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Police captain sentenced over killing


In the Crimea a police captain convicted of killing a man during the “detective enquiry” has been sentenced to eight and a half years imprisonment.  The captain, who held the post of district inspector, has also been stripped of his rank.

According to a news release from the press service of the Crimean prosecutor’s office, the court found him guilty of exceeding his powers (Article 365 § 3 of the Criminal Code and deliberate serious injury which caused particular suffering and led to the death of the victim (Article 121).

In March last year on the grounds of a private residence in Simferopol, the duty inspector of the Simferopol District Police Station tortured his victim for two hours. The police officer was not satisfied with the worker’s confession to theft, and wanted to “teach” the “suspect” not to steal using handcuffs and a stick. His victim died

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