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Memorandum About drafting a law on making amendments and additions to the Chapter II of the current Constitution of Ukraine prepared by the Working Group of the Constitutional Commission as of the 15 of July 2015.

A brief report on work of the Constitutional Commission for preparation amendments to the Second Chapter of the Constitution in Ukraine | detail

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Draft Constitution of Ukraine

This new draft Constitution with article by article commentary is based on the modern understanding of human rights protection | detail

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The Constitutional Court to rule over the Law on the Human Rights Ombudsperson

A constitutional submission from 48 State Deputies has been registered in the Constitutional Court. It seeks an interpretation of Articles 7 and 8 of the Law on the Human Rights Ombudsperson, those covering the need for impartiality and independence of the Ombudsperson and the prohibition on political engagement | detail

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Can the Verkhovna Rada really not revoke its Resolution on the dismissal of the government?

The authors, all specialists in constitutional law, consider the three available ways out of the crisis caused by the dismissal of the government on 10 January. Their conclusion that the resolution cannot be revoked is disputed by the editorial board of Prava Ludyny | detail

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The Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada on the dismissal of the government: a constitutional and legal analysis

Legal and constitutional stalemate in Ukraine following amendments to the Constitution and the stalling in Parliament on swearing in a new Constitutional Court | detail

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A reform by any name …

Why human rights activists are up in arms against impending “political reform” in Ukraine. Or why it can be wise when hearing the word “reform” from unexpected places to stop and think about hidden agendas… | detail

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Human rights defence

The newspaper ‘Day’ in the framework of the project ‘Public forum’ appealed to the readers asking them to answer the following questions:Do you know of any concrete case when civil rights were protected in Ukraine? Who assisted in the process? How realistic would it be to turn similar processes into a full-scale phenomenon? What is the role of public organizations in the legal education of citizens and in the protection of their rights? To which degree does the state machine count with public organizations, how important is their role in the society? Which human rights are abused in Ukraine most of all? Violation of human rights is mainly due to the public apathy: what can activate the public interest to this problem? | detail

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