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The Constitutional Court has found the “coalition of bodies” legitimate


The Constitutional Court has stated that individual National Deputies, including those not in the faction which initiated the formation of the coalition, have the right to join the coalition.

The judgment was announced on Thursday, 8 April, by the Head of the Constitutional Court, Andriy Stryzhak.

“..individual National Deputies, including those who are not part of the deputy factions which initiated the creation of the coalition of deputy factions in the Verkhovna Rada have the right to take part in the formation of a coalition of deputy factions”

In its judgment the Constitutional Court stated that the judgment from 2008 which had prohibited the formation of coalitions with individual deputies had been passed without taking into account the Verkhovna Rada which was passed into law in 2010.

The CCU judgment is not subject to appeal. Stryzhak noted that one judge had issued a separate opinion regarding the decision.

After the meeting was over, Party of the Regions candidate Yury Miroshnychenko stated to journalists that the judgment of the CCU had legalized the present parliamentary coalition. He said that on the basis of today’s judgment the activities of the coalition are constitutional.

More detail about the judgment issued in September 2008 by the same Constitutional Court, which then found that only deputy factions can form a coalition, not individual members, and the logic of the present motivation can be found in Democratic Coating here: khpg.org/index.php?id=1270390760.

Please also follow the URLs below for other views as to the logic and constitutionality of the formation of the coalition.

The judgment is presumably that leaked to the press on Wednesday and was signed by 11 of the 18 judges of the CCU.

From information at Ukrainska Pravda

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