nationality is the main ‘incriminating’ factor. | detail

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Arrest a Ukrainian – Russia’s Investigative Committee will do the rest

Serhiy Litvinov crossed the border into Russia to get treatment for an inflamed tooth, and found himself taken into a forest and tortured until he confessed to multiple crimes, allegedly ‘proving’ the Russian Investigative Committee’s accusations against Ukraine of ‘genocide of the Russian-speaking population’ and illegal warfare | detail

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Call for Action to Free Luhansk Journalist held Hostage for 5 Months

Maria Varfolomeyeva had remained in Luhansk after the Kremlin-backed militants seized control in order to care for her grandmother who was ill. The 30-year-old journalist was taken prisoner in early January and has now been held hostage longer than any journalist so far, and her captors keep changing the conditions for her release | detail

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‘Azov Battalion’ Show Trial brewing in Russian-occupied Crimea

A month after an alleged member of the ‘Azov’ Battalion was arrested in Crimea, the man remains unnamed, but the list of his supposed offences now includes an attack on a synagogue and on a mosque, as well as on the prosecutor’s office. Let’s hope the court learns his name since, according to Crimean Prosecutor Natalya Poklonskaya, this Mr ‘Azov fighter’ is facing a life sentence. | detail

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Desperate plea from Luhansk hostage facing 15-year ‘sentence’

30-year-old Luhansk journalist Maria Varfolomeyeva is clearly seen as a trophy by the Kremlin-backed militants. A new video of their terrorized captive, whom they are threatening with a ’trial’ and 15-year ’sentence’, has now been broadcast for propaganda purposes by Russia’s LifeNews TV channel. | detail

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Plans to abolish right of release on bail in certain cases condemned

Human rights groups have issued an open appeal in connection with legislative initiatives proposing to abolish the option of bail as a restraint measure. | detail

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Crimean rights activist detained

Emir-Usein Kuku, member of the Contact Group on Human Rights has been taken away after police arrived at his home in Yalta on Monday morning. He was read a decision stating that he is suspected of “inciting hatred or enmity, and also denigrating human dignity”. | detail

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Attack on Pro-Ukrainian Activist in Crimea

In just over a month Leonid Kuzmin has lost his job as a teacher, been sentenced to 40 hours community work and warned of ‘extremism’ for a Ukrainian flag. He has now faced an attack by young thugs which left him with concussion. | detail

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Luhansk militants hold journalist hostage, threaten 15-year ‘sentence’

There are echoes of the lawlessness demonstrated with respect to Nadiya Savchenko in the plight of Maria Varfolomeyeva, a young Luhansk journalist and civic activist who was taken hostage by Kremlin-backed militants of the so-called ‘Luhansk people’s republic’ [‘LNR’] at the beginning of the year. | detail

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Freed Ukrainian journalist says separatists ’being trained for an offensive’

Roman Cheremsky, Kharkiv journalist held for almost 5 months by Kremlin-backed militants talks of his experiences and expectation that the militants will eventually fail | detail

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Luhansk journalist freed after 5 months in captivity

Luhansk journalist and chief editor of the Internet public Polityka 2.0, Serhiy Sakadynsky is finally free after being held by Kremlin-backed militants from the self-proclaimed ‘Luhansk people’s republic’ | detail

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Kharkiv journalist among released hostages; hundreds remain in captivity

Immense relief for the 150 Ukrainian soldiers and civilians released by the Kremlin-backed militants is marred by ongoing concern for the minimum 534 people still in captivity, many ‘arrested’ on the basis of ‘denunciations’ like those in the worst Soviet times. | detail

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Couple abducted by separatists, lives at risk

Please join Amnesty International’s urgent action for the release of a married couple abducted by armed men on 30 November in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Their whereabouts are unknown, and their lives are in danger. | detail

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Missing, believed denounced: hundreds held prisoner by Kremlin-backed militants

The Soviet echoes in the prevailing atmosphere of fear and intimidation in Donbas are most chillingly seen in the widespread use of ‘denunciations’ with accusations as empty, but potentially fatal as in Stalin’s times. | detail

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No evidence of real investigation into disappearance of Crimean activists

Any formal ‘investigations’ do not conceal the fact that the Crimean investigators have done nothing to find the missing activists | detail

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Journalist in captivity for 100 days

Luhansk journalist and chief editor of the Internet public Polityka 2.0, Serhiy Sakadynsky, held by the Kremlin-backed militants for 100 days, has been moved from a basement in Luhansk to Krasny Luch | detail

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Another young Crimean Tatar has disappeared

29-year-old Usein Seitnabiyev from Feodosiya has been missing since Oct 21. There may be a simple explanation, but coming after a series of abductions and disappearances of young, male Crimean Tatars, concern is understandably high | detail

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Abducted street artist Serhiy Zakharov tells of detention and torture

Tracked down and captured by the Kremlin-backed militants his street installations mocked in early August, Zakharov says that his captors fractured his left and right ribs and threatened him with execution three times | detail

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Donbas SOS activist still held by Kremlin-backed militants

Olexandr Kudinov is only one of many hostages currently held by the militants but his imprisonment is a particularly blow since Kudinov has himself been instrumental in rescuing hundreds of people from the area of conflict. | detail

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Two Crimean Tatar students disappear in the Crimea

Update: There are entirely divergent reports emerging in the media, all saying that one of the young men - Belyal Bilyavov - has been found dead, but varying radically as to the cause of death. A full update will be provided as soon as possible | detail

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