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The Rights of Convicted Prisoners with Tuberculosis

The results presented here of surveys and monitoring carried out among prisoners and ex-prisoners, medical personnel and others, make extremely disturbing reading and show that the situation with tuberculosis in penal institutions is in no way under control | detail

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Pre-trial detention centres [SIZO] in Ukraine and how they comply with international norms

An analysis of how Ukrainian legislation regulating the rules and conditions for holding individuals remanded in custody in pre-trial detention centres (SIZO) comply with the standards and recommendations of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture | detail

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I pray for you each day - on the Penal System in Ukraine

The author, with twenty years experience working within the penal system, calls for major changes in how the authorities and society view punishment and deprivation of liberty. Those who commit crimes should be punished, certainly, but not crippled for life. | detail

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