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Odessa May 2 trial turns into farce as Russia continues ‘massacre’ propaganda

Whatever the reasons for delays and flaws in investigating and prosecuting crimes related to the disturbances, fire and deaths on May 2, 2014 in Odessa, procrastination serves only the interests of Russian propaganda’s ‘massacre’ claims | detail

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Activist arrested in Crimea accused of hurting Berkut officer during Kyiv’s EuroMaidan

Alexander Kostenko has been remanded in custody for two months by a Crimean court on charges linked with EuroMaidan protests in Kyiv last February before Russia’s invasion of Crimea. His is the first such arrest, but judging by the Russian-installed ‘prosecutor’s’ website, unlikely to be the last | detail

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Trial in Russia imminent of Mustafa Dzhemiliev’s hostage son

Russia is continuing to flout the European Court of Human Rights by not releasing the son of veteran Crimean Tatar leader and Ukrainian MP Mustafa Dzhemiliev | detail

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“We don’t need a second Yanukovych!”

Concern is high over a bill proposed by the President’s Administration which critics believe would in fact give Ukraine’s president even more power than that assumed by Viktor Yanukovych during his four years as head of state | detail

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Ukraine’s ‘Spying Trial’: the Good, the Bad and the Totally Surreal

The good news is excellent, the bad – simply surreal. While the two engineers in detention for over two years on bizarre spying charges have finally been released, the professor whose book sparked off the whole ‘case’ is still charged with spying. He is accused of disclosing ’state secrets’ in a textbook where all the relevant information was taken from the Internet. | detail

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Russian secret trial to convict opponents of Crimean annexation

More details have emerged of the secrecy behind the closed trial of Gennady Afanasyev whose testimony is the only ‘evidence’ in the ‘Crimean terrorist plot’ case and may be used to get renowned Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov and left-wing activist Oleksandr Kolchenko 20 year sentences | detail

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Crimean political prisoner forced to defend Ukrainian citizenship in court

The lawyer of Oleksandr Kolchenko, Crimean left-wing civic activist and opponent of Russian annexation, is trying to uphold her client’s right to retain his Ukrainian citizenship via the courts. Rights activists point out that no Crimean is obliged to prove to the court that s/he is remains a Ukrainian national. | detail

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Where are 13 mysterious Berkut sniper suspects?

Despite claims from the head of Ukraine’s Security Service, only two former Berkut officers are in detention on suspicion of involvement in the gunning down of protesters on Feb 20. A third, Dmytro Sadovnik, was released from custody and disappeared while another 13 remain unnamed and unaccounted for | detail

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Bad Start to Crucial Odessa May 2 Trials

48 deaths as well as the active attempts by the Russian propaganda machine to present the events as a ‘massacre’ have placed the investigation and all resulting prosecutions in the limelight. The first results could have been much better | detail

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Who (hasn’t) answered for crimes against Maidan?

It is a year since the savage beating in early Nov 30 of students on Maidan and there is understandable frustration at the lack of convictions over the repression, violence and killings during the following months, with even the judges who issued overtly wrongful rulings still in their jobs. | detail

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Execution for ‘Spying’, ‘Desertion’ or for a Ukrainian Flag?

With rule already based on denunciations, violence, and intimidation, and with social unrest mounting, the military ‘three-man courts’ with the power to impose death sentences are another chilling reminder of the worst Soviet methods and clearly aimed at terrorising the population | detail

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Crucial Compensation Ruling over EuroMaidan Detention

A court has awarded three Dnipropetrovsk EuroMaidan activists 50 thousand UAH each in compensation for wrongful arrest and detention. The two judges who copy-pasted numerous detention orders have been found in breach of their oath | detail

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Ukrainian Citizens and Russia’s Political Prisoners

In a letter otherwise devoid of real content*, Russia’s Prosecutor General has inadvertently admitted that Oleg Sentsov and three other Crimean opponents of Russia’s annexation of the Crimea are Ukrainian citizens | detail

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Crimean ‘terrorist plot’ defendant upholds right to Ukrainian citizenship

Russia’s FSB have grossly miscast left-wing activist Oleksandr Kolchenko and renowned film director Oleg Sentsov as part of a supposed ultra-nationalist Right Sector ‘terrorist plot’ and are trying to deny their Ukrainian citizenship | detail

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Crimean political prisoners registered as “Russian terrorists”

In a case where 4 Crimeans are accused of plotting, but not committing, ‘terrorist crimes’, a Moscow court has refused to drop the ban prohibiting Oleg Sentsov’s lawyers from commenting on the trial. In the meantime Sentsov and three other opponents of Russian occupation of the Crimea have been added to Russia’s list of people considered to be implicated in “extremist activities or terrorism” | detail

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Savchenko: Appeal delayed while psychiatric assessment goes right ahead

A Moscow court has yet again postponed the hearing into Nadiya Savchenko’s appeal against her forced psychiatric ‘assessment’ in the notorious Serbsky Institute until after the ‘assessment’ is likely to be concluded | detail

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Memorial recognizes Nadiya Savchenko as a political prisoner

The Memorial Human Rights Centre which the Kremlin is trying to close has declared Ukrainian officer Nadiya Savchenko a political prisoner. Russia’s Investigative Committee meanwhile is refusing to add proof of Savchenko’s innocence to the case, claiming that it has no ‘legal force’. | detail

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Russian investigators deny Sentsov was beaten

Russia’s Investigative Committee has refused to initiate criminal proceedings over the beating of Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov by FSB officers in the Crimea | detail

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Law enabling Yanukovych’s trial in absentia passed

The law addresses the present impasse where the former president and others wanted on serious charges are in hiding in Russia and all assets frozen. It does, however, have dangers given Ukraine’s corrupt and notoriously politicized judiciary | detail

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Maidan killings suspect missing after being released from custody

Dmytro Sadovnyk, one of the men charged with involvement in the mass killing of peaceful protesters in February, has disappeared after his controversial release from custody on Sept 19 | detail

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