Prosecutor criticizes infringements by the Vinnytsa region MIA and Penal Department

The Vinnytsa Region Prosecutor’s office reports infringements in holding detained individuals, convicted prisoners, and those remanded in custody. | detail

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Over the last year Ukrainians have become three times as likely to complain to human rights groups about the actions of law enforcement officers

This new interactive textbook "Human Rights and the Police", to be piloted in September, should provide practical guidance and training for future police officers on how to treat people they detain | detail

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Court decision on illegal detention

The Ordzhonikidzevskiy district court of Kharkiv considered the complaint of advocate G. Tokarev against the detention of his client. The detention was acknowledged to be illegal. The court resolution is accompanied with the KhG commentary | detail

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Appeal to the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada

The Ukrainian Helsinki union protests against persecution of opposition and use of law enforcement organs as a tool for the political struggle. | detail

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Militia colonel has found another victim?

Public activists are persecuted and beaten by law-enforcers in Kharkiv. | detail

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Students are detained without explanations.

Three men turned to the Podilskiy center of human rights, who asked to protect their rights in connection with the cases of violation by militiamen of the prohibition to collect information about a person without his/her consent. | detail

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On 21 June 2004 the Appeal court of the Crimean Republic issued the decision, which would become a precedent in the sphere of application of administrative arrest

The decision concerns one of the most neglected spheres of right: detention for the commitment of an administrative offence | detail

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Violent disappearances in Byelorussia, the Russian Federation and Ukraine – the community can stop them!

On 17-18 June the international public hearings “Violent disappearances in Byelorussia, Russian Federation and Ukraine” were conducted in the conference hall of the Supreme Rada in Kyiv. | detail

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Campaign concerning the brutal violations of human rights in the case of O. Nechaev

The appeal of the Kharkov group for human rights protection to the state agencies of Ukraine about the case of A. Nechaev. | detail

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How to “justify” an illegal detention?

Ukrainian laws on detention are imperfect: the case of Alushta mayor Aleksey Nechaev. | detail

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