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The right to a fair trial

The right of prisoners to correspond with the European Court of Human Rights has been recognized


The Supreme Council of Ukraine has introduced changes into some legislative acts concerning the rights of convicted prisoners to correspond with the European Court of human rights. In all, 322 people’s deputies voted for the adoption of this Law.

The Law, in particular, envisages introduction of changes, according to which prisoners and those remanded in custody have the right to correspond with the European Court, as well as with other appropriate bodies of international organizations which Ukraine is a member or participant of .

In compliance with this Law, administrations of colonies and prisons have no right to open the letters directed by inmates to the European Court of human rights. Earlier prisoners had to pass such letters to the administration in the opened envelopes, and could send the closed letters only to the the prosecutor’s office. In the beginning of 2000s similar rule was introduced for sending of complaints and appeals to the ombudsperson.

Now prisoners need only hand to the administration unopened  letters addressed to the President and speaker of Parliament , the head of the Ministry of Interior, the Supreme Court, state agencies, public organizations, mass media, etc.

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