Crimean ‘terrorist plot’ suspect in Russian psychiatric ward

Alexei Chirny, one of the four Crimeans known for their opposition to Russia’s annexation of the Crimea and now facing extremely dubious ‘terrorist charges’ in Moscow, has written a letter seemingly from a psychiatric ward within the Butyrka pre-trial detention centre asking for the Ukrainian consul to come and see him | detail

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Repressive laws adopted in “fight against terrorism”

Moscow’s undeclared, yet ever more aggressive war against Ukraine was launched because Ukrainians had upheld their right to European integration. Ukraine’s parliament must not sabotage that integration through appallingly repressive laws. | detail

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Call to veto unconstitutional bill extending Prosecutor’s powers

A draft bill passed on Aug 12 will, if signed by the President, allow the Prosecutor to authorize searches, detention, wiretapping and other activities linked with criminal investigation. | detail

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Important acquittal due to police and prosecution infringements

A Mykolaiv court has found a person not guilty of supplying cannabis, with the ruling passed because of the infringements at investigation level made by both the police and the prosecutor. | detail

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Moscow Court refuses to release Oleg Sentsov

The prominent Ukrainian film critic will have been in custody for six months on ‘terrorist’ charges which are widely believed to be politically motivated. All four people accused of this alleged ‘plot’ were involved in peaceful opposition to Russia’s occupation of the Crimea. | detail

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Russian TV helps prosecution in Nadiya Savchenko case

Russia has thus far proven unable to credibly explain how Nadiya Savchenko came to be in Russian detention and to be charged with involvement in the deaths of a Russian journalist and cameraman. It is instead applying dubious tactics to ensure that the questions are either not asked, or not heard. Not for the first time, Russian TV has been assigned a key role. | detail

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FSB on the hunt for new ‘suspects’ in the Sentsov ‘terrorism’ case

Russia’s FSB has issued summonses to the heads of the Karman Art Centre whom they suspect of involvement in what they claim was a terrorist conspiracy organized by renowned Crimean film director Oleg Sentsov. The FSB seems to find first aid courses particularly ‘suspicious’. | detail

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Nadiya Savchenko appeal hearing due on July 25

It is likely that Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko will not be allowed to attend the hearing, perhaps to avoid her describing how she was forced into Russia after being captured by Kremlin-backed militants | detail

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Russian court recognizes ‘Donetsk & Luhansk People’s Republics’

The Russian court order for Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko’s arrest refers to the Donbas region of Ukraine as the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republic. This is only one of the staggering demonstrations of contempt for domestic and international law in the case involving the abduction and ‘trial’ of a Ukrainian officer | detail

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Nadiya Savchenko confirms she was taken to Russia by force (updated)

Russia is using its standard tactics including attempts to foist its lawyer onto the case of Nadiya Savchenko and put pressure on her family. Meanwhile the European Court of Human Rights has given the case priority status and asked Russia questions regarding how the Ukrainian pilot taken prisoner by militants in Ukraine came to be in Russian detention | detail

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Russia is claiming that Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov ‘automatically’ received the Russian citizenship he opposed, that Ukrainian officer Nadiya Savchenko, abducted by Kremlin-backed militants, somehow just appeared in Russia. And if that were not enough, the Russian Foreign Ministry asserts that it’s Ukrainian troops who are shooting at Russia. ’  | detail

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Famous accordion-player sentenced to 13 years

Ihor Zavadsky has been convicted of sexual crimes against minors and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. The trial was behind close doors which is regrettable given concerns over the case following his arrest in March 2012 | detail

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The Savchenko Case shows Russia in tandem with militants

Should anybody have doubted the close ties between the Russian authorities and pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukraine, Nadiya Savchenko, a military officer taken prisoner and paraded as a ‘trophy’ by militants three weeks ago is now facing prosecution on dubious charges in Russia | detail

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Oleg Sentsov’s detention extended again

Despite absolutely no evidence to substantiate terrorism charges against Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov, a court in Moscow has ordered that he remain in detention till October 11. | detail

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Nikita Mikhalkov also calls for Oleg Sentsov’s release

The charges against 38-year-old Oleg Sentsov, a renowned Ukrainian film director from the Crimea and solo father of two, are preposterous. So too, however, are the charges against three other Crimeans, all known for their peaceful opposition to Russia’s annexation of the Crimea. Attention to this apparent attempt at a Crimean ’terrorist’ show trial is vital | detail

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High Court finds dismissal of Yanukovych’s Constitutional Court head unlawful

On Wednesday the High Administrative Court allowed the suit brought by Viacheslav Ovcharenko against his dismissal in February by a parliamentary resolution | detail

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Scandalous release of ex-MP convicted murderer could accelerate court reform

A day after it was learned that Viktor Lozinsky, the former MP sentenced only 3 years ago to 15 years for murder had been released early, President Poroshenko has called the release “a diagnosis of the critical state of the judicial system” and ordered that a working group consider speeding up reforms | detail

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Ex-MP Lozinsky released from murder sentence ‘on health grounds’

The murder and Lozinsky’s trial received huge publicity at the time, and the announcement of his release on Wednesday also received wide coverage. Early release on health grounds is provided for by legislation, but relatively seldom granted | detail

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Prominent film directors express concern over FSB prosecution of Oleg Sentsov

A number of prominent film directors including Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Zanussi, Ken Loach and others have endorsed a letter from the European Film Academy in defence of Oleg Sentsov | detail

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Sentsov: My country, for whose freedom I fought, will not abandon me”.

Dmitry Dinze, lawyer representing Oleg Sentsov, the well-known Ukrainian film director, AutoMaidan activist and staunch opponent of Russian occupation, has said that Russia’s FSB used torture to extract testimony from his client. | detail

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