UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention concludes visit to Ukraine

While welcoming positive measures, the Working Group still expressed concern over access to justice by detainees; repeated reports of abuse and torture in particular at the crucial stage of initial arrest and detention, and others | detail

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Head of a Regional Department for Fighting Organized Crime dismissed over the death of a detainee

The dismissal of Mykola Sych follows the initiation of a criminal investigation into the death in Prytuky of Serhiy Kuntsevsky while in police custody | detail

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How Ukraine is protecting its citizens against torture

or what has been done to implement the Optional Protocol against Torture. Two years on, very little, unfortunately, although the mobile groups visiting police places of detention have proved their value | detail

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First suspects identified over the death of a man detained in custody

The Chernihiv Regional Prosecutor has reported that a criminal investigation has been initiated against three officers and a lower-ranking employee of the Chernihiv Regional Department for Fighting Organized Crime in Prytuky | detail

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Detained man dies under suspicious circumstances in police custody

A criminal investigation has been launched after a 39-year-old died after being detained by police officers in Prytyky. | detail

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Out on bail for a million

130 people were released on bail last year, with a record 4 million UAH being paid | detail

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Two men imprisoned following confessions made under duress awarded 1 million UAH in compensation

The court awarded damages over the unlawful actions of detective inquiry and criminal investigation bodies, the prosecutor’s office and the court | detail

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Innocent Luhansk resident spent more than three years in prison

Serhiy Lesnyak is now seeking compensation from the State after a mistake made by the criminal investigation unit, the prosecutor’s office and the court cost him 3 years and 4 months wrongful imprisonment | detail

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Welcome to the Rule of Law!

Court terminates criminal investigation against civic activist Vladim Hladchuk | detail

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Vadim Hladchuk released

A first victory at appeal level in this case which has sparked concern among human rights defenders that some old and decidedly rotten tactics might be returning | detail

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The Same “No!” to old tactics

A young civic activist calling for transparency in Ukraine’s Tender Chamber activities has been remanded in custody on suspicion of committing a crime two years ago, few of the specific details of which have been revealed. Not surprisingly, human rights defenders are sounding alarm bells | detail

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The officers somewhat excelled themselves

This week the Kyiv Appeal Court passed sentence in the case involving the abduction of journalist Oleksy Podolsky. Those who carried out the crime which bears much in common with the abduction and murder of Georgy Gongadze, were sentenced to three years imprisonment. | detail

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Court declares Lutsenko a “free man”

The Podilsky District Court in Kyiv has suspended the criminal investigation by the Prosecutor General against the leader of the civic movement “Narodna samooborona” [“People’s Self-Defence”] in order to ascertain the legitimacy of the grounds for launching such an investigation.. | detail

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Yevhen Zakharov: There are grounds for assuming political motives over the situation with Lutsenko

Following the inexplicable search carried out by the prosecutor’s office today of the home of Yury Lutsenko, leader of the civic movement “Narodna samooborona” [“People’s Self-Defence”], human rights defenders are concerned that the actions being taken may have political grounds | detail

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Attempt on the life of Natalya Kovalyova

The Head of the review commission of the Federal national-cultural autonomy “Ukrainians in Russia”, Natalya Kovalyova, was brutally assaulted in Tula | detail

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Prosecutor criticizes infringements by the Vinnytsa region MIA and Penal Department

The Vinnytsa Region Prosecutor’s office reports infringements in holding detained individuals, convicted prisoners, and those remanded in custody. | detail

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Over the last year Ukrainians have become three times as likely to complain to human rights groups about the actions of law enforcement officers

This new interactive textbook "Human Rights and the Police", to be piloted in September, should provide practical guidance and training for future police officers on how to treat people they detain | detail

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Court decision on illegal detention

The Ordzhonikidzevskiy district court of Kharkiv considered the complaint of advocate G. Tokarev against the detention of his client. The detention was acknowledged to be illegal. The court resolution is accompanied with the KhG commentary | detail

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Appeal to the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada

The Ukrainian Helsinki union protests against persecution of opposition and use of law enforcement organs as a tool for the political struggle. | detail

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Militia colonel has found another victim?

Public activists are persecuted and beaten by law-enforcers in Kharkiv. | detail

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