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Ukrainian imprisoned for 4 years over child murder that sparked shocking anti-Roma riots has an alibi

A second forensic test has confirmed that Mykhailo Chebotar has an alibi for when he is accused of murdering an eight-year-old child. The young man has been in custody since his arrest in August 2016 was used as a pretext for shocking anti-Roma riots in Loshchynivka (Odesa oblast). | detail

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Ukrainian political prisoner: “I didn’t come to Moscow on a tank. You came to me in Crimea”

Russia’s FSB have accused 63-year-old Oleh Prykhodko of planning serious terrorist attacks, yet they stopped searching his two garages after ‘finding’ explosives in the first garage and saw no need to check why the phone Prykhodko used was registered in somebody else’s name | detail

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Court in Ukraine revoke’s Yanukovych’s arrest warrant over Maidan killings

The Kyiv Court of Appeal has revoked an arrest warrant against former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych over charges linked with the gunning down of peaceful protesters on Maidan in February 2014 | detail

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Police summons for Briton who criticized Sheremet murder case as Avakov’s ‘public show’

Three weeks after Glen Grant wrote a highly critical open letter to Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, the British military man received a formal summons for questioning | detail

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Ukrainian soldier Vitaly Markiv acquitted and freed in Italy!

The nightmare for the young Ukrainian soldier which began on 30 June 2017 is over, but questions should certainly be asked in Italy about he ever came to be arrested and held in custody for three and a half years | detail

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Dangerous offensive against lawyer defending Crimean Tatar political prisoners

The formal complaint aimed at getting disciplinary measures brought against Lilya Hemedzhi, and potentially stripping her of her licence, is an attack on all lawyers who properly defend their clients in the political trials that Russia has brought to occupied Crimea . | detail

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Viktor Lozinsky, the ex-MP convicted of murder, wins in local elections in Ukraine

While popular support for a person convicted of murder is certainly baffling, other questions are at least as pertinent, not least how Viktor Lozinsky was freed after serving a very small part of his sentence. His case contrasts dramatically to those of a number of prisoners whose life sentences arouse well-founded doubts | detail

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Ukrainian life sentence – because they needed to arrest somebody

14 years after a Lviv schoolgirl was killed when a bomb exploded under a local politician’s car, an innocent man is serving a life sentence for the crime, and at least two of the men involved in convicting him have received promotions in post-Maidan Ukraine | detail

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Zelensky’s ‘survey – legally questionable and cynically populist

Ukrainians will be asked to do two things on 25 October: to vote in local elections and to take part in a highly dubious ‘questionnaire’ initiated by President Zelensky with five unrelated questions | detail

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Ukraine takes vital step towards trial in absentia of suspected Maidan mass killers

The Svyatoshynsky District Court in Kyiv has declared as fugitives three former Berkut officers accused of mass murder during the Maidan protests | detail

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Zelensky’s dangerous judicial reform bill puts Ukraine on collision course with IMF and EU

The Council of Europe’s authoritative Venice Commission gave a pretty damning assessment of major elements in President Volodymyr Zelensky’s judicial reform bill last week, although many Ukrainians might be forgiven for thinking the opposite was true. | detail

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Over 10 thousand Ukrainians demand that Zelensky dissolves corruption-tainted Kyiv court

The President is the only person able to table a draft bill to dissolve a court which has lost any credibility following judicial corruption scandals and an endless stream of highly dubious rulings | detail

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International human rights defenders find critical failings in Italy’s trial & 24-year sentence of Ukrainian soldier Markiv

The independent investigation has highlighted such critical issues as the failure to consider the legal status of the military conflict in Donbas in May 2014 and legitimate doubts about much of the testimony which formed the grounds for the shocking 24-year sentence imposed on Markiv | detail

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Appeal begins in Italy against shocking 24-year sentence of Ukrainian soldier Vitaly Markiv

The Milan Court of Appeal has begun hearings into Ukrainian soldier Vitaly Markiv’s appeal against his 24-year sentence for a tragic death in crossfire that he could not have had anything to do with | detail

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‘More doubts than evidence’ in child murder case that triggered shocking Loshchynivka anti-Roma riot

Four years after the arrest of a young Roma man was used as a pretext for forcing Roma families to flee Loshchynivka in the Odesa oblast, there seem more and more grounds for doubting that Mykhailo Chebotar had anything to do with the murder of eight-year-old Angelina | detail

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More than 9 death sentences imposed in unrecognized Russian proxy Donbas ‘republic’

Such ‘sentences’ are of immense concern given the effective violation of all fundamental principles of the right to a fair trial in the Russian proxy ‘republics’ | detail

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Vital evidence proves that Ukrainian soldier Markiv had nothing to do with Italian journalist’s death

Investigative experiments and forensic tests in Ukraine have demonstrated the lack of any grounds for the conviction in Italy and horrific 24-year sentence of Ukrainian National Guard soldier Vitaly Markiv over the 2014 death of Italian photojournalist Andrea Rocchelli | detail

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Jailed 62-year-old Ukrainian charged with planning to force Russia out of Crimea with a Molotov cocktail

It is quite possible that the implausibility and falsification of evidence against Oleh Prykhodko are deliberately brazen, sending a warning to others who express pro-Ukrainian views of what they can expect if they don’t leave Crimea. | detail

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Ukrainian justice based on false police reports: From Maidan to former Kremlin political prisoner

After five years as a political prisoner in Russia, Oleksandr Kolchenko has been sentenced by a Ukrainian court to 40 hours of community work on the basis of false police protocols which the judge chose to believe | detail

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Yulia Kuzmenko released from detention as ‘proof’ of involvement in Sheremet murder increasingly in question

Kyiv’s Court of Appeal has released Yulia Kuzmenko into 24-hour house arrest seven months after the paediatric surgeon and military volunteer was arrested and remanded in custody, accused of involvement in the 2016 murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet | detail

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