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Ukraine taken to European Court over Sheremet murder trial by press conference

Andriy Antonenko asserts that his right to a fair trial has been gravely violated, among other things by the public pronouncements made at a press briefing attended by the President, Prosecutor General, Interior Minister and Head of Police | detail

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Shock acquittal of Ukrainian judge involved in persecuting Maidan activists

Oksana Tsarevych has been acquitted by a Kyiv court of knowingly passing wrongful rulings during the Euromaidan protests when she stripped at least four Automaidan activists of their driving licences | detail

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Ex-Kremlin hostage Sentsov calls out Zelensky over flagrant violations in Sheremet case

Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov has addressed a hard-hitting letter to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over the high-profile arrests of three military volunteers on charges linked with the murder in 2016 of journalist Pavel Sheremet | detail

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Prison problems. Old cases of people sentenced to life imprisonment is the legacy of the past – of the Soviet Union

We are in the position that the Ukrainian authorities will pay attention to the problems of the country’s penitentiary system, and the state will make it so the citizens of Ukraine, wherever they are, always protect their rights and freedoms. | detail

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Russian FSB stopped searching pro-Ukraine Crimean’s home when they ‘found’ planted explosives

62-year-old Oleh Prykhodko was thrown out of his own ‘trial’ on 9 June. The Ukrainian’s tirade against the FSB ‘prosecution witness’ was undoubtedly full of foul language, however there are strong grounds for taking his allegation against this key ‘witness’ very seriously. | detail

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People from “different planets”. Could a pastor be a killer?

Blessed Augustine in the 4th century AD noted that a state without fair justice is not a state, but a gang of robbers! Although this truth is old, it is still relevant today. | detail

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Ukrainian poet placed in detention as scapegoat over deaths in tragic Odesa fire

Well-known writers and public figures have publicly expressed concern over the arrest and detention of Odesa poet, Andriy Khayetsky on bizarre charges linked with a tragic fire in a college on 4 December 2019. | detail

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Crucial tests in Donbas should overturn Italy’s 24-year sentence against Ukrainian soldier Markiv

A group of Ukrainian forensic experts are in Sloviansk in the Donetsk oblast to carry out important investigative experiments linked with the death of two journalists exactly six years ago and the charges Italy brought against Ukrainian soldier Vitaly Markiv over the deaths | detail

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Radical shift in high-profile charges over killing of journalist Pavel Sheremet in Ukraine

There has been a significant change in the charges against the three suspects six months after a press briefing, at which President Zelensky, Interior Minister Avakov and the Prosecutor General made a mockery of the presumption of innocence | detail

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Ukrainian court ignores Geneva Convention in worrying sentence against former POW

Ivan Beziazykov is facing a 13-year sentence imposed by a Ukrainian court although all the actions he is accused of fall under the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war, which Ukraine is a party to | detail

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Lawyers and civic activists condemn 13-year treason sentence for former Ukrainian POW

A court in Kyiv has sentenced former Ukrainian military intelligence officer Ivan Beziazykov to a huge 13-year sentence on charges which well-known lawyers and rights activists believe have not been proven | detail

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Ukrainian police search home of lawyer criticizing controversial Sheremet murder arrests

Police have searched the home of Leonid Maslov, a Kharkiv lawyer and war veteran, who has been strongly critical of the investigation into the murder of Pavel Sheremet in July 2016. | detail

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EU silent while Poland seeks criminal prosecution of judge defending independent judiciary

Igor Tuleya, one of the most courageous judges speaking out against the current Polish government’s attack on the judiciary is threatened with criminal charges that could carry a three-year prison sentence | detail

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Kyiv court refuses to detain ex-officer accused of killing & wounding unarmed Maidan activists

Former Omega special force officer Volodymyr Kosenko, who is accused of killing one Maidan activist and wounding another, has been placed under house arrest | detail

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Markiv Trial: Film finds witnesses, Russian propaganda & answers to vital questions the Italian prosecutor didn’t ask

A documentary on the prosecution of Ukrainian soldier Vitaly Markiv over the death at the beginning of the war in Donbas of Italian photojournalist Andrea Rocchelli has presented revealing interviews with key witnesses whom the Italian prosecutor did not attempt to find | detail

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Two suspected Maidan killers return to Ukraine, claiming they’re victims of persecution

Two of the five former Berkut officers suspected of mass shootings on 20 February 2014 have apparently returned to Kyiv, after being released as part of the 29 December 2019 exchange of prisoners | detail

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Crimean Tatar activist confirms he gave absurd ‘confessions’ under torture

55-year-old Yunus Masharipov has told a Russian-controlled court in Yalta that he was tortured into ‘confessing’ on video to crimes he never committed | detail

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Ukraine’s leaders further jeopardize suspected Maidan killers’ trial as Russia uses freed suspects for propaganda

In releasing five suspect Maidan killers in the 29 December 2019, Ukraine’s leaders also gave Russia potent ammunition for its propaganda war against Ukraine | detail

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Investigator involved in Ukraine’s most notorious miscarriage of justice appointed to top prosecutor post

Roman Sharko, the investigator responsible for Volodymyr Panasenko being sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime nobody ever believed he had committed is only one signature away from a managerial post in the Prosecutor General’s Office | detail

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Russia claims Ukraine promised to terminate the trial of suspected Maidan killers freed in prisoner exchange

This directly contradicts what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Prosecutor General Ruslan Riaboshapka have claimed, and clarity from them on what exactly was agreed is urgently required | detail

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