Ukrainian Journalist Details Her 419 Days In Separatist Captivity

The separatists would tell Maria Varfolomeyeva that she had "resort conditions" in her captivity. "As if, when you don’t get beaten up, that’s a resort," she said. | detail

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Luhansk journalist Maria Varfolomeyeva freed after 14 months captivity

Kremlin-backed militants have finally released Maria Varfolomeyeva, the Luhansk journalist held hostage since Jan 2015. She was exchanged for a Russian soldier and a civilian, and is now safely on government-controlled territory. | detail

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Militants again refuse to release Luhansk journalist Maria Varfolomeyeva

Kremlin-backed militants in the Luhansk oblast had promised to release 31-year-old Maria Varfolomeyeva on Feb 26, but yet again failed to do so. The Luhansk journalist who has been held hostage since for 13 months is said to be in a very bad physical and psychological state. | detail

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Kremlin-backed militants drive out another vital aid charity as ’western spies’

Marina Cherenkova has been released after nearly a month imprisoned and ’deported’, with her vital ’Responsible Citizens NGO effectively accused of being a cover for western security services. There is no news about renowned religious specialist Ihor Kozlovsky taken prisoner a few days earlier | detail

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FSB armed terror, torture & lawlessness against Crimean Muslims

Armed searches are continuing in Russian-occupied Crimea with torture methods used against at least one Crimean Tatar. More details have also emerged of the four Crimean Muslims remanded in custody, though none that could possibly explain their arrest. The wife of the sole non-Crimean Tatar assumes that her husband is under arrest so that the occupation authorities can say they’re not targeting Crimean Tatars | detail

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Donbas militants could sentence Ukrainian hostages to death for ’spying’

The first official ‘death penalty’ in the so-called ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ [‘DNR’] was announced on Feb 12, following new seizures of civilians, such as 60-year-old academic Ihor Kozlovsky and assertions that the Kremlin-backed militants are not holding hostages, only people accused of ‘crimes’ who could face the death penalty | detail

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Crimean Tatar Rights Activist & 3 others jailed on Russian-style ’terrorism’ charges

A court in Russian-occupied Simferopol has remanded in custody four Crimean Muslims, including Emir-Huseyn Kuku from the Crimean Contact Group on Human Rights. The court hearings coincided with a second day of armed searches specifically of Crimean Tatar homes. | detail

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New Attack on Crimean Tatar Muslims in Russian-occupied Crimea

Four Crimean Tatars, including Emir Huseyn Kuku, a member of the Crimean Contact Group on Human Rights, remain in custody after a day in which the Russian FSB and OMON riot police carried out at least eleven armed searches of Crimean Tatar Muslim homes and detained 12 people.   Fears that Russia is fabricating a new ‘terrorism’ case have now been confirmed | detail

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Kremlin-backed militants prove nobody is safe in Donbas

While 60-year-old religious scholar Ihor Kozlovsky and the coordinator of a volunteer initiative Marina Cherenkova remain imprisoned by Kremlin-backed militants in Donetsk, Cherenkova’s fellow volunteers have been forcibly removed from militant-controlled territory. | detail

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What Minsk Accord? Luhansk journalist held hostage by Kremlin-backed militants for 12 months

11 months after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s agreement in Minsk that all prisoners must be released, the Kremlin-backed militants are continuing to hold a number of prisoners, including many civilians, like 31-year-old Luhansk journalist Maria Varfolomeyeva. | detail

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Disappearances and Groups at Risk in Russian-Occupied Crimea

Islam Dzhepparov was just 19 when he and his cousin were abducted in Crimea on Sept 27, 2014. It was his 20th birthday on Nov 13 – if he is still alive. Civic activist Timur Shaimardanov was 33 when he disappeared on May 26 2014, after peaceful protest against Russia’s annexation of Crimea. | detail

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Evangelical pastor taken hostage by Kremlin-backed militants

Taras Sen, Pastor of the Church of the Christian Evangelical Faith in Sverdlovsk, was seized by militants from the so-called Luhansk people’s republic on Sept 27 | detail

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Journalist held hostage by Kremlin-backed militants for 9 months

Earlier threats against Maria Varfolomeyeva of a ’trial’ similar to that which Russia is orchestrating against Nadiya Savchenko, seem to have subsided, but there is still no progress on obtaining her release, with the negotiations having been disrupted for a tragic reason earlier this year. | detail

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Jailed in Russian-occupied Crimea for a Ukrainian flag

A young man has been jailed for 15 days for supposed breach of the peace early in the morning on Ukraine’s Independence Day when he and another young man and woman were only trying to photograph themselves with a Ukrainian flag on Mount Mitridat in the centre of Kerch. | detail

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7 months in Kremlin-backed militant captivity: "You expect to die every day"

Crimean Tatar volunteer Gaide Rizayeva spoke in a Radio Svoboda interview of the terrible uncertainty and lawlessness of the long months held hostage by militants, and of her belief that Crimea will again be Ukrainian. If nothing else works, she and other Crimean Tatars will be willing to take up arms to liberate their homeland, she says. | detail

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Ukrainian swimmer flees persecution in Crimea: “It’s worse than Soviet times!”

Sevastopol marathon swimmer Oleg Sofyanik has decided to stay in mainland Ukraine after being summoned for questioning about another Ukrainian, Yury Ilchenko who is in detention, seemingly for an article opposing Russia’s occupation of Crimea. | detail

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Ukrainian teacher arrested in Crimea on ‘extremism’ charges

37-year-old Yury Ilchenko was arrested on July 2 and remains in detention almost certainly over an article condemning Russia’s annexation of Crimea and calling for an end to Russia’s war against Ukraine. This, in Russian-occupied Crimea, can earn you criminal prosecution for so-called ‘extremism’. | detail

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Moscow’s Kafkaesque ’Ukrainian Spy’ Cases

Two Ukrainian nationals, one elderly and in poor health, have been held in Russian detention now for almost a year on mystery spying charges. The degree of secrecy, intimidation and insistence that both men only see lawyers provided by the investigators arouse serious concern that the men’s nationality is the main ‘incriminating’ factor. | detail

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Arrest a Ukrainian – Russia’s Investigative Committee will do the rest

Serhiy Litvinov crossed the border into Russia to get treatment for an inflamed tooth, and found himself taken into a forest and tortured until he confessed to multiple crimes, allegedly ‘proving’ the Russian Investigative Committee’s accusations against Ukraine of ‘genocide of the Russian-speaking population’ and illegal warfare | detail

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Call for Action to Free Luhansk Journalist held Hostage for 5 Months

Maria Varfolomeyeva had remained in Luhansk after the Kremlin-backed militants seized control in order to care for her grandmother who was ill. The 30-year-old journalist was taken prisoner in early January and has now been held hostage longer than any journalist so far, and her captors keep changing the conditions for her release | detail

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