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Films in Ukrainian not a problem in the East and South


According to the Director of B & H Film Distribution, Bohdan Batrukh, dubbing exclusively into Ukrainian has not had any significant impact on the number of cinema goers in the East and South of Ukraine.

“Despite all the pronouncements to the effect that there would be no demand for dubbing into Ukrainian among eastern and southern viewers, according to preliminary takings for the film “Monstro” dubbed in Ukrainian, people are coming to view it”.

Mr Batrukh notes that the average numbers for cinema goers in the East and South usually comes to around 40% of the total number for Ukraine.

“This same proportion was maintained during the first ten days that the film was shown (from 24 January to 4 February)”. He added that the same number of viewers watched this film as similar films in the Russian language.

“There were some problems in isolated cinemas in Kharkiv and the Crimea which refused to show Ukrainian-language films however these were of a decidedly political nature, not business-related.”

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