Odessa EuroMaidan blocks attempt to sabotage law on cleaning up judiciary

On Wednesday EuroMaidan activists blocked all entrances to the Odessa Law Academy where they had reason to believe a secret congress of law institutes had been called by Serhiy Kivalov to surreptitiously vote in their members to the High Council of Justice | detail

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Crucial law on judicial overhaul passed

A victory was achieved on Tuesday with the adoption by parliament of draft Law No. 4378-1 which, among other things, will lead to a totally new makeup of judicial administrative bodies which were gravely compromised under the Yanukovych regime | detail

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Ivashchenko “cleared” by the same judges who convicted him

On April 4 former Acting Defence Minister Valeriy Ivashchenko’s convictions were quashed by the same judges - Serhiy Vovk; Oksana Tsarevych; and Volodymyr Karavan – who sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment in 2012 | detail

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Maidan activists stop questionable congress of judges

Civic activists succeeded on Monday in preventing an extraordinary congress of judges which was almost certainly planning to vote in new members in advance of the law aimed at cleaning up Ukraine’s seriously compromised judiciary | detail

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Olaolu Femi: Suspended sentence for defending himself

The verdict passed on April 1 in the trial of Nigerian student Olaolu Femi could have been worse, but should have been better. The former student of Luhansk Medical University received a five year suspended sentence with a three year probation period | detail

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Creating a trustworthy judiciary

Revolutions most often fail because only the faces in power change. This was the fate of the 2004 Orange Revolution, and a pressing imperative now is to ensure that the same thing does not happen again. On a draft law proposing lustration of judges - its scope, failings and likely dangers | detail

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Justice at long last in the Zaporizhya Church bomb case ("Справа паламарів")

Three young men are to be released under the amnesty law for political prisoners after spending almost 4 years in custody charged with a crime that nobody believes they committed. The first young man was taken into custody the morning after President Yanukovych on nationwide TV demanded arrests within the week | detail

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Two men charged over 2012 Dnipropetrovsk bomb blasts released

In a very welcome move, a Dnipropetrovsk district court has released two men held in custody for two years in connection with the 2012 bomb blasts in the centre of Dnipropetrovsk which injured around 30 people | detail

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Evidence disappears in Dnipropetrovsk terrorism trial

The lawyer of Lev Prosvirnin, one of two men charged, very controversially, with being accomplices in the bomb blasts in Dnipropetrovsk on April 27, 2012, reports that vital evidence is missing | detail

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Review of flawed Zaporizhya Church bomb case is vital

Please endorse an appeal for a review of the case of three young men sentenced to long prison terms over the Zaporizhya Church bomb. Nobody believed them guilty, everybody – that they were “doomed” because of Viktor Yanukovych’s role in their arrest | detail

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Parliament frees some judicial victims, ignores others

Ukraine’s new leaders have passed a decree releasing not only people facing prosecution over the last three months’ protests as political prsioners, but also the Vasilkiv “terrorist” prisoners and the Pavlychenko father and son. Other cases, no less worrying, have unfortunately not been included | detail

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Viktor Smaliy remains in detention on farcical charges

Road Control lawyer,Viktor Smaliy has not been released under the so-called ’amnesty laws’ although the charges against him seem deliberately aimed at sending a message to lawyers defending peaceful protesters, as well as part of a general campaign against the civic watchdog Road Control | detail

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Attempts underway to reinstate repressive Jan 16 laws

The latest bill trying to sneak in the retrograde norms of the Jan 16 laws comes with formidable patrons, including the president, Viktor Yanukovych and claims to be about ‘safeguarding judges’ independence” | detail

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Winners and losers from compliance with ’hostage law’

There are already concerns regarding prosecutions the ‘hostage law’ will NOT cover, and deep frustration that Berkut and the authorities’ impunity for grave rights infringements have been effectively accepted | detail

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Slain Judge used for cynical anti-Maidan propaganda

IWith no particular justification but maximum efforts by the Interior Ministry, it is probably not surprising that even media outside Ukraine have linked the murder of a Ukrainian judge with the anti-government EuroMaidan protests | detail

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Legal aid initiative for EuroMaidan activists

A legal aid contact post has been opened in Ukrainsky Dim [Ukraine House] on European Square in Kyiv. Its aim is to provide assistance to EuroMaidan activists, in particular those whose rights have been violated by the authorities, including the police | detail

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Ongoing dodgy methods used to take away activists’ driving licenses

At least one of the judges (Oksana Tsarevych) now stripping journalists and AutoMaidan activists of their licenses on the basis of falsified documentation has previously been involved in the politically motivated trials of Tymoshenko and Lutsenko | detail

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Ruling majority takes hostages through new “amnesty law”

According to the version proposed by the president’s representative in parliament, EuroMaidan protesters must first vacate government buildings, roads etc, and only then will people in detention over the protests be released. If they don’t vacate them within 15 days, the deal is off. | detail

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Two Bankova Prisoners released

While excellent that Yaroslav Prytulenko and Volodymyr Kadura have been freed, Dzyndzya and Smaliy remain in custody, and the number of Hrushevsky St Prisoners is increasing. Those cases are no less dubious | detail

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First “Hrushevsky Prisoners”

Three EuroMaidan activists – musician and film festival organizer Dmytro Moskalets, poet Yukhim Dyshkant and economic researcher Artur Kovalchuk have been remanded in custody for 2 months in court hearings bearing an ominous resemblance to those concerning the Bankova Prisoners | detail

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